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  1. This is What "NEW EXPERT" should be on Fiverr. LOL. Posting on FB groups / Tweet something : You are Social Media Expert Able to eraser background with "ERASER" tool: You are Professional Designer. That is why there are soo many "EXPERT" in Fiverr struggling getting order.
  2. Hi there. If you are using photoshop, Simply change the layer from "normal" to "multiply." You can get the "overlay effect" like watermark
  3. FIRST: STOP posting SPAM POST. Instead of posting spam post like this, try to gain knowledge by yourself. There are so many tips here in this forum. IF ONLY people want to search and do it themselves.
  4. Congratz @seven_sign Happy to hear this good news!
  5. Hi there.. I can't agree with this statement 70% seller as scammer. If you filter fiverr seller, especially from lvl 2 - TRS and PRO, i don't think none of them are scammer. Buyer can get a scam seller.., when they choose especially cheap offer. Mostly NEW SELLER with ridiculously delivery time and price. Suggestions for Buyer, always check the people reviews. You can says 10+ reviews are genuine Seller. NEW SELLER joined only 2 weeks less.., with 1 reviews same country.., usually is not an honest seller. Sadly.., i still saw at facebook group.., people still offering fake reviews.
  6. Hi there. This is an everyday questions, with same answer. If you want to improve your click, you must have a good attractive thumbnail. If you want to improve impressions, you must have a correct tag and deliver a good result.
  7. Hi there. You can get a tiny chance getting order from "My GIG" topic. If you have really good skill and sound professional, maybe someone can visit seller gigs and make an order. TINY CHANCE. Because most of this forum member is Fiverr Seller. Buyer won't likely spend most of time in here. I don't know why most of "NEW EXPERT SELLER" thinks that by active all days in this forum can help improve their gigs performance. Many of them spend all days doing SPAM Post. Totally useless.
  8. @fahim_badhon @rasel19373 She request for Gig improvement. Why you welcome her????? PLEASE DON'T FILL THIS FORUM WITH SPAM POST LIKE THAT. Do you know what SPAM is? Did you delete your gig? I can't visit your gig from that link.
  9. Hi there. I agree with everyone else here. It's your own fault for being deceptive. You didn't explain anything about the difficulty level at your gigs. I think you should update your gigs and explain each package more clearly.
  10. Hi there. First of all your profile descriptions: "2000 clients. I'm a solo Freelane_Marketer who works with a small number of clients at a time, " 2000 CLIENTS.., I don't like this phrase. Look too fake, and dishonest. EVEN THOUGH you really had 2000 client, but with your thumbnail quality, i will doubt it. and some typos in your description. Fix this. Thumbnail: 1. Wrong choice of color. As Digital marketer, you should understand color psychology. 2. Wrong choice of text. For Business - Marketing, better to use Serif font. Anyways.., based on what i saw.., as buyer - didn't interested to click your gigs.
  11. There are many cases when seller took a offline mode after long time, their gig performance are ruined. Best suggestion: Change your delivery time same as your vacations. and put note on your gigs descriptions that you are offline. This way.., your gigs still active and gain impressions. BUT don't forget to reply any inbox message though.
  12. Hi Everyone. Thank you for your time.. It goes like this. I have regular client.., already work with him for three year.., and always gave 5 star. Good tips. Never thought of getting bad reviews from him. Minus: This client was very picky.., i'm a little uncomfortable working with him. He has a little design skill, so every time he made order.., he will ask for the source files, change my design, and finally ask me to made the last adjustment based on HIS design. The problem begin this June when He is too stressed, and always angry with me. (He split with his company co-founder) Because of this.., i can't clearly understand his project requirement.., (so some of the part was my mistake) He start use rude words, complain every time.., saying that i can't provide him with "easy revisions", and stated that i didn't respect his company + wasting his time. Because of this.., i decide to cancel the project, (reduce my delivery rate) and block him. 1 weeks later, He contacted Me with NEW ID..., says sorry.., etc.., ( i simply mark it as spam - didn't report it as double id) 1 month later.., HE made a NEW ID again..., begging me to work with him again.., saying that his business can't goes well without my help etc (marked as spam again) 2 month later - (Today) - NEW ID again.., saying that his business will go bankrupt if i didn't help him. Saying sorry many times. Begging to work with him again. As a professional seller.., what would you suggest? Thank you .
