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  1. I've had a lot of issues with clients from the game industry in general as well (not everyone though of course!) I think part of this can be chalked down to how people think making games (simple ones) can make them rich. There's no passion present, they just want quick hard cash which.... is not how it works. I've honestly been just marking everything that feels like spam as spam (messages only of course.) So far it's worked but it's definitely not something that will always work. (It's a bit off topic, but I've also noticed a HUGE increase in people who just don't answer for weeks even with the deadline near this year. It's been really hard because I either get dinged for extending the order too long for no real reason OR because I don't delivery right on time...) In general, I think some sort of support system is needed... and CS doesn't seem to be enough.
  2. I've also posted less and less lately (though I'm not sure I counted as super helpful I always tried to at least uplift the mood and post some smart stuff.) My mental health is better as an observer, sadly (for the most part.) It's just not fun anymore. I remember at some point in one of the clubs we were told that staff won't interfere much (in the club at least) to let us chat freely. I wonder what happened to that... To be fair I'm also against not being able to show spam and scams you receive (in the form of screenshots). It's so important to know what to look out for. I've had such ups and downs on the site in the past 12 months that even that doesn't feel worth it anymore sometimes (I won't go into rants again but come on, I often deal with people thinking trending stuff will get them rich. Of course I'll run into some bad apples!) I do hope that you'll be able to do something you prefer (over writing endless posts that might not get the reads they deserve!) Maybe the forum will go back to being better one day, too. Maybe.
  3. I'm assuming part of it is wanting to save face (I know this is rough to say, but...). Accepting the fact that there are serious issue on the site (the same goes for all the nasty bugs as well, like the one that didn't let people rate sellers 5 stars on the many inbox display ones) and being vocal about it might definitely make some people more worried when spending money (or working) on here, but... when the alternative is people (often desperate people who NEED money) getting scammed, well... I think it'd be better to be more transparent I like the idea of the video! I'd even be happy to help design some comics (or similar) that are funny but explain what to do / what not to do.) There's many ways to remain professional but still warn users of what might happen.
  4. I've been thinking a lot about this lately - because I do realise that people who open accounts on Fiverr need to be internet savvy. However, the more I think (and read posts), the more I feel like the site has only gotten worse when it comes to managing spammy/scammy users, which is an issue for multiple reasons. Tldr.: Spam s*cks. Speaking strictly as a seller who has been on the site for a while, I still get bursts of messages (usually 4-5 at a time and the 'buyers' click on my gigs through promotions, so I'm losing money) that want to bait me into following them to telegram. I also have received a suspicious amount of people demanding samples from me (not the regular 'hey, can I see your previous work' kind, but the 'sample?' kind, only to turn out to be other writers... Now, as a buyer, whether someone uses AI to produce their content or not isn't 100% clear in many cases, which could lead to problems. I'm currently trying to publish a book (soon). If I stumbled into an AI artist who lied about their art being made by them, I could get into trouble potentially! Of course, it's on us to make sure that we screen sellers, but it's certainly difficult on such a highly saturated market, especially if a new buyer is misinformed about the site. Fiverr aims to show that the marketplace is full of professionals. I'm not particularly surprised that some people think that anyone they choose will do a great job. The biggest issue, however, that I've noticed lately is that there are people claiming to be from Fiverr scamming new sellers. Honestly? I believe this is unacceptable. Sure - newcomers have to read the TOS (and be aware that clicking on weird links CAN be dangerous), but I really think something has to be done. When the site has such strict rules in the TOS, wouldn't you expect it to manage the inbox well as well? People can just register with a random name and set their display names to Fiverr - that's just not okay! Sure - sellers (and buyers) need to be smart. A lot of people are gullible (and learning vigilance is very important...) But I really feel like something needs to change. It's one thing for one person to fall for a scam, but we see several people on here (regarding all three of these issues, honestly.) There has to be a way to make sure that new buyers and sellers who go in blind (which, shouldn't happen, to be fair) get some sort of support. Now.. what could help? For now, I'm team 'notify people about what's going on'. Fiverr already sends loads of emails and notifications (I literally got one about how I've worked with a buyer for two years and two months now...(?) just today. Something along the lines of 'we are aware that X is happening. Know that CS will never contact you in your inbox' could suffice. Or... why not make an internet safety webinar? It's all small things, but it could truly mean the world to people who could get fooled otherwise. Ideally, of course, the site could crack down on some of these issues (I think targeting people who pretend to be from Fiverr shouldn't be so hard!), but any little could help! (The fact that in 2024 people are STILL getting scammed is a whole other thing, but... language difficulties, cultural differences, etc. probably play a huge role in that.) I think some sort of support could be very useful. (sorry for the lengthy post. I've been wanting to write about this (though I've done it before, I'm sure.) Maybe we can find a solution that works?
  5. I'm sure you're aware, but the tricky part of the scam is that they pretend to be from Fiverr - they make fake screenshots (like above) and even create fake sites that look like Fiverr (but aren't). I wonder if there's a way to make sure the inbox notices these fakes (because clearly, lots of people aren't sure about them / fall for them.)
