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  1. Contact CS, ask them to cancel the order. Tell them that the buyer has ordered by mistake. They *can* cancel it in a way that won’t affect your stats (or fix the stats if the order was already cancelled). Doesn’t mean that they necessarily will but there is a chance. Then block the buyer if you don’t want to deal with them ever again. I just had a buyer accepting some custom offer I’ve sent in the beginning of 2017. It was by mistake and I haven’t had any orders from them since early 2017. Who knows what he was doing browsing through the old messages but CS handled the situation pretty quickly.
  2. The first advice I was given when starting as a freelancer was to use my actual face as a profile pic. I personally prefer knowing the face of the person I work with as well so it makes sense to me. As long as the picture looks authentic, of course, and is not a free stock photo that I’ve seen all over the internet for a million times before.
  3. I find myself more productive when listening to audiobooks, podcasts or youtube video essays/documentaries (or whatever they’re called). As long as it involves someone rambling for hours, it’s good for me. If I randomly stumble across a song that I love, I’ll just loop it and let it play for a few hours while I work. But in general, music does next to nothing for me in terms of productivity. It’s for fun. The specialised playlists for “studying” or for “work” that you can sometimes find on youtube just lull me to sleep.
  4. Yes, you’re right, the live portfolio samples are either .JPG or .PNG. If only .PDF was delivered, it gets converted to .PNG. If .JPG and .PDF were delivered, .JPG goes into the portfolio. The files are scaled down from the original size, too, but the size seems to be random. .JPG files look more damaged. .PNGs are more or less crisp.
  5. Thank you for tagging me (and the kind words) but I’m not sure I can offer any effective secret recipe for this. I don’t do anything to make the samples in the live portfolio look good. The only thing I can think of, the files themselves are mostly 1. pretty big (18x24” on average), 2. vector (shapes with crisp lines that can be resized indefinitely without losing quality). 3. PDF (a good format for said indefinite resizing), 4. light (500 KB - 1 MB because vector tends to weigh next to nothing). So maybe the entire combination of all of those factors (or some of them) somehow magically makes it so the end result doesn’t blur? Funny that you mentioned the watermarks. I just checked and my designs don’t have it now (or it doesn’t show up for me because it’s my profile and my portfolio). A few years back CS told me that I couldn’t disable the watermark any longer despite the switch still being there. I wanted to because a few of my regulars were bothering me about it but CS said no, the watermark was there to stay on all of the deliveries. And I definitely saw it all over my live portfolio a few months back but now it’s gone. Interesting. But yes, I agree that with the kind of services that you offer it’s very counterproductive to have your live portfolio butchered in this manner. It probably has something to do with sizing/formatting of the image. Similarly to how social media graphics would sometimes get completely destroyed after it’s published and you have to tweak the parameters until the end result looks okay. Have you looked through your competitors’ work? Do they have the same issue? I’d also write to support@fiverr.com. This is how you can reach them if you have general concerns or suggestions (if you’re not the only person affected and the entire category is suffering). Also, have you looked at your gig on your phone? Most of my buyers, if they need to reference my previous work, send me mobile screenshots. So this is where they view the portfolio. If it looks fine there, perhaps it’s not that big of a problem (while still a problem, of course).
  6. Physical exercise can be good also. I learned that from Linda Hamilton of all people. She once mentioned that despite her mental health struggles, she was most stable pre- and during Terminator 2 shoot because of how much physical training it took. Dark thoughts can take you sort of out of your body and the physical strain brings you back in, in a way. It’s also a new routine and new people around which can also help if you feel like you're stuck in a state you don't want to be in.
  7. Therapist. Also, training myself to learn and enjoy little things. ‘Cause if you have a tendency to get stuck in negative thought cycles, in theory, a minuscule thing like a good cup of coffee can break the cycle and snap you out of it for some time. It’s a good exercise. You can also try and pinpoint the moment when you first felt the way you do. What was happening in your life at that time, who came or left your life then, etc., etc. Sometimes the feeling of overwhelming hopelessness and everything else that comes with it appears when we feel trapped in our circumstances and can’t yet identify that single irritant, that thing that we want to change or be gone from out lives. It takes some digging, though. It’s like going to therapy for those who can’t fathom going to therapy. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. Big agencies like to snoop around the social media accounts. And fiverr’s social media comments are of your usual “you ruined my life/why was I banned” variety last time I checked. So completely in line with other big companies’ social media accounts. Forum snooping sounds a bit archaic to me. It’s full of seller-centric jargon and people complaining about not getting sales. When clicking on most of said people’s profiles one can only become relieved that they don’t. I don’t think it does any harm. It’s just your regular freelance forum, I’d even say, it’s cleaner than most.
  9. UPD: He didn’t like you raising your prices to specifically get rid of him that much, did he?
  10. I put my gig in out of office mode when I decidedly don’t want to work with someone and they are not willing to respect that. Not for long, for enough time to get rid of them. It’s probably just one of the “it was good but I wasn’t BLOWN AWAY” people but it’s such an impressively effective way to tank one’s profile gently. I'm sorry that you got tangled in this situation.
  11. Looks like you have a single umbrella term for a fruit that is a cherry. And then there are types. We have two such terms: one for sour cherry (which is just “cherry”), one for a sweet cherry. Then there are types as well but no one really cares. You just get one or the other. I know now that Rainer cherry is my favourite. 🙂
  12. How do you call these in English? It can’t be “sweet cherry”, can it? I just realised that I have no idea. Google says “cherry” but cherry is more sour, with a sharper taste. It’s for making pies and jam. This one’s just sweet, you can it eat it from the tree. And you usually can't stop. UPD: Oh, it’s “bing cherries” and it’s spelled out right in the top post. I took a quick glance and thought those were nanking cherries (which we also have but they’re a bit more niche and harder to get). Ignore my question, let’s just all look at the berries.
  13. You can get yourself in serious trouble for sending out misleading custom offers. If a buyer just shows up and offers you a higher price, you should inform them that your actual price for the job is X (according to the gig description). If they say: “It’s fine, I still want to pay a higher price, your work is worth it” (sometimes they do say that), then you can charge them that higher amount they want to pay.
  14. Watermelons are a big deal in Ukraine. They grow in Southern regions of the country and in August (late July if the weather is very hot) they get transported all over via barges. There is a meme going around with an arial photo of such barge and a caption that says: “Prepare your bladders”. Summer watermelons cost next to nothing and are really good (especially comparing to that overpriced, tasteless, chemicals-ridden travesty you can buy in winter). The only problem is to find a watermelon of a reasonable size. They’re huge and very heavy so you’re really have to commit to go out and buy one and preferably get it small enough so it can be finished in one sitting so you don’t have to scrub your fridge afterwards. I’m more into melons myself. I don’t think we grow a lot of them locally but it’s just so much easier to buy one and enjoy. It doesn’t have to be this grand event every time. Also, grapes. My grandad was a very enthusiastic (and very amateur) gardener and that’s the time of the year he’d start making wine from his own grapes. He screwed up my taste in wine with his experiments. I like a lot of sugar in my wine because that's how he'd insisted on making it and that's what I thought wine was supposed to taste like. 🙂 What does it taste like? They’re selling these in an “exotic” section in a supermarket next to me and I’m intrigued but also a bit terrified.
  15. Mac Mini + Dell monitor for the main office machine. I also have MacBook Pro but ever since the pandemic hit, I mainly use it as a Netflix screen and a food tray.
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