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  1. How do you call these in English? It can’t be “sweet cherry”, can it? I just realised that I have no idea. Google says “cherry” but cherry is more sour, with a sharper taste. It’s for making pies and jam. This one’s just sweet, you can it eat it from the tree. And you usually can't stop. UPD: Oh, it’s “bing cherries” and it’s spelled out right in the top post. I took a quick glance and thought those were nanking cherries (which we also have but they’re a bit more niche and harder to get). Ignore my question, let’s just all look at the berries.
  2. You can get yourself in serious trouble for sending out misleading custom offers. If a buyer just shows up and offers you a higher price, you should inform them that your actual price for the job is X (according to the gig description). If they say: “It’s fine, I still want to pay a higher price, your work is worth it” (sometimes they do say that), then you can charge them that higher amount they want to pay.
  3. Watermelons are a big deal in Ukraine. They grow in Southern regions of the country and in August (late July if the weather is very hot) they get transported all over via barges. There is a meme going around with an arial photo of such barge and a caption that says: “Prepare your bladders”. Summer watermelons cost next to nothing and are really good (especially comparing to that overpriced, tasteless, chemicals-ridden travesty you can buy in winter). The only problem is to find a watermelon of a reasonable size. They’re huge and very heavy so you’re really have to commit to go out and buy one and preferably get it small enough so it can be finished in one sitting so you don’t have to scrub your fridge afterwards. I’m more into melons myself. I don’t think we grow a lot of them locally but it’s just so much easier to buy one and enjoy. It doesn’t have to be this grand event every time. Also, grapes. My grandad was a very enthusiastic (and very amateur) gardener and that’s the time of the year he’d start making wine from his own grapes. He screwed up my taste in wine with his experiments. I like a lot of sugar in my wine because that's how he'd insisted on making it and that's what I thought wine was supposed to taste like. 🙂 What does it taste like? They’re selling these in an “exotic” section in a supermarket next to me and I’m intrigued but also a bit terrified.
  4. Mac Mini + Dell monitor for the main office machine. I also have MacBook Pro but ever since the pandemic hit, I mainly use it as a Netflix screen and a food tray.
  5. You can’t disable it. It’s a major design oversight on fiverr’s part but they are not keen on doing anything about it for some reason.
  6. I know, right. It’s like the universe will get upset with me and consider me ungrateful. 🙂 There is a different kind of excitement in being able to deal with everything fiverr (or any other customer, for the matter) throws at you when you’re building a profile. As long as the task itself doesn’t give you chest pains, it’s all good. 🙂 I did have to remove all the mentions of retouching from my page pretty quickly, though, because the requests weren’t even CSI-level. People just wanted pure magic, especially in 2015 when the phone cameras were much worse than they are now.
  7. It’s pretty frustrating considering that CS for sure knows that orders get “stuck” if you leave them in revision indefinitely. If the buyer eventually shows up and another delivery is made, the dang thing won’t autocomplete and CS would offer you to either cancel or hope that the buyer closes it. Which they won’t because an unresponsive buyer is the main reason we find ourselves in these situations to begin with.
  8. Only because you can do it, it doesn't mean you should. I used to have such a hard time saying "no" to projects. Yes, I'll design you a map. Yes, I'll put together a brochure. Yes, I'll retouch *all* of your photos. I'll resent every second of the process but I'll do it. Part of it is greed, part of it is fear that no work will ever come again. With a pinch of professional pride thrown in, I think.
  9. Oh. My dear friend Malcolm. I just reported him. (Sorry, I didn't notice it was an old post).
  10. Someone once sent me “The seller is unable to do this job” (I think it’s worded like that) cancellation request 20 minutes after placing the order. With a comment: “You haven’t given me confidence that you can do it.” Their last message to me via inbox before the order was placed was: “I’m so excited to work with you!” Who knows what happened in those 20 minutes but the person seemed to be adamant to conduct the cancellation in a way that would be the most punishing to me. The project was right up my alley and I’ve stated twice that I could do it and that it looked interesting. They looked like a legitimate buyer, too, not a fabled evil competitor wanting to tank my profile. Some people are just weird. I contacted CS, they cancelled the order without it affecting my stats. I agree that you should also try and do that. It’s obvious from the messages that despite having such a tight deadline the person is just running around wasting everybody’s time.
