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  1. Any old pals here, I used to be regular on Forum in 2017… Any old fellows still here?
  2. As long as they are 2 persons and using their own devices. Fiverr has no problem.
  3. Just ask him to work on this platform as it is safe for both of us… we will work here only…simple isn’t it?
  4. oops, I wonder how you research so deep 🙂 I could never notice more than 10 pages…
  5. Get some sales and make gigs in different categories of your expertise… After some sales and level-1 you will start seeing more BRs… As new seller you have to stay active and keep seeing BRs…
  6. initially people like to work at low price to get more sales… later they start to increase their prices… in the end hardwork pays off and earning increases eventually…
  7. allowing user name change will be difficult for the system… and users especially can take advantage of it, by changing their identity in case they deliver poor work … just thinking…
  8. Haseeb, I never start working on any project unless order is placed… this decision of 40% was your own, and I don’t think system will protect you for it… I hope he likes your work and place order unless he is not a scam…
  9. welcome to an amazing community of talented and diverse people… enjoy your stay…
  10. initially, study the platform… secondly, when you know the platform, send BR as new sellers get orders via BR… lastly, there is not shortcut to success…
  11. taking a course is more beneficial than taking a test for new sellers… keep learning keep rising
  12. well done… I don’t consider myself a successful seller, however I never imagined I could earn that much… My best month was October 17 with $3k… You are right, I never imagined I could earn that much from the same platform… Fiverr is Love.
  13. I learnt most of the things on forum… I used to visit regularly during my first year of freelancing… I still do come sometimes around… For newbies, it is an informal institution of Freelancing…
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