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  1. Be on time. In other words, respect other people's times. Also don't pretend to be a Jedi knight and swing an icicle around like a light saber. It can be dangerous.
  2. I recently tried witch finger grapes and pluots for the first time, they were good!! If I'm going to stick to fruits from Japan though, I must say Kyoho grapes! ( image taken from Google)  (
  3. I've been on Fiverr for 10 years, I offer translation here, but I STILL have problems when it comes to spelling the words weird, license, and San Fransisco. It took me a while to get "restaurant" correct as well...
  4. 5 minutes. Seriously, 5 minutes. It happened several times actually. The most recent one was someone asking me to translate this ONE line from an anime. It contained only 3 words, but the buyer really wanted to know the meaning. It seems like she had the English subtitle for it, but she wanted the direct translation. I typed the translation, I sent it, she was VERY happy and even tipped me!
  5. I've heard of it a million times, but never seen it. I guess I'm missing out. OK, time to watch The Office then!! BTW I was never really a fan of Friends, but I sure did love Home Improvement. RIP, Earl Hindman.
  6. I didn't bother checking, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had the same fan. BTW I decided to start my day with a nice cream cheese blueberry muffin and coffee. Ya'll have a good day.
  7. In Tokyo, we just don't have this thing called "wildlife". I'll see butterflies, crows, and........pigeons. Do they count?? Last year I did see a huge mantis in the middle of the road. I didn't want it to get squashed by a car, so I picked it up. With my hand. And that thing just chomped on my finger and boy did it hurt. I did manage to place it on some bushes where it'll be safe. After I got home, I checked how to "properly hold a mantis" online, and the first it told me was NOT TO PICK IT UP. Sheesh. Apparently you need to place your hand in front of it, and geeeeently poke its butt/tail so it will sit on your hand. Well at least it didn't bite me. But dang, that thing was strong, I seriously thought it was gonna cut my finger in two. I get it, it was scared and thought it needed to fight back. Sorry I scared you, I was just trying to help. So that's my story, my life wasn't in any danger, but my finger was for a second or two! Mantises are called "kamakiri" in Japanese, and kama means sickle. Yeah, that sounds about right. I took a photo BTW. It was quite pissed for a few seconds, and was in full battle mode, swinging those sickle-forelegs around.
  8. Here's a 3 minute image I came up with, will something like this do!!?? 😆
  9. Huh, I didn't even notice the badge and point thingy. I mean, I kinda-sorta did, but didn't pay enough attention to them. Well, while the "haha" and "good post" and "thank you" spam posts are nothing new, I did have the feeling that the numbers were increasingly recently. Now I know! Also sorry @vickiespencer that you had to close the 3 word story game, I thought it was going to be a fun one...😔
  10. (Anyway I'll continue with where ahmwritingco left off) ...a customer appeared...
  11. Yes, I get that you can only type in 3 words, but you are supposed to "connect" those sentences together, and not just create a complete short sentence, correct? I got confused by your posts because so far everything you have posted is one SENTENCE with a period at the end, and that's now how the game works?? Sorry if I'm wrong.
  12. Anyway, one morning... (also, this is supposed to be a story, right? So you need to connect the sentences?)
  13. Yeah, I really enjoyed the original version from Bonnie Raitt, but I really enjoyed his version too. Too bad he didn't sing the entire song!
  14. I love dogs too, but if I had to choose, it'll be cats. Some say cats are jerks, but I have to strongly disagree from my personal experience. I've lost count of how many cats I've adopted. They all came from the streets, skinny and sick, left to die, abandoned in a box, soaking wet in the rain, being attacked by a crow, you name it. Currently I have several at home, and here's one. My slightly chubby boy.
  15. Let's see, vacation, vacation.... I'm currently living in Japan, and I go to the states every summer. Not last year obviously because of COVID. The thing is, I do go on vacation every summer but it doesn't really feel like one, it's more like me visiting a home town and just chilling there, simply because the states is my second home. Once I arrive in the states, I pretty much stay in the same location/state/city, I don't go out because I'm too lazy. Still enjoy it though, I get to devour American food once a year. I love In N Out burgers with the animal style fries!!!
  16. I go back and forth between Japan and the states and I'm pretty happy with where I am... BUT, I know there is this lovely town in Seattle called Port Townsend where a lot of the buildings are Victorian style, and Steampunk events are held there. It will be nice if I can live there for a year or so. If it's just visiting, I'd say Germany because that's where I was born but since I lived there for only one year I have ZERO memory, and I feel like I should go there at least once. Check out the Christmas market, eat the sausage and the German chocolate cakes. 🥰
  17. I know Fiverr is only trying to help and I'm sure plenty of people appreciate it, sadly I am falling behind.😔 Waaay behind for now. Hopefully I can jump back on the forum wagon and enjoy my ride. Just give me....ahem, several more days. 😅 BTW I didn't know what "UX" was so I had to Google it. I...learned a new word?
  18. STILL in the process of getting used to it!! Pardon for sounding bitter but gosh I don't like this version. I know, just give me one more week and I'll be fine. Hopefully!?? 😅
  19. To the OP, Vickie's list it the short version, yet it REALLY shows everything people need to know. I can go ahead and type in a muuuuuuuch more detailed version of it but I'm sure nobody would want to read it...
  20. I’m sorry, but first of all, that made me laugh out loud, and second of all, that is so cute/sweet!! :rofl: Seriously though…why do not people read…
  21. I’ve messaged other sellers before to ask their opinion/help etc, I’d say in most cases they responded nicely and politely since I made