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  1. Hello everyone, PayPal or Payoneer which is better to withdraw money in 2024? I have only used Payoneer till now and it takes $3 and 1.5% as charges, is PayPal better or Payoneer has lesser charges than PayPal and PayPal charges even more?
  2. Hello everyone, I am going to recieve level 1 badge soon but I am not really happy currently as I had few problems in my profile and my best performing gig was wrongly deleted by Fiverr (that was the gig which was getting me orders) now I have created a duplicate new gig but it's impressions are very down. Will my gig's performance improve once I get level 1 badge, is level 1 badge beneficial by any ways or not?
  3. Hmm, thanks again for your response and view on this matter. But this is a technical issue on their side only, as there are many other gigs too selling the same service, and those gigs are not removed, why is my only gig removed? Anyway, the services I was offering were not prohibited, I guess I made a few changes to the thumbnail, this is the reason why this happened, hopefully, I will be able to recover my gig
  4. Thanks for your suggestion but what about my ratings? It is very difficult for a new seller with no ratings on their gig to sell their services, it took me soo long to get those reviews and now all my reviews will be gone and I will left with a new gig without any reviews, this will impact my gig way too badly and I will anyway start getting 0 to minimal orders
  5. Hello, my gig with more than 9 5-star reviews and 16 orders got denied today, i just changed my gig image and this happened. I was getting good impressions on my gig, i soo badly regret now making the change. Fiverr is saying that it is against their tos even though it is not as there are many other gigs selling the same service too. Will my gig be restored but they are saying this action won't be undone.
  6. Hello, everyone. I am in a really big problem, my only gig which was getting me orders has been removed from Fiverr, I just recieved a Mail from them, they are saying that it doesn't complies with their tos even though it does and I am sure about it, I changed my gig's thumbnail few hours ago and this problem is might be because of that however I don't think so it should have been a problem as there was NOTHING wrong in the thumbnail, nothing is wrong in the gig nor thumbnail, people selling the same service are getting orders and here I am whose gig has been removed, first time was getting orders on Fiverr was soo close to level 1 badge and this happened, I badly regret changing the gig's thumbnail now. I don't know what kind of a technical issue happened that they removed my gig. Now I have contacted their support team, mailed them also, eagerly waiting for their response but in their mail it was written that this action can't be undone. Is it actually true or is there any possibility that my gig will be reactivated? There are many other gigs selling the same service, so I am hopeful that they might undone their action but I am really worried because it was written in their mail that they won't undo this action. Has anyone ever faced the situation before and if yes then has your gig been reactivated and did it affected your gig badly? I just hope that they undo this action, has anybody ever faced this situation and what was the outcome then??
  7. Hello everyone, greetings to all. I know a lot of you might consider this a little stupid question, so really sorry for that. I was just a little curious that's why I thought of asking this question. Ever since the opening of my account I had logged my account into 3 places, on my chrome and app on mobile and on my laptop too. 2-3 months ago I mistakenly logged out my account from laptop, it wasn't intentional I mistakenly did it but as I was anyway not getting any orders, I didn't logged in back. But suprisingly this change actually turned into a good one for me, my impressions increased after this (even if not by a very large amount but still this impacted my gig's rank positively). But now few days ago I again logged into my account on laptop and my impressions decreased by some percentage, this might be just a coincidence but I was just genuinely curious that is this just a coincidence or any of you also has a similar experience like me? Do any of you also believe that multiple devices login impact account badly as Fiverr might detect it as a suspicious activity or is this a mere coincidence. Looking forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you
  8. I am not getting any inquires now too, I used to previously get messages often from buyers but after I made my Gig's description more detailed, the messages also stopped. Previously I didn't like my description that much because it was very short but now it is detailed. But this change actually impacted my gig badly as the messages stopped coming after the change.
  9. Hello, I have a gig that has around 1700 impressions, but only 44 clicks and no orders. What could be the reason for this, even though I have a 5-star rating on my gig? Is there something wrong with my gig's thumbnail, title, or price? I used to receive more orders with fewer impressions. What is wrong with my gig now? https://www.fiverr.com/s/Xp7R65
  10. Yes that's true, most of the messages that I recieve on fiverr from potential buyers are always the one who are just here for either inquiring about the service and are not serious about purchasing a service or either the one who wants free samples/free work. The last two people that messaged me wanted me to do free work for them. But such type of buyers who ask for free work mostly never actually purchases the service, they just make the new vulnerable sellers do free work for them.
  11. I'm looking for some opinions on my Fiverr gig. My conversion rate is very low 0.09%, but my impressions and clicks are rising everyday, I'm not sure why. Might be there are some problems with my gig or profile. I even earlier asked this question but I didn't posted my gig link on that question as I thought it's against the forum's guidelines to share your gig's link but as I saw other questions in this forum with their Gig's link in it, I thought of taking direct opinion on my gig. And I also want to thank all the community members of this forum, all of you are sooo helpful and supportive. Always got the best answers whenever I posted a question, thanks you soo much everyone. https://www.fiverr.com/s/E3aBry
  12. Hi, I am a new-level seller on Fiverr, and when the portfolio was introduced on Fiverr for new-level sellers too, I was really happy as I always wanted this feature. But now, surprisingly, I have seen the Gigs; sellers who are performing well are not using this portfolio option. Most of the sellers that I have seen on Fiverr who are already on level 1 or 2 don't have this portfolio; they haven't added anything in their portfolio, most of them. So I was genuinely curious about what can be the reason behind sellers not adding anything to their portfolio. It might also be because level 1 or 2 sellers already have a lot of 5-star reviews, so they might not feel the need to add their previous work to their portfolio as their reviews speak to their work quality itself. So if that's the case, then sellers who already have a few good reviews on their profile (such as 10+ good reviews) should avoid adding previous work to their portfolio? And sellers who don't have any rating should only add their previous work to portfolio?
  13. I have a gig related to rewriting AI content so it passes plagiarism and AI detector.
  14. Yes, it might be the reason as I have lot of text on my gig. But most of the other people who are selling the same service as me also has this much text. That's why I also kept my Gig's thumbnail like this.
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