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  1. I know it is not possible to be active for 24 hours and Fiverr does not allow it.
  2. Can you please explain how a man stay online 24 hours?
  3. I get my first order after six month later 😅
  4. What are the reasons? And if the image was bad then the click would not come.
  5. My gig's click impressions are much higher but I don't get much of a buyer's knock or orders. What I do now?
  6. It's so helpful. Every one just told share your gigs on socials but no one told this secret
  7. This is not the right place of your post.
  8. See your competitors and ranking gigs. Take inspiration from these gig images then make your gig image like that.
  9. They accept, National Id card Driving license Passport And also a close and clear headshot picture
  10. When you deliver the files try to told something like "I'm waiting for your valuable comment" , "Don't forget to share your valuable comment". Or something like that.
  11. LinkedIn Banner keyword. Which is suggested by Fiverr search bar.
  12. Success doesn't come in one day. Be patient and keep working.
  13. One of my gigs is on the first page but its impression is decreasing day by day. A few days ago I used to get 100+ impressions and 2/3 clicks daily now it's just getting 20/30 impressions and 1 or no click. What I do now?
  14. Hi mate, Fiverr doesn't support Dribble. Please check which link supports Fiverr. I hope this one helps you https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016541618-Allowed-Links-for-Gigs
  15. Fiverr algorithm system shuffle gigs so every seller get a chance to be rank. Just be patience and try to make more gigs.
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