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What's going at Fiverr last 15 days?


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Hello all , hope you are doing well . But I cant doing good here. Last 15 days I didnt get enough response/orders . I don’t understand whats going on .

>> Is it happening for USA Election?
>>What do you think friends ?
>>Are you getting enough response ?

I am here to hear from you .


Kind regards,

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Has nothing to do with the election. It’s an absurd reasoning. I had more orders and really can’t blame the elections for it.
If you are self employed there is no such thing like a streamlined income. One month you have $1.300,- the other you have $3.000 or $500,-. This is how it goes.
Welcome to the world of selfemployment.

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Yes, in this gig economy, there won’t be any sort of constancy, but the issue currently is NOT this.

Fiverr is updating algorithms for search parameters, gig description metadata etc. etc.
Also, Fiver is busy with updating marketing strategy worldwide, so the categories across the platform is on a transverse wave pattern.

Please do not ask me how I know all this.

Please stop repeating its how fr33lance business is, you have to understand, when we make money, Fiverr makes money, when Fiverr makes money, their shareholders and investors make money. So justifying the lapse in sales by saying there’s up and down is business like this is utter crap.

There will be variance, but not across the board like this.
Every missed sale opportunity is a failed opportunity to make money for Fiverr. And I do not think Fiverr is sitting on its digital arse and doing nothing about it.
A company wants a steady constant cash flow market strategy, otherwise it will go out of business. It also needs to constantly update its business model, else it will again wither and die.

So its kind of sad that why this common sense is not available for everyone?


This post is not a personal attack on anyone merely my response to observations, feel free to release your bloodhounds to catch me!


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I don´t think it has anything do with elections either.

What I´d bring up here though is that among the recent posts in the bug forum section are 2 about buyers not able to buy… If that´s a bigger bug, it might be a problem, as if it´s repeat buyers, who already successfully bought, might try again, or contact CS, or their sellers will for them, but if it´s first-time-want-to-be-buyers, probably they´ll just try, (maybe) try a 2nd time, (maybe) even a 3rd, and then leave to never come back. That´s how many internet things go. People don´t have the patience or nerves to fuddle with something that won´t work right away.

That said though, generally I’d put my money on ‘this is self-employment’ as the most probable reason too.

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I’ve had perfectly normal orders this month. Instead of blaming external events like the election (HELLO THAT WAS LIKE, OVER 2 WEEKS AGO), and even more bizarrely “it’s that time of year” (HELLO, THIS TIME OF YEAR IS COMMERCIALIZED TO DEATH AND A GREAT TIME TO PICK UP SEASONAL WORK).

I recommend not whinging about how Fiverr has gone down the drain because you, personally aren’t making any sales, and do what I do whenever I notice a general downturn: edit, create and market your gigs or work on improving your skills. Amazingly, this kind of get up and go, can do attitude is more useful and has results.

Honestly, stop whining and be more professional when it comes to your business. Unless you want to give up and go back to a crappy local job while blaming a platform on which others are making $100,000+ a year on. Sure, those are the outliers, but you ultimately have to accept that the real potential for success lies within yourself. Whining = failure. Enjoy failing, or start succeeding by doing something for your business that you can control.

Honestly, Fiverr should just boot all of you off and let the serious sellers get to work.

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