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  1. Good morning! Does your five post per day rationing includes private messages? Mine does.

    1. surajkartha


      Good morning to you as well.. and yes, that includes private messages as well... I do remember not being able to send messages informing other users that I have reached my daily posts quota.. 

  2.  Good morning! Yes, I've noticed that Fiverr can be quite buggy, even beyond the forum. My five post/day limit apparently applies to inbox messages, too.

    You're welcome. Keep posting, please!😍 😆

  3. Hi, Jon! My five post limit has been reached. I'm confused. How is it against Fiverr's TOS to find potential buyers away from Fiverr and service them away from Fiverr?

    1. jonbaas


      It's not against the TOS to find customers elsewhere (that's encouraged!), but it is against the TOS to provide the work, for any buyer who hires you on Fiverr, anywhere else. If they hired you through Fiverr, that work MUST be completed and delivered through the Fiverr system.

  4. I really like the way that your writing flows, Josh.

  5. So, are they doing exactly what I'm doing, rendering videos of a still image with an audio file? This would be good to know, if you don't mind giving up one more of your five posts for the day by replying! Edit: I've reached my daily limit of five posts.
  6. I'm evaluating all of my (known) options. I do still have the project for the first video that I can slide that thumbnail into. One issue is that the tone is completely different; it's more of a sales pitch that assumes the viewer will click into the gig and actually read the description. It has a bunch of stock clips tied together that follow this script: I don't mind trying something completely different with the script and video, if you have any suggestions, as it helps me strengthen related skills. A hard limit is actually sitting in front of a camera and talking, however. I suppose there's always the option of not using a video at all.
  7. I appreciate your help. Between the time that I posted this and your reply, I had revised the script and figured that I might as well follow through with creating a new video. While it would be best to have both visible for comparison, only the new video is posted now. It has the thumbnail photo of me showing the entire time, as well as an explanation of my experience and what is included with the gig--all of which were not on the first video. May I get your feedback on it? I have saved both video projects and audio files.
  8. The person who collects the most rare badges, that everyone else also gets, wins.
  9. Hello! I'm gathering that you can't really do that safely once they've ordered; it has to be done in the inquiry phase of communication. Is this true? The only course that I've taken here instructs sellers not to solicit for pre-order conversations with potential buyers, but rather be confident in telling them to "buy now."
  10. Hello, everyone! I didn't realize that gig images were replaced by videos in search results when I created my first video: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Dd7yao . There isn't a frame in there that I think is worthy of being a thumbnail. The first part of my voice over is a bit harsh, too. I really want to highlight my experience and what buyers get a little more this time around. Do you think that including an explanation of the differences between all three package types is necessary? It's covered in the pricing table as well as my infographic (obviously), so I'm debating whether or not I want to devote prime real estate in my script to repeating it. Right now I'm leaning more toward having "All three of my gig packages include:" in there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated--regarding the video or my gig in its entirety.
  11. You seem to have the SEO part down pat. I don't know if you should alter that when you edit again. I was getting a lot of impressions then tinkered with the description too much, perhaps. Time will tell. I'm trying to figure out how much time--ha! I'm new here, too, but do have SEO experience. I hope that you solve the riddle!
  12. Oh, what a sweet sensation. Thank you so very much! I was going to go outside or maybe eat but I want more of that.
  13. The last place that I saw it was the Affinity creative software forum, but I haven't spent much time there. These internet point systems are designed to give people dopamine hits, and crave more! Some people would actually like the scat button, too. 😆🙄 I see a serial dopamine fiend! Edit: Yay for my dopamine hit from officially getting my "contributor" badge!
  14. We're collectively being conditioned to be avatars seeking acceptance from other people nearly everywhere that we go. I've seen this forum software elsewhere, with the same point system.
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