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  1. As a seller on Fiverr, you know the importance of receiving repeat orders from your buyers. Not only does repeat business confirm the high quality of your service (go you!) but also gives you peace of mind by helping you to create a stable income. Fiverr has always encouraged long term relationships between buyers and sellers, and now, with the repeat business score and badge on seller profiles, this is recognized even further! How it works: Log in > Analytics tab To the right of the “Overview tab” (which you already know), see the “Repeat business tab” Once complete > Choose your subcategory from the dropdown menu See your repeat business score, and how you perform in each of the factors that it is comprised of: Repeat buyers The number of buyers who ordered from you again within the last 90 days. Repeat buyers (%) The percentage of buyers who ordered from you again within the last 90 days. Earnings from repeat buyers Your earnings from repeat orders (before any added fees/ taxes). Earnings from repeat buyers (%) The percentage of your earnings from repeat buyers from your total earnings. Notice the banner at the bottom of the page > See tips and tricks on how to meet (or exceed!) your buyers’ expectations > See more tips How to improve your score: Focus on your buyers’ requirements The more you know about what your buyers want, the better you can meet (or exceed!) their expectations. Keep your buyers updated Be quick in your responses and share updates with your buyers. Ensure them that you have their best interests in mind. Get early feedback on your work Get a feel for what your buyers are thinking and be flexible about making changes prior to the order delivery date. Tell buyers what else you have to offer Buyers often need extra services delivered. If you feel it appropriate, let them know how else you can add value to an ongoing order. Reward your valued buyers with coupons Everyone loves a good deal! Encourage buyers to order from you again using exclusive coupons for your Gig/s. For more information, please check out the repeat business help article. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4404431241617 And as always, please let us know what you think and ask questions below!
  2. This was flagged and moved out of circulation. I have returned it to the "casual conversation" discussions. Reminder to keep the conversation civil and be respectful of other opinions.

    How to write effective buyer request to get project?

  4. Top posts by "likes" can be found here: http://community.fiverr.com/leaderboard
  5. OK, we can try it for a while. I brought it back. It's just a purple trophy icon. Similar to the "thanks". If it's used a lot, I can search out a new icon for our designer to create.
  6. @maitasun - This is not the first request for this feature. I have looked into it and am choosing not to implement a system like that. The "down" leads to too many negative interactions or trolling.
  7. @vickiespencer - I threw it in there as another option. I'll follow it's usage patterns over the next few days, see how people are using it. If they're not, I may get rid of it.
  8. Good eye @melanielm. Thanks for the feedback. There was never a "thumbs up" here in this forum. You're correct in that it was blue, but it's always been a heart. Same with the last forum, it was a heart. This is a pretty standard social media reaction (see Twitter) for something that you enjoy. I have added in a few others and changed the colors to better be "on brand" with Fiverr. Including the "up" if you wanted a different choice to interact with a post. Just one small step in making this forum the best it can be.
  9. Introducing: Subscriptions. Selling a Gig is one thing, but keeping your customers committed is another. We’re excited to introduce Fiverr’s brand new Subscriptions feature, allowing you to offer your services on an ongoing basis. Now you can transform your one-time Gig into long-term success. Having customers order your Gigs on repeat has never been easier. Subscriptions help you: Start building relationships Turn one-time buyer satisfaction into long-term loyalty Sustain business growth Set your revenue on repeat and watch your revenues grow Secure a steady income Get a clear idea of your upcoming projects and expected revenue For more information about Subscriptions, please visit: https://www.fiverr.com/pages/subscriptions-sellers
  10. We are back. Thank you again for your patience.
  11. We are in the process of investigating. Thank you for your patience.
  12. I am new person on fiverr work. so I have no any work in my stock. without buyer order how can to promote in my stock?

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      Welcome for rank promoting with fiverr! 

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      I am happy for rank promoting with fiverr ! 

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