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  1. Trust me, when you actually achieve more than one order in your Fiverr career, you will very quickly find out that promoting cancellations/refunds will hinder your success score more than you can ever realise. Without any experience you're using chatGPT to generate content you have no way of validating. So, I suggest you think about growing your own profile and reputation before ruining others with flippant comments such as this.
  2. Isn't it funny that seasoned forum members can now identify chatGPT content just by those two famous words. Embark and Elevate 🙂 They're like a comedy double act that appear for the sole purpose of catching people out. Especially people who claim to be expert writers. 😁
  3. Copying and pasting articles that have been solely written by ChatGPT is a bit pointless, as they stick out like a sore thumb. It would seem that this is a bit of a habit for you! To provide advice you need to speak from experience, and with no sales since joining Fiverr in Sept 2023, I would concentrate on growing your own profile before advising others on theirs.
  4. I would love to hear your rational for this. Please explain why Video editing, graphic designing and web development is a big mistake? As a web designer, I thought I would take a look at your portfolio. It looked impressive, then I did a reverse image search on your portfolio images, only to find that they have been lifted from another company in Pakistan. If you worked for this company you need to state it in your portfolio brief. You're making out that you did all of the work yourself. I also found your upwork profile which is equally as fake, with stock images in place of your own work. With only 3 orders on Fiverr, making statements like this is kind of foolish, when experienced freelancers will catch you out. I suggest you concentrate on your own profile, and building your own credibility before making sweeping statements such as these.
  5. Not pretending to be someone else may be a good start
  6. Ah the 'good ol days' Mark, When you played games off tapes and floppy discs, and your would swap them in the school yard with your mates. 🙂
  7. I'm finding website design is becoming more and more tricky on my 'ol faithful' commodore 64. Looking forward to upgrading in the near future to a ZX spectrum, and really showing you guys what a classy workstation looks like.
  8. I nearly spat my coffee out when I saw that reply. Surely a worthy contender of the Darwin awards for 2024
  9. @Lena I also had this message. However, my reading of It implies that everyone in the Web development and artist niches had this cascade. Can you confirm if this is the case? A simple update on the Fiverr forum from a member of the Fiverr team stating this would have been beneficial. If only to relieve some pressure on CS replying to the barrage of messages that likely followed this notification.
  10. I fully understand that. However, going back to my original reply, when I first started engaging with my SPM in 2022, I was a level 2 seller on 240 orders having joined in 2017. Fast Forward 2 years, and I am now on over 650 orders, top rated and Fiverr certified. This is partly due to the quality of conversation I have had with my SPM on a regular basis, therefore, for me, it's entirely worth the original price, and the forthcoming price increase. @dereck_s Each experience is different on this forum. It shouldn't be, but it is. I'm lucky in the fact that I have benefitted from the program. I guess that this is the purpose of these polls to understand how others feel. But, more importantly to speak up if one opinion / experience differs from another.
  11. @vovkaslovesnyy I also think the price increase is reasonable. As one of the 200 sellers that was on the $19 a month rate, some may be surprised to hear that. However, I have a lot of time for my seller plus manager, and I believe that the 5 or 6 calls I have with him each year are worth the money. I also feel that the RTO feature has enabled me to reduce my cancelations to pretty much Zero, which has directly affected my success score. So, in my eyes, $39 a month is still value for money But.... I have huge concerns if there are a number of freelancers that will remain on the reduced rate of $29 when the whole purpose of this new pricing strategy is to create one clear price point. The outcome of this, (if it ever comes to light) will undoubtably have an effect on my decision.
  12. No, You need to be an expert in what you do!!!! If you're honest about your fluency and you can communicate to a reasonable standard then most clients are prepared to overlook this. Also, what has US residency got to do with being successful online???? There are literally 10000s of freelancers on Fiverr that live outside of the United States and are still awesome a what they do Throwaway comments like these make you look a little immature and foolish!
  13. I think the petition for a 'WTF' emoji is well overdue
  14. Here's the best tip I can give you. Your customers aren't stupid, and with the benefit of a reverse image search, they will know if you're 'unique' designs are in fact templates. Don't claim to make custom artwork, as you will get caught out, and you also run the risk of running into tricky copyright situations, not only for you, but for your potential customers. So, put your own work on your gigs, and let your customers be the judge of whether it's good enough. Good luck
  15. As well as everything that's been mentioned above, what I value above anything else is trustworthiness. I want to be able to land on a profile and believe everything a freelancer says based on what they write and what I see. Most of us that have been here a long time can see the gigs that stick out like a sore thumb straight away, For example 1) A digital marketing gig that has no orders after 12 months, yet they claim to have a captive audience of millions worldwide. 2) A freelancer that has gigs littered with spelling errors, yet scores 10/10 in the English Language test 3) A freelancer that uses stock images or templates as if they were their own, thinking that no one will realise 4) A freelancer that makes outrageous claims about their own abilities. i.e. I designed the KFC Logo 5) A freelancer that lies about the qualifications they hold The list goes on. So, if I can spot them, and my peers can spot them, then so will any potential customers, and this brings the whole quality and integrity of the platform into question. I have to be able to believe what I see in order to buy a gig from you! So prove to me through your gig description, your gig images and your experience, that you can deliver exactly what you're claiming to do.
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