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  1. Please tell me how this works on gigs that say, require more than 10 hours of work? When I was new on Fiverr, I offered to write up to 50 thousands words. That's physically impossible. While a good gig is really important, I think most of these posts (like yours) that say the same things forget about the other side. - Good communication skills - being honest about your experience - having talent in what you offer - offering something that people actually need.
  2. While I totally agree that it's important to let people know the buyer is prone to making you double the work I do think you could advocate for yourself a little better - (I say that but I had the exact thing happen two days ago and I lost 30 bucks not 3!) The reason I'm saying this is because if the buyer gets mad at you, they have the right in the sense that you never once said "hey, I don't do full rewrites and you never told me to write in this format". If you did so - and then rated them fairly, that would seem like a more complete story (just in case). You rating them low out of the blue can seem petty. But in the end it all depends on the review you leave. If you can leave one that's not emotional - but matter of fact and shows you're right you're probably doing a favour for other writers. But... Yeah. We are the service providers here and we need to say 'oi that's not a revision'. (That being said the buyer's tone was kind of off so I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get the best review either.)
  3. I can confirm the second tip works. Source - all the allnights I pull when I'm close to being late with something. Seriously speaking though, I hate this mentality of 'if you freelance, be avaliable even when sleeping'. No. Sleep when you're sleeping. (and...eat and stuff, too.) Being more unique definitely helps though. But... that's harder than copypasting a guru's readymade description so.....
  4. I know very little about how the seatch feature works but wouldn't repeating the same keywords cause a bigger issue than good? Just looking at it rationally from my field, let's say, my keyword are 'apples' (because I sell apples) So if I go HEY HI I SELL APPLES YES, the best apples you will find the apples grow on trees But MY apples also grow in the ground (radical example, but you get the point) - wouldn't this throw some buyers off? I personally would feel.. slightly unnerved if I saw the same words repeated in a short description over and over again. As for low competitive keywords - what if they have low competition because not many people search for them? My tip for new sellers would be more 'offer something that sets you apart from the crowd' more than anything.
  5. I made the mistake of looking for a cheap logo I could use as a watermark via BR. Out of the 200 replies I had about... 20 people message me directly (big no-no!) And maybe 150 if not more just copy paste whatever. My favourite were the first five or so that said 'I AM THE FIRST TO REPLY SO YOU CHOOSE ME' (Exact same script for all of them...) Thing is - until Fiverr is full of spammers who think they can get orders by messaging other sellers - or people who copy other's gigs and descriptions...And are confused why they have no orders.. I don't think BR will be cleaner.
  6. I've checked your profile - you say you're trained in your field. Why not show the files you practiced on? If you've never done anything (not just for work but for practice either) competition is going to be tough. You are in a pretty crowded niche so many people are more experienced than you are (and most buyers will seek them out.)
  7. Uhm I hate pointing fingers and while I've assumed this many times I never dared actually write this down but... It might not be the TRS running the account anymore. That's the only logical solution I have - fiverr wouldn't promote a spammer to TRS right? Right? (Seriously though I'm just trying not to think about how someone working on a video dominantly looks like. I know what they mean I really do!)
  8. So a potential bUyer messaged you and they didn't order? Where is the issue here? What did they write to you exactly?
  9. I've seen a few BRs where the buyer was looking for someone with a specific religion - and I think one or two people have messaged me looking for a writer who's religious as well. Since I don't write nonfiction there's not much I could do for them. As an outsider, admittedly my POV would be very different which could only work for a very small amount of people for sure. (That being said I also don't think it's good to justify you being an honest seller by saying you are from x religion. When I was looking for nanny jobs many fake parents would claim not to be scammers based on how god-fearing (and the like) they were. I always found it an odd thing to say (but scammers are scammers and they did have a specific audience so...)
  10. I personally don't do it - call it paranoia but the buyers who don't leave reviews are either not 100% satisfied or just lazy - and as a person who's been both, if aggravated enough I probably would leave an honest review (which could easily be a negative one.) As far as I know asking for honest feedback could be okay but in my book you're still pressuring the person. Fiverr already does so for us like twice - so if they don't leave a review that's likely because they don't want to (or forgot but still.)
  11. It's a manual process - not like level 1 or 2. From what I've heard some people wait for years! You need to be absolutely exceptional at what you do. Even if you are - maybe you're in a category / niche that's very crowded so there are already tons of TRS (so it takes a while for new ones to be nominated. I'd assume that niches that are rarer get more attention because it's easier to pick and genuinely evaluate every single candidate (while with crowded niches this takes longer.)
  12. So - I see this working at the Farmer's Market or in a mall, letting people sample your goods. You might be able to convince them to buy the 6/10-pack of whatever it is if you're pushy enough. But online? How do I know that if I work for free for someone, they will come back to me? Most people will not - they will just think that you're easy prey. I personally worked hard to get where I'm at right now - so I assume the same for other sellers as well. Why sell ourselves short, then?
  13. Didn't you pause all your gigs though? What if it only monitors 60 days that are active? (I'm not 100% sure that's possible, but that'd seem more likely to me.) Something that happened to me twice was that if the buyers were at fault, my order completion rate went back to normal after a while - what if the system regards these as 'buyers are at fault' kinds of cancellations (but the app messed up your rating?) I wouldn't say that your account isn't being evaulated at all - from what I know TRS is fully manual and some people just never get it. But of course, I could be wrong.
  14. Hungary went back to 'normal' in mid-June if I recall well (it was right after my birthday, so probably around that time!) We don't need to wear masks anymore (even in closed-off spaces and yesterday a politician said they aren't intending to change this - I'm going out of country again in two weeks so I'm not sure how that'll go but so far all is good. Do I agree with this? Not necessarily because the people who refuse the vaccine will continue to do so (and quite frankly it's not mandatory for a reason, so it's not like they can be forced to do so) so we never know who might not have proper immunity. I'm fully vaccinated but (we assume) caught the virus in Malta a few weeks (almost a month ago now) back, it felt like a really bad cold (but not worse than most I've had), the only reason we suspected it is because someone I shared a room with testes positive, so... Could have been anything (by the way I could have been tested I was fine πŸ˜„) All in all the places I've been to this year were strictish (France you needed both vaccinations to get into Disney, Malta required both even to just visit and so on) but I can understand that tourism-wise. Completely limiting their citizens (like Slovenia is doing now (the news said you can't even go to a gas station without the green pass? I don't know if that's true but it was on TV so...) is probably not going to work out long term though...
  15. I feel like this only works in the absolute best scenario which would be you know your target audience and advertise only to them and no one else your gigs ARE fantastic and people click (and then order) from you you do a great job and leave with many 5 star reviews. If all of these conditions are met, you most likely WOULD be found more often on Fiverr as well - but isn't that mostly because of you performance? Imagine a situation like this: I am a graphic designer (or writer, or voice actress or whatever) with very little experience but someone told me to post my links all over facebook and twitter and whatever other websites to gain more impressions. My gigs look OK but they don't provide anything remotely unique or cool People see my gigs - might even click on them but go 'actually, that other person Fiverr shows me is better'. Technically I'm still giving the site traffic, but while I have 2321312 impressions and maybe even high(ish) clicks, absolutely 0 orders. WHY on Earth would Fiverr show my profile to anyone? What they are getting back from me is 'this person brings us people but can't actually keep them'... My point is - marketing COULD be useful, but only if you know what you're doing. I see hundreds of people post their half-baked gigs in facebook groups and most of them have yet to get a single order in. Marketing is only half (or not even) of the 'issue' at hand. (by the way, I have shared my links maybe 5-6 times over the years and I'm doing fine, thank you very much. It does boil down to talent/originality for many people.) (I'm pretty sure this has been said before, but I've been thinking about this for a while, too.)
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