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  1. Your brand doesn't matter when your work environment (how Fiverr is operated) compromises your emotional, mental, and physical health.
  2. it's not just this month and there have been quite a few people with sparkly 'scores' who've shared the same or similar stories of a significant decrease in traffic and sales.
  3. I watch stuff like this, in between fur baby videos, so it all balances out.
  4. I see that being the case with Fiverr, in general, not just the clubs. It's not so bad when lords are um humane, but it just doesn't feel that way.
  5. Will they be using 'AI' to interpret what you do/say or who are connected to on LinkedIn and factor that to your Fiverr Success Score?
  6. This. All of this. Pin this. This. That part about updates is ridiculous for me, too. "Hi! (I know I'm going to be delivering within hours of you ordering but) guess whaaaaat!!! I recorded the first paragraph! Thanks a bunch!" "Hey, there! I just wanted to let you I got the third paragraph done and am almost finished recording! You're the greatest!" "Hello, great person! I'm in the editing phase now and should have this 1.5 minute long audio track to you shortly!" "Hi! I just wanted to blow up your inbox/notifications one more time so that Fiverr AI knows just how awesome the customer service you are getting is! Don't you just feel so taken care of?!"
  7. Censorship is so awesome.
  8. I did not know that, especially. I just have to wonder if these factors have also changed within the past few months.
  9. I really am wondering who the system decides to show me to and based on what factors.
  10. So, you've been doing well since the end of 2022 and even better since March of this year? Have you changed much? It feels like that on both platforms, to me.
  11. For me, the recommended cost per click has more than doubled since March and I've only had one order through paid promotions this month, even with a Fiverr's Choice label on one of the gigs. Half of my earnings on that one order have been eaten up by the total CPC for all gigs so far. I don't know if Fiverr changed how 'they' determine who to show my gigs to. I thought for a while that maybe I was being punished by the almighty AI, even though my scores all enable me to qualify for Top Rated, but over the past couple of weeks I've been monitoring other Voice Actors with a similar voice print and they aren't doing very well, either. Maybe the market shifted and demands bubbly, higher-pitched, youthful female voices. I don't know. But, my impressions are a little less than half of what they were at this time last year. People reaching out to contact me has trickled down to almost nothing, but at the same time my conversion rate's been on the decline as well. I used to get contacted by people who were looking for what I have to offer pretty frequently but then around March it began being more for AI training, cloning my voice, obvious scams, and a flush of middlemen wanting custom auditions without being able to explain the sound they're looking for or their budget. I can see where turning all of these down might've affected me. But, there are so many moving parts. I'm very much at a loss, honestly. The only order I have had over the past week is from a return client who lets things auto-complete and doesn't leave reviews, and I anticipate that will also result in some sort of punishment.
  12. My direct competitors haven't been doing very well at all, either, for a while now.
  13. You're welcome! People have been reporting less business for a variety of other reasons lately, but, yea, bad reviews sting.
  14. I recommend not obsessing about your gigs anymore and riding out the purposeful suppression their exposure in the marketplace for a couple/few more months, because you are being punished and there's nothing you can do aside from asking your return clients to feed the algorithm with good--more so private--reviews. The length of the stay in the Fiverr dungeon varies, from what I have seen shared here. Mine, resulting from a 1 star with a lot less total reviews than you have, lasted about 4 or 5 months.
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