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  1. You want to snatch someone's livelihood because they refused to work with you? Don't you think it's ferocious and one one would support you (even if they do, nothing can be done against the seller for choosing what was right for him) based on the screenshot you posted.
  2. Happiness! I have always been a firm believer that happiness is the highest form of success. If I can lead a happy life, I'm a successful person. Happiness does include financial stability, having a person in my life that I would truly love, having a home, car, having the means to travel, watch movies, help others in need and much more. I have never imagined being a millionaire and to be honest, I would never want to become one as excessive wealth brings extra issues with it. I'm a happy, and satisfied in my life, I would consider myself to be a successful woman, cheers!
  3. Only use Tiktok randomly and I only listen to classic music, or watch historical stuff. I also like to watch videos of properties on sales such as houses or apartments. But then, I'm planning to move to the capital city and purchase a home there.
  4. Well, I don't want the pro badge right now honestly. I keep Fiverr as a smaller side hustle. My main focus is another marketplace where I'm a 'top-rated plus' freelancer. (no, they don't have pro programs) and I don't want to shift my focus from there. Moreover, most of the social media platforms that I ever used are toxic, misogynistic, where random people either harass you or need your 'nukes'.
  5. I'm not a pro and don't have any plan to apply for the program. However, just out of interest, asking, I don't exist on any social media site, consider I become a pro and they make it mandatory to share your LinkedIn or whatever site's profile. Would I be removed from the program?
  6. Does Fiverr care about those seasoned sellers? Does Fiverr even notice what's been happening to the platform? As a rule thumb, it should be clearer to Fiverr that whoever pays them wants them to help them/work for them and not the other way around. However, sellers pay them at least 20 percent of whatever they earn, they still aren't heard and a lot of the policies, including the system, work against them.
  7. The 'value for money' thingy seems nonsensical to be dead honest. For instance, someone's come here looking to get a job done at $30 and they found me to be their perfect choice; however, my rate for the job is $50. The buyer needs the job done and has no way other than paying me $50 despite they wanted it done at $30.... Would they believe, at the end of the order, that my work was 'value for money' or whatever is the exact wording? Another thing that bothers me is the 'perfection'. OK, a buyer rated my work as 5 stars but was it perfect? Is there anything as perfect? It'd hit me to the ground, if, God forbid, the buyer thinks my work wasn't ''perfect''....
  8. Hey climate guide, I'm a seasoned writer and would be interested in reading the novel (notes). I may also help you in organizing them.
  9. Don't ever rely on your team, any team, any team member. I have been getting constant, regular, large orders worth 1000s of dollars elsewhere and have tried numerous times to outsource a portion of my work. However, whenever I did that, the results were disappointing and now when I know I can't handle a task, I straight forward reject it. Remember, it's your account and you should've the passion for it. Nobody else (read your team) cares about your reputation and your career.
  10. I set my prices like a reward system. Each time I improve, or accomplish a certain goal, I increase my price to match with the competitors in my niche. Similarly, if I feel things are going south, I readjust, i.e, lower down my prices to attract those buyers who may want to purchase from me but don't because of their limited budget.
  11. So sorry to learn that you're planning to leave. I understand and agree that the new system has demotivated so many accomplished sellers and several have folded their shops from here. However, though, it's our first interaction, seeing you have given ten years of your life to Fiverr's saga, if I may request, not to leave. Of course, it's your sole discretion but let's wait a little more to see if things start to improve... PLEASE.
  12. I know that. It's almost the same everywhere. I dunno how some people get out of these dirty, unsolicited messages, specifically when they're attractive and welcomed. However, you won't get blamed for such things unlike our culture. If something bad happens with me due to my online presence, people will start the famous victim blaming game by telling me why I'm on social media or why I interact with others!
  13. Ah thanks for the appreciation. Please sing my praises a little louder, xD. Well, to brag about things, I speak seven languages.
  14. Hi there (or name), thank-you for reaching out to me, I would be more than happy to help. Please post all the available details about your task, including the deadline, word count, and your expectations. Speak soon. ☺
  15. Great to know that. I didn't take English literature as one of my subjects in college/university. My master's degree is psychology. However, I have been studying (personally) philosophy and literature. I specifically studied eastern, Japanese literature along with English literature. My mother tongue is Pashto and our national language is Urdu so I studied those literature as well. In addition, due to my love for the Persian language and their rich literature, philosophy, and traditional values, I tried that as well. You'll be amazed to know that the famous topic of existentialism was greatly explored by a Persian unknown philosopher named as Mullah Sadra who lived hundreds of years before Jean Paul Sartre, Nietzsche etc.
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