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What is SPAM when it comes to the Fiverr Forums?

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Reply to @kjblynx: Good idea. A question for you- on your suggestion about formatting - are you suggesting comments about spammers who use special formatting to draw attention or something else? I don’t know if I follow you and we can all work together on this.

For the moment I’ll just add something here and I can expand on the top post later.

Instead of replying, hitting the flag button on the post and mentioning that it’s spam or serial spam is fine. Not all moderators can see flag messages, but that’s OK. Some are frequent forum users and will hopefully see it, and if not, administrators can wipe the flagged posts out later.

If the spam has potential harmful content (i.e. a link that could lead to harmful content) it is sometimes a good idea to reply to it and warn other users.

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Reply to @fullcourtpress: I am the author of the “what is spam” post but I did not delete any post of yours recently. I can’t answer your question but perhaps someone else who saw it can. There are multiple sheriffs (moderators) as well as admins and staff so each makes judgement calls as best they can.

I advise reading the forum Do’s and Dont’s at the top of the forum page. I also advise making sure that a post fits the category you post in. For example, if it is in Tips for Sellers it should be a general tip that most or all sellers can utilize. If it comes off too close to advertising for your own gigs, that is likely to also be moved or removed.

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