  13. Hi there. Just quick suggestion. Wordpress builder is too common in Fiverr. If you want to be successful here, better to offer something specific. As long as you only offer website - wordpress, i don't think you can get decent order. Plus.., didn't recommend to have 7 gig with same services.
  14. Don't you realize that there are thousand seller offering this services? Logo design is too crowded. You won't get further if you are relying only these two gigs.
  15. Hi there. First: You need improve your English. and too many typo. (EXTREMELY BAD) People don't want to work with messy people. Especially for marketing ads. Thumbnail is blurry. You use different font on different thumbnail? Plus your main thumbnail is worse than the third. You should swap it. I notice something strange. DID you delete some of your gigs? I can't saw the review from these three gigs, even though there are 5 reviews.
  16. Hi there. To improve your impressions, you need to have a correct tag. and deliver good result. Sooner or later, your impression will increase. Building your gigs will affect your click. NOT Impressions. Anyways.., i only check 1 of your gigs. You need to change your attitude towards your gigs. As new seller, we can have three image. You didn't bother to maximize it. Second: Thumbnail is bad. Too messy. and image is blurry. Overall: You need to greatly improve your gigs. Try to gain the knowledge by yourself. Fiverr already provide us with everything to build a good gigs. (learn from fiverr) Check this course: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller
  17. Hi there... For someone who is claim as SEO expert and offering SEO services. But you are still struggling with this problems? FIRST: 1. DO NOT USE FAKE PP. THIS ONE IS FROM KOREAN. People can search image from google. Someone could report you. 2. GIG thumbnail: Wrong choice of color. You should learn color psychology . 3. Too many font type on single thumbnail. 4. NO FAQS. 5. You are offering common services. Plus didn't provide result for your services. 6. Gig descriptions is not convincing. Very standard. Overall.., you need to improve your overall gigs.
  18. Hi there. There are couple problems with your gigs. 1. I saw that someof your thumbnail was from other website? It's opposite with your 100% no plagiarism. LOL 2. Thumbnail is bad. Did you not see that your thumbnail got cut? 3. Do not use same thumbnail for your each gigs. 4. As an professional, you need to be focus on 1 type of services. Do not mentions logo design if your claim is writing expert. 5. Poor gigs descriptions. 6. Profile description layout is messy (check again.., you accidentally add p space. Anyway, based on what i saw, you will having hard time getting order. Instead of worrying about impressions, you should focus on fix your gigs first.
  19. EPIC Answer. LOL I bet someone still doesn't understand why you answer it like this.
  20. @abdheshkjha WHY YOU POST your gigs everywhere? This is kind of rude!!! and considered SPAM!
  21. Bad suggestions. Spend more time in forum doesn't have any effect with your gigs. Because of this myths (staying active at forum can help gigs) lots of new seller try to post as many as they can and makes this forum full of SPAM. Forum is just place to gain tips and knowledge to improve your gigs. Stays active in forum, BUT didn't willing to improve fiverr gigs is useless.
  22. Hi there. This is an everyday questions with same answer again and again. If you want to be an successful freelancer, you need to change your mindset. Instead of waiting for help, try to solve the problem yourself by learning. Anyways.., if you want gain impressions, you need to have correct tag and deliver good result. To gain click, you need to have good thumbnail.
  23. Why you are punish your wife like that? Lol... Staying online on fiverr won't help you increase gigs performance. Instead of staying online idle doing nothing.., do something that can improve your skill and build your portfolios.
  24. Hi there. Agree with @smashradio You should double check the error from your side first. Check with other browser, refresh it. and based on your screen shot, you have a poor customer services. You can't leave comment just "?". It could offend your buyer. It will upset your buyer. ( I think Your buyer already upset a little by saying "Now Sit Back .....")
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