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  1. Allah had nothing to do with it Just do your work and work on yourself NO ONE will be praying as no one else cares about your success Go and tell your family and friends these people may care but we are just internet strangers Why are you seeking our approval its pathetic
  2. f you stay online 24/7 you are guaranteed to get at least 100 orders a day If you manage to get someone to pray for you this will reach 150 orders a day easily
  3. if you stay online 24/7 you are guaranteed to get at least 100 orders a day If you manage to get someone to pray for you this will reach 150 orders a day easily
  4. you have achieved 26 reviews in 18 months Did you want us to organize your celebration party for the next weekend or the one after... obviously we will need a large location as everyone from fiverr will be attending because we all care so much
  5. Thanks for this I have been ignoring all my customers and not speaking to them up until now. so now with your advice I might try speaking to the person who orders see if this helps 😕
  6. lol this sums up fiverr beautifully The forum especially is a cesspit of spam
  7. Can i ask you an honest question. This guy is selling digital marketing services under the name digital marketing pro Do you not find it weird that your fellow countryman cant market his own marketing gigs. How can you all not see the irony in the crazy posts from these sellers
  8. Thanks for you approval of others posts yet we do not need your approval so quit the spam
  9. He wont stop until fiverr stop him He has done 400 posts in 4 days of pointless crap
  10. LOL you cant be serious just 5 minutes ago you were giving advice to someone else on this exact subject matter - Your exact quote was - try to make 7 gig and stay fiverr fourm and sent buyer request. hope you will be success. Best of Luck --------------------------------------------- Then you immediately come here and ask the same question how are you this stupid? What the hell is the problem in India and Bangladesh you all just talk for no reason
  11. The part that gets me is as sellers fiverr have so many regulations and conditions... You need to reply in 24 hours or they derank you for one example yet when 25+ of these same people are asking questions in the forum.... Fiverr don't just not reply they delete your comments all together.. It is completely wrong By fiverrs own policy @mjensen415 should be bottom of the list yet somehow hes running the place - the lunatics really are running the asylum when it comes to the forum Just for 1 example look at guy hes been signed up the forum for 4 days and is currently nearing 350 posts of absolute crap - codersaeid - Fiverr Community and there are hundreds of others just like him no wonder the forum is in such a state
  12. Its simply solved though... 2 TOS warnings and then you are gone no more access no more spam There is just no action at all that is why the forum is like this
  13. Thanks for this pointless post not relevant or useful in anyway.. But its one more post to your tally
  14. Sure we can all waste our lives sending links to people who refuse to read themselves this way. Why don't we employ a full team of religious leaders as well. That way we can also supply all the prayers to everyone and hold religious ceremonies every time someone makes a $5 order Alternatively my idea about fiverr actually sorting the forum out and stopping the spam would be a better resolution. @mjensen415 wont acknowledge anything though and just deletes threads and sticks his head in the sand
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