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Fiverr Failed in there only one job

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I delivered a flawless application to my client, we agreed on making 6 pages, which i delivered. Then he asked for me to add 23 new pages to this app without any new order without more money just for free, or he will give me a bad ratting . When i refused and told him to give me one star, he cancelled the order and took the money , even the email sent from Fiverr don't have a reason for the cancellation they just decided to give him the money and two weeks of my work for free. This is there only job to make sure such scammers don't scam people, and they failed horribly.

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2 hours ago, mandyzines said:

Send screenshots of him threatening you to Customer Support.

I Already sent screenshots of our agreement about all the features that will be included ,what i delivered and what he said after i refused to do the work for free. I got no response (i sent it around 28 hours ago) and i the order is cancelled (after i sent all of this to the customer support)

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