  6. I know I'm repeating myself, but I think a simple message from Fiverr when you register "hey guys, remember that Fiverr CS does NOT write to you in your inbox' could be very useful. I've read the TOS and to be honest it didn't really explain this as well as it could (last time I checked at least.) Sometimes making sure people know what's going on can be very helpful! Just to explain - some people might not understand everything in the TOS or even just not see every bit. Yes, that's an issue, but the fact that people pretend to be Fiverr get away with it also shows that more should be done about the situation. People need to be aware of basic scams. At the moment, a new buyer or seller's impression can be ruined very easily by just one bad person.
  7. I tried finding my profile and also failed so it might be just designed that way (I very specific as well, like "a visual novel / escape room writer who is a trs and is based in x country"...) it's a bit sad because it'd be nice to see how we show up but I guess that's how it is. (I did also get mostly unrelated people after a while.. )
  8. I'm sorry but I don't see much of an issue here. Someone saying they don't do something you're asking for (even if they offer something similar) and taking a day to respond - politely - isn't an issue. Some people might not be confident in certain things even if what they offer is similar and them telling you upright is better than lying and trying it (only to fail.) Of course, if there is more to the convo, you could still be in the right. (But do know that posting screenshots with names is against the TOS on the forum!) (This isn't CS by the way, just the forum. You likely won't get the right answer here. Venting is fine, but naming sellers isn't!)
  9. I always felt like running an agency (or even just having an assistant) wasn't for me for this reason (and some others.) I was even asked by my SM once I think - but it just doesn't make sense for me? A studio I'd love to have (since I work in games, having a fixed artist and programmer could multiply what I can offer, but.. that's not possible for me for whatever reason. I think what bugs me (and worries me) is exactly what you're saying - a lot of times certain things are very ambiguous, both in the TOS and on the site in general. For example, when I was asked to work in a file format that I'm not comfortable with (and I was told it's not really possible before), I was forced to do it in the end because the agent said 'sure' to the buyer (yes, the next one said 'well...' but then caved anyway... It's the sort of stress that likely helped trigger my issues as well. I think the biggest issue I see is that Fiverr often doesn't count human error (from us or their side even) into the equation. I don't have high hopes that things will change which is partially why I'm slowly learning new things (also, what I want to do IS physically impossible on here,) but... even then, it's sad that so many of us are just feeling burnt out (or literally get SICK) because of what's going on. Yes, freelancing is supposed to be hard (and to quote my mom 'you chose it!" but it's not supposed to drive you mad. I think.
  10. Could Fiverr maybe send out a heads-up email about this? It's obvious that it's weird to some people but I see more and more newcomers fall for it. I know the TOS talks about being careful/ etc but I'm not sure if it's in a visible place enough. Since these people pretend to be Fiverr (and it's easy for them to just create new accounts and spam new sellers + set their display name as Fiverr) some sort of notice about it could be good? Just a quick 'Fiverr CS does NOT contact you in your inbox' could help! (Yes, people should be smarter but on a new site you often have no idea what's going on so... I can see people falling for this sadly.)
  11. Hm.. I always felt like it was a VPN thing as well - so basically, if you use one and change your country (even if it's for other reasons) and change it back the Ai might 'sense' it? Obviously, there are a lot of issues with that (I can't do that now as Sweden is relatively big, but when I lived in Hungary where I'm from I could (if wanted to) pop over to Vienna for the day and come back home (...and several other borders work that way, so). At least for now travelling (or going to the hospital) shouldn't pose an issue. I do have recent experience with this - I ended up in the ER for the first time as an adult due to (similarly stress-related) stuff. I used my phone and I was just fine (well, for now.) I do hope that you'll start to feel better. Chronic stuff is...not good (and stress can make it even worse 😞) In other news, this post made me finally pursue asking to get my location changed (I was always very open about to to CS and stuff, to be fair) so I'm finally Swedish now (I'm not, but, oh well!) In general, I think what I'd love is just... more detailed info about certain things... but that's a whole other topic. Edit: It just occurred to me (perhaps it's obvious) but part of the issue seems to stem from the fact that location and nationality seems to be treated as one and the same thing (at least for now.) If your nationality was shown say, next to your name (which perhaps wouldn't be ideal for other reasons obviously) based on your ID documents but you could set your location to where you are now, it wouldn't be misleading anymore if that makes sense? Still can be faked, but... that's pretty much illegal so it's a whole new issue (identity stuff, not VPNs and so on.)
  12. Fiverr - was - actually pretty slow for me today as well (and the forum has been awfully slow for ages now!) My laptop does need a cleanup but it could be something strange going on (there's been some weird bugs around.) Could be just a coincidence, though.
  13. Hey! In this case, I would just mention that what you write in there is the hourly rate (or that rate can depend on the job / etc.) It's a bit tricky with briefs as a seller as well because some people will just write in random numbers (which makes it hard to judge their budget!) I - think - it's supposed to be for the whole project by the way, but of course for social media management / etc that might not be ideal (if you need x hours of work or if you're just not sure how long you'll need / etc.)
  14. What bothers me the most is that a lot of the things could be fixed relatively easily. Explaining the new systems (or altering them a bit based on the feedback of the majority of the sellers (and buyers) or even just making sure the site's communication with sellers isn't so harsh isn't such a hard thing to do. Change is fine- but change that seems to affect even investors so negatively can't be good. I think a lot of us are affected (and it's honestly not just AI and business trends changing... there's a lot more to it (and for me, it starts with a system that still seems buggy almost 2 months into implementing it.
  15. They are probably messing around with the labels? Maybe just tinkering with them or something, then. Or there is something we don't know happening..?
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