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  1. I've rejoined SP three times just to use the RTO while I'm holiday (I never use an SM or coupons) and then cancelled it again. I've never had to join a waiting list. I don't know if that will change, but until now I could just hop in and out.
  2. Gawd... Everything else at 4.9, though. lol
  3. 4.98 too, Vickie! I just got a reply from CS about this. I think it was a cut and paste or auto reply, it smells like AI. Basically giving me part of the original rollout message, that 4.9 is more trustworthy and that this will ease pressure on us to get perfect 5's. That was Pro support, by the way. And I agree with @williambryan392 It just looks weird. 5 stars but low value delivery? Sellers who were at 5 stars but now suddenly all 4? Will buyers realise the system has had an overhaul, or will we all just look like we've dropped the ball while people selling at $5 sit at 5 stars? I can't be a*sed any more.
  4. Well, now we're all at 4.9 instead of all being at 5. *clap clap*
  5. I can't see them on mine either, but my rating has dropped. I also haven't had a sniff of an order in over two weeks I don't know if that's connected. Good times with Fiverr!
  6. Same. I love German clients, they're the easiest people to work with, next to the Swiss who are on another level when it comes to money, and Brits who are infinitely polite even if they're fuming. Americans are OK until they tell me to sound less British and more American.
  7. Thanks for starting a new post, Frank. I'm amazed it took them so long to shut the other one down. As probably most of us knew, no amount of anger and venting was going to change this. The Fiverr team appears to be very pleased with themselves. I hope that wording in the review, like 'Value for Money' and 'Exceptional', is seriously reconsidered. However, those two things are already lowering the ratings of sellers of all levels, which is the whole point of this change. I'm less distressed about it than many because I've been dealing with a drastic reduction in orders for over a year now, as many of us have, and I suspect that's had something to do with goings-on behind the scenes (system changes like this don't happen overnight). My impressions plummeted from a constant 15K plus weekly to never more than 2K. Fortunately, I've had some time to get my backside into gear and secure other sources of income and clients. Had I not, then I'd be freaking out now because visibility is everything and that has suddenly become even more volatile on this platform. I'm not even bothering to think about new gigs. I might tweak my existing ones now and then, but attempting to expand here in my metric seems pointless. Fiverr orders for me have gone from an almost daily expectation to an occasional nice surprise.
  8. Same with some VO gigs. "I will record you a British accent voiceover." "I will record you a voiceover in a British accent." "British accent voiceover? I will record it." "British female voiceover recorded for you." "recorded for you: Female British voiceover." "I'm female. I'm British. I record voiceover."
  9. Creative jobs require at least one revision in most cases. Many of my VO clients are happy with my voiceover, but they request a revision because the script has been changed slightly. I charge them again for certain things, but it still generates a revision request. Sometimes, they're dissatisfied with my voiceover and request a complete revision. Both are usual occurrences in the creative field, so punishing sellers again for revisions is a nice juicy cherry on top. When I was hired as a freelance coach by Heineken, I got some insight into their collaborations with creative agencies. Campaign revisions were plentiful and expected. It's par for the course.
  10. It appears to be more than a storm in a teacup for the people who say they are literally ruined by this release but for Fiverr? Yeah. Who cares? Even if every top seller left the platform and took their quality clients with them, the company would still make millions from $5 sales alone. Do shareholders really care about the hows of profit? I contribute to the care of some horses near where I live, and we shovel a lot of s**t. That massive pile of s**t is worth money. The farmers buying it don't care if it's happy, top-rated s**t.
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