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  1. Buyers can/will purchase your gig before or after the conversation. Some people ping and converse with the seller before ordering or many just place the order and then start the conversation. Also, in your chat window - you have the 'create offer' button at the bottom. You can use it to create customized offers for 'agreed' cost, timeline and scope of work and send the offer to the buyer. Offer goes with the payment link to the buyer, which will enable them to place the order.
  2. 1. Multiple people have advised already about not allowing anyone to use Fiverr name or logo anywhere in the user id, display pic and gig images. Not sure what technical limitations stopping Fiverr from implementing this. 2. They can add a learning essentials video which educates people about scams and other stuff. May be make it mandatory for people to watch the video (twice at least!) before approving their gigs. Video can even have subtitles in multiple languages for better comprehension. 3. Again many people have advised this already - have a banner or notification on top of the dashboard which warns and educates people about how not to get scammed.
  3. You're seeking readymade advice again because the previous readymade advice you received from inauthentic sources didn't work. If this doesn't work, then again you will seek tips & tricks for success from someone else. Self-learning is the best thing like @smartdezigns has advised already.
  4. None of these things lead to success on Fiverr!! Who told you to post daily on Social Media and stay online 24 hours???
  5. You have multiple less than 4-star public reviews in the last few months. Even if half of those buyers left bad private reviews - it would tank your individual gig scores for 3 to 6 months. That would diminish your gig's visibility, hence, no new buyers!!
  6. It seems like you have fallen for a SCAM. Fiverr doesn't send emails like this for any order!! And it doesn't inform about payment settlements either.
  7. Don't worry about the perfect 5-star profile. Instead, work on your communication skills. They will help you gain buyer's trust far more effectively.
  8. You're breaking their hearts!! 💔😂 OP's gig has been bookmarked 369 times. 🙄
  9. That's ok, move on. And no, ratings can't be edited/changed by CS.
  10. You get paid 2 weeks after the order completion. Have you completed and delivered the work?
  11. What do you do for 10-15 hours on Fiverr, everyday??
  12. We cannot do anything about it - its purely a matter of their personal choice and how delighted they are with the work & service. I have received two word reviews (with one misspelt word), reviews composed using chatGPT and detailed paragraphs too - its always buyer's discretion.
  13. This is your FIRST post -so who answered you with THEIR thoughts??? And, what final solution you need - Ability to create 20 gigs and clutter the marketplace??🫠
  14. You don't have to adjust and should NOT adjust either!! All veteran sellers on the platform will tell you the same thing too. Work when it is day time for you, simple!! I have never encountered a single buyer on the platform, who asked me to stay awake or align my timings with their time zone. Be professional and respect yourself as a professional too, then only buyers will respect you too. And learn to say NO, if someone asks you to stay awake. (Also, yes - exceptions to this happen in very rare cases, when they need to meet a deadline and I have promised/committed the final delivery to them.)
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