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  1. Fiverr needs to find a way to remove that $2 fee in general. It's bad for gigs that are small like mine. Who wants to pay $10 plus another $2 for a psychic reading that's only a few sentences. That fee really messed things up..
  2. Not for certain gigs, for example not for me.
  3. I don't think you can change it. Only delete and start a new gig/new link.
  4. Been a little slow. Just keep up the good work and they will flow back little by little.
  5. Being online is only a slight advantage.
  6. Lower price or find a category that is more in demand
  7. it may affect your delivery rate. Just go to resolution center and ask for an extension of days.
  8. I just hopped back on Fiverr again after a while. There’s an option for advertising now?
  9. I noticed ever since they added the $2 tax on top of orders + other fees it hasn’t been the same
  10. Yes, you want to start off low until you get more feedbck from users and build up from there.
  11. I don’t see why changing your price would change you gig rank.
  12. If your new - $5 to $10 is reasonable to start off with
  13. Competitive pricing, be active, good feedbck
  14. Only one account! Check out Fiverr’s ToS
  15. Are we allowed to put our social media handles anywhere? Instagram, youtube, etc.?
  16. So I just discovered that if you “spam” a message, it automatically blocks the buyer and I’m ecstatic. I’ve had a hard time blocking certain buyers in the past 🙂 Thank you Fiverr staff!
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