  11. Contact CS. They’ve helped me to retrieve some attachments I could no longer access. Not sure about messages specifically but it is worth a shot.
  12. Communication is 50% of any order’s success, in my opinion. And a successfully completed order where both parties are satisfied with both the process and the result is a good basis for a long-term cooperation. I cancel orders if the buyer is rude, ignores the requirements, ignores questions and is generally unwilling to engage. I’m not playing a guessing game. It's a waste of time and resources.
  13. The conversion rate for the first gig will go down a bit, I’m assuming. Your main worry should be to send a correct custom offer that is completely transparent. Because fiverr has specifically cautioned sellers against sending misleading offers (wrong service, wrong price, etc.)
  14. Nothing will happen. Just tell the buyer that the services they’re looking for are a part of your other gig and provide a link to that gig in case they notice the switch and get confused. Then send the offer that you want to send.
  15. This thread is absolutely wonderful. Back in the days of the old forum, the mantra was “spamming = more sales”. After the introduction of the badges, it switched to “spamming = being a valuable member of community = TRS”.
  16. Ask them if there is any update and if there isn’t, when should you expect it. In the meantime, contact CS and ask them if you’re permitted to redeliver in this case. I know that you would be if it was a completely blank revision request but since the buyer specifically stated that they would need revisions, I think it’s better to protect yourself. I don’t think it’s a scam attempt. Either something happened in your buyer’s life or they are a type of person who only considers their own time valuable. In any case, you reminding them about your existence and investigating possibilities to speed things up should take care of the problem.
  17. I’d leave 3* or 4* (depending on the amount of talking the client through it’d take) and write something like: “The communication was challenging. It could be because the buyer wasn’t comfortable with my prices or myself in particular. Hopefully, the end result is up to the expectation.” I left 5* to someone who graced me with 2* once. The communication *was* challenging but the order got accepted quickly so I thought we reached an understanding and didn’t feel like pushing it. I’m never doing that again, that’s for sure. Your response is good, I think.
  18. Back in the day I had to design a collection of badges for a forum for little girls (a community around a magazine for little girls). To quote my old boss, “Whatever, just do a bunch of them, they love it. They LOVE IT.” Which, I’ve assumed, was his way to attempt and increase forum participation to have some cool stats and screenshots for the annual powerpoint for the board of directors. How did you come to this bizarre conclusion? Who told you this?
  19. I’m not enabling “see the recent profile visitors” feature. I’ll stick with collecting those serial likers for now.
  20. I never once wanted to make my profile completely private (no stats in, no stats out) before the redesign. Now it's kind of tempting. Why on Earth would I want to see my "recent profile visitors" (and all the rest of it).
  21. And me. All the likes are from 6 hours ago. One can get serious tendonitis from pressing like that much.
  22. I saw someone working in Photoshop 4.0 and it blew me away. My mom’s a former traditional artist, I was obsessed with computers since I was five or six and this software was a combination of the two. It was so much more complex than Microsoft Paint, it had swatches, multiple brushes, you could draw smooth lines in it, you could layer the colors. Just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Still makes me giddy when I think about it. Then I grew up and opened my DeviantArt store where I’ve made $114 in 15 years and it all went from there. 🙂
  23. Most users report that 75-85% of their orders are rated. It is normal that some of your buyers won’t leave you a rating at all. It’s not necessarily bad, it could be that you delivered exactly what the buyer wanted so no comments or revisions were required.
  24. I’ve paid extra $7 on top of the $10 gift. Haven’t decided if I keep doing it. It was to boost my 2nd gig and I got 5 inquiries out of it, 1 of them ended in a $110 sale. The problem is - and it could be a coincidence, I’m not saying it’s not - clicks have picked up right after $10 ran out and I started paying with my own $. Another problem is, 4 inquiries out of 5 that I got were completely nonsensical. They were just random and strange, sort or adjacent to what I do but not really. One of them was for a technical drawing of a turbine of some sort. Another - for some business conference’s strict corporate $100+ pages brochure. And so on. I’d sometimes get and odd request here and there but not 4 in a row. I just turned the feature off after that.
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