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  1. Fiverr needs to find a way to remove that $2 fee in general. It's bad for gigs that are small like mine. Who wants to pay $10 plus another $2 for a psychic reading that's only a few sentences. That fee really messed things up..
  2. Putting listings on vacation mode can also effect listing placement
  3. Being online is only a slight advantage.
  4. Either they’re scamming you OR they’ve maybe done a previous chargeback on their card and Fiverr is denying them.
  5. Lmfao offcourse not. Work for free to rate yourself? Some of these sellers need a reality check smh
  6. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service Everything that you need to know in order to familiarize yourself with Fiverr is listed here.
  7. It’s 14 days. Most people get their paychecks every other week - this is actually a pretty normal duration.
  8. I don’t think Fiverr will implement this option. Why? Exhibit A: Buyer asks for a logo. You make them a logo 3 days later, Buyer edits message saying he wanted a banner. You tell them they wanted a logo initially. Buyer plays games with you, reports you to Fiverr Support. Editing messages is an easy way for manipulation to happen. It would be our worst nightmare.
  9. When you edit a gig it gets reviewed by Fiverr first. It is also removed from the search engine for a bit - but should go back to normal after a few days.
  10. My average per gig is $13 so far, not bad for a newer account though.
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