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  1. Fiverr needs to find a way to remove that $2 fee in general. It's bad for gigs that are small like mine. Who wants to pay $10 plus another $2 for a psychic reading that's only a few sentences. That fee really messed things up..
  2. Not for certain gigs, for example not for me.
  3. I don't think you can change it. Only delete and start a new gig/new link.
  4. Been a little slow. Just keep up the good work and they will flow back little by little.
  5. Being online is only a slight advantage.
  6. Lower price or find a category that is more in demand
  7. it may affect your delivery rate. Just go to resolution center and ask for an extension of days.
  8. I just hopped back on Fiverr again after a while. There’s an option for advertising now?
  9. I noticed ever since they added the $2 tax on top of orders + other fees it hasn’t been the same
  10. Yes, you want to start off low until you get more feedbck from users and build up from there.
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