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  1. Just mention what buyer is wanting and how you can help him.
  2. I think most of the sellers are immature, they gives false tips
  3. You can turn your PC on 24/7 and install app on Android use long notification tune and stay normal and sharp your skills send buyer request regularly.
  4. Attractive image and title and very good reviews is only key of success.
  5. I'm not using profile pic but i'm getting good feedback.
  6. I think creating an amazing image is more powerfull than video but if you make a row video showing your body only that would make trust.
  7. Nowadays, It's deffecult to get order please sharp your skill and try to send 10 buyer request and make a nice thumbnail of gig.
  8. RSS feed like upwork job feed. It's very handy as a seller/freelancer.
  9. What do you mean by recharge
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