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  1. But the price is right… Is the price right? #Looking4LoveInAllTheWrongPlaces
  2. 🌟 Had to share this, since this must be a 1 in a 1,000,000 request!
  3. If you are saying that for your order, the buyer asked you to login to a specific website and do the translation work there, YES, you can do so and it is not a problem. The problem is or can be that, Fiverr wants you to do all correspondence and also show proof of work on the ORDER page. That way there is seller protection in the event the buyer files a dispute. If in your case, the buyer files a dispute that you have not done any work, he can win the case since you are doing the work externally on a website. Normally, translations are completed on a word document and you submit such document upon completion of your order which is the tangible proof for work done. So hope I was able to shed some light on this, and consider this for future orders. The rest is up to you. Good Luck. 👍
  4. No, if you mutually cancel the order with the client, he will have NO opportunity to leave a public review. However, any order that is auto-completed, like your previous one, a buyer has 30 days to leave a feedback review on it. Also, if the buyer ever writes that they will leave a negative review if you do not do extra work, simply take a screenshot of it and open a ticket with Customer Support as that is not allowed on Fiverr’s Terms of Service. So consequently, if the buyer does end up leaving a negative feedback, that feedback will be removed by Customer Support as it violated the Terms of Service. *Given that the buyer actually wrote that to you.
  5. Heyo Franko! Been good, just busy with work. Hope you been doin good as well. 👍
  6. Lately I have been noticing a lot of hostility/passive aggressiveness/unfounded accusations etc. on the forums and wanted to point out that this an open forum and people are free to present their opinions/expressions and such. When regulars/other forum members react and reply aggressively to posts it often causes unwarranted friction and this is debilitating for the growth of this community forum. We must remind ourselves that this is an international community and people from all walks of life will come and go. And a for a lot of those people, English is NOT their native tongue. When someone posts something like: Instead of bashing the poster from the get-go about their opinion, we should inquire if they meant what they wrote. Maybe the person was not able to truly express themselves due to lack of a proper English vernacular. Try to take a neutral stance on any posts as we may/may not know the complete story behind it always. Instead of imposing an opinion consider asking yourself how you would feel if the behavior was returned to you. These are only my suggestions for a more harmonious forum environment. 🌻
  7. It’s your niche, although Fiverr does its job of bringing in buyers, you have a greater chance of gaining sales if what you are offering is looked for by the potential buyers.
  8. 💡 Inviting DEMOTED sellers to input their reason here: Fiverr Forum ? Why did you LOSE your LEVEL? (Pick ✅)This metric would give us a clear understanding on the majority of which factor is affecting sellers the most. Response Rate (90%) Order Completion Rate (90%) On-time Delivery (90%) Rating (4.8) 0 voters Show results Voting is NOT...
  9. Those being affected due to “RESPONSE RATE” is mostly from the response bug. Where reporting to spam is supposed to count but it actually does not. 🛠️Best action: 👉 REPLY TO SPAM ⛔ REPORT SPAM
  10. This metric would give us a clear understanding on the majority of which factor is affecting sellers the most. Response Rate (90%)Order Completion Rate (90%)On-time Delivery (90%)Rating (4.8)0voters Show resultsVoting is NOT anonymous.
  11. And you are still wrong. It is NOT POSSIBLE for a buyer to obtain a refund of their order, and leave a negative review. Buyers cannot have both things. @jonbaas Brother Jon 😉, I think he is referring to the 1 Star left by the automated system when a seller fails to deliver on time and the buyer decides to cancel it for a refund.
  12. p.sIf you were part of the Available Now Beta program, you no longer have access to it in the updated menu.
  13. They are heading towards this probably: Since there are sellers now with more than 100k reviews.
  14. He wouldn’t, you would have been addressed as SISTER. 😉
  15. @n4y33m I concur with @adsensewizard on the following: You need the cancellation to be mutual for it to have a lesser effect. Also the TYPE of reason you select has its weight of negative effect as well. Best thing in this scenario, if a customer is UNRESPONSIVE, is to contact CS immediately. They will ping the buyer and if unresponsive will cancel the order on your behalf with a lower negative effect on your gig/account.
  16. Yes, OP has the feature obviously, hence him asking the question about it.
  17. Correct. The look and feel of the order remains the same with the milestone. So upon submission of your delivery and acceptance, you move onto your next milestone. More Info: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/working-with-milestones @solow13 Fiverr DOES have milestones feature now. It is in Beta, so maybe you do not have it.
  18. You utilize wetransfer to obtain the link for the shared file by emailing it to yourself. So you DO NOT need to share email address but only the link. OP’s question was in relation to 4K files which can easily reach 2GB plus and unless you have a paid Dropbox you cannot use it. So until Fiverr bumps the upload limit these are the solutions available. Nevertheless, if ever in doubt, contact Customer Support.
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