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  1. Can i share '' Ai '' intro video which i made for my GIG

  2. Actually, there is no way to improve it magically, it's depend on your good luck or bad luck! It's my personal experience.
  3. I never thought this type of update could be made by Fiverr! My business and freelancing career is gone!
  4. The new level system finished my business and freelancing career!
  5. The Fiverr brief system is good, but it is often misused!
  6. I have completed 1200+ orders, but now my SS is 4 and all gigs are removed from the marketplace! My business and cariare are done for the new level system.
  7. Fiverr new level system has significantly damaged my business. Despite completing numerous orders over the past two months, all of which garnered 5-star reviews, my success score inexplicably shows - 4 and my level - low performance. This is perplexing, as I've consistently received positive reviews for all my work in the last 3/4 months. To the best of my knowledge, there are no recent buyers who could have given me hidden negative reviews. To make matters worse, all of my gigs have been removed from the marketplace. Since the implementation of this new level system, my gig impressions and clicks have plummeted to zero. I'm not receiving any new messages and orders, Even after running the promoted Gigs, not spending any $ with zero impressions and clicks. Despite having completed over 1200 orders, I find myself in a very hopeless situation. I appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide in resolving this matter.
  8. The new level system totally stops my business. I'm very worried about that. My SS is 4 and I don't know why.
  9. Same here! my all gigs are removed from marketplace, but my over all performance was geat. I think this is a bug on the new level system.
  10. Same here brother. My success score is 4 and my all gig's was removed from Fiverr martekeplace. But I know my overall performance was very well. I don't know what can I do now.
  11. Many are talking about the new review system, but I haven't found any changes.
  12. I guess, there is no way to share "Book a consultation" link.
  13. I also don't get any brief in the last 2 months.
  14. Congratulations and welcome to Fiverr community.
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