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  1. I think Mongolia is one location that is the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow… 🌈
  2. 92%. It ALL depends on your concluding remarks upon delivery. (Mind you, I DO NOT ask by buyers for a review, BUT there’s always ways to phrase a statement so that you get them to think about it and have them act upon it)
  3. Everybuddy should editing there gigs 24 time a dey
  4. It is an etiquette thing really. In US, where everyone is always busy, we seldom have time to sit down and have a good quality time. So when we do, if we get on a distracting device such as a cell phone, it is considered being rude to the other person, because time was taken out for this meeting/dinner/hang-out time w.e.; and instead of spending that “Quality Time” together you still decide to waste it. Now residing in Bangladesh for a couple of years, I noticed, that everyone is on their mobile phone, when outside, and no one seems to mind probably because we have greater amount of time to spend towards SOCIAL activities, so it is OK and acceptable to be distracted while you are again on a meeting/dinner/hanging-out time. Because it can be compensated. That would be the comparison and contrast between two cultures and society.
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