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grammerly is here ?


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I see it on the order page post section too (though I don't see it in the inbox yet). So it's enabled by default there, sending text from the order page (which might be confidential) to Grammarly. It also seems to work quite slowly sometimes for checking a small amount of text (probably because it's sending it to Grammarly, checking it there and then sending the results back).

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12 minutes ago, leannelrivers said:

Good news for you. 

Maybe the next step is to offer this service only to the people who are honest enough to claim that they are not Fluent in English?

The ones that are left can either communicate effectively with their clients, or show that they're lying about their fluency?


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An add-on that catches the seriously stupid and pattern-y Telegram spam before it reaches our inbox and makes our phones alert us, or the jarring desktop notification sound makes us fall from our chairs when it's just crickets else, would be more helpful and preferable.

🤫 Maybe Grammarly could help Fiverr by flagging the bazillions of intentionally wrong and creative spellings of "(((t))))@#£_&-++(ele)(g)(ram) that the neverending stream of new accounts constantly comes up with to pass Fiverr's filters? Well, I guess not, meanwhile, it must be faaaar too hard for AI to get what's going on and what human beings with a natural IQ above zero get with just a quick glance.

So does this mean the end of the diversity in my inbox? Only boring "Hi"s instead of "hii"s, "ho"s, "hlo"s, "hellow"s, etc., from the myriads of seller spammers? Ah, probably not. 

Grammarly should definitely know how to spell our favourite green platform, though, or teach itself how to, now. AI might even able to let Fiverr be Fiverr in some contexts, but given the context density and hyper-creativity of your typical Fiverr spam, I appreciate that it must be as hard for AI to identify the right context as it obviously is for AI to not identify the Telegram spam.

Still, I'd prefer better anti-spam control to grammar control, it helps to see how people write as they write on their own. It might do more harm than good in helping the wrong people with the wrong things.

But I guess it's too late, I keep seeing Grammarly & Co. pop up at more and more places, humankind is too keen on making it easy for itself and on relying on gadgets rather than their brain. Maybe the companies behind all the AI tech can strike a deal with countries' educational systems soon to replace grammar and such with coding in the curriculum. And add "Defence against the Dark AI Arts" classes. 🪄

I do appreciate washing machines, though. 😉

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1 hour ago, catwriter said:

Indeed. It would be hard to rely just on your brain for that kind of work.

Was just to keep people from asking if I'd prefer the medieval times, but indeed I like the timer function and signaling when it's done, that my current washing machine came with. Before that, my brain regularly forgot to tell my body to check and take the washing out in a timely manner... 🤫

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