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  1. I’m doing great. I work from home anyway, so for me nothing much changed. Overall I feel that I’m one of the happiest people. Whenever I hear people hear complain all day long, I think to myself, “What if you would use the time you have at hand to learn new skills, instead of mourning?” In some way it feels for me as if I’m just an observer of the whole situation. It doesn’t really affect my daily life.
  2. Hi, Mario! I am happy to hear that good news! However, I am even happier to see you here! @nikavoice is going to be so jealous that I got to 👀 you! Thank you Vickie! Say hello to @nikavoice, since I don’t spend time on forums anymore. Cheers!
  3. It depends on the field you are operating in. When you work via Fiverr you shouldn’t notice any negative change, since you work on a distance without interpersonal contact. So if your workload drops it might have other reasons than Covid-19. My business outside of this platform had the best year so far. My income has doubled this year.
  4. In this case Fiverr protected you from a possible scammer. This ‘buyer’ has probably send that zip-file to various sellers and they reported it as spam. That got him blocked.
  5. It boils down to pricing. If you have a $5,- gig they are tempted to purchase by impulse. If you have a $20,- gig they will read the description more carefully. Imagine looking at a chocolate bar. If it’s $1,- and you have a craving for it, you just buy it. If the price tag says $5,-, you pick it up and read the packaging to find out what makes this chocolate bar so special.
  6. There is no mistake a buyer can make that gets you a warning. Warnings that lead to a shut down of your account are all the result of ToS violations. Nobody can violate them for you. It is all you fault. Just like all the other self pitying loser, who blame others for the results of their own wrong doings, you should start taking responsibility, not just on Fiverr, but in Life in general.
  7. It is true, it is boring to read all these threads of new sellers when it is all nicely explained in the ToS. But I always say, no question is a dumb question, however, when these questions already being explained in ToS, you start to wonder??? :thinking: Keep it up @mariokluser, see you’re doing a great job… love your Gigs!! Ik wens je nog een fijne dag! (I wish you a wonderful day)🌞 Warmly, Hum The Flying Dutchie There actually ARE dumb questions. A lot of them. The biggest problem I see though is that people ask the wrong questions. Especially themselves. And no, I will not explain what questions they should ask, because finding that out is part of the growing progress and comes with thinking. Very deep and thoroughly. After that, they will have all the answers they ever need. Fijne dag!
  8. They expect that regardless if you are online or not. Not just on Fiverr but everywhere. It’s a sign of our always connected culture these days.
  9. Mine is 1 hour as well and I’m almost never online. I also don’t use the App, I receive an e-mail when somebody sends me a message. In fact I totally ignore Fiverr and yet I get requests for custom offers. In 95% of all cases I ask the customer to look for another seller. Even if it is for orders of $200,- $400,-, or just 2 weeks ago $2.500,-. The funny thing is that when I occasionally browse through this forum there is still the same old complaining about orders, impressions, clicks and BS going on. Boring.
  10. Looks like you shot in your own foot by letting your friend use your stuff. Let’s be honest, it’s quite foolish to let somebody with the same gig use your materials in the first place. They have to come up with their own work or find another niche.
  11. It’s a situation. I don’t know if it is sad. Sad is probably the fact that people get hypnotized by meaningless numbers. I wouldn’t even know how much views and clicks my gig have. I’m not back b.t.w. I just couldn’t sleep and had a glass of Port,
  12. That means that 1.600 people saw your gig, 50 took a closer look and none of them has enough interest to order it. Act accordingly.
  13. Seen the fact that you are only use your own original work there is nothing to be concerned about. Just make sure to keep it that way.
  14. Just read the warning messages and act accordingly. When you get a speeding ticket, the fact that you didn’t look at any signs is not a good alibi.
  15. I use Paypal since 2000 or 2001 and in all that time I needed 2 times help from their customer support. Both times they gave me the best service I have every experienced with any customer support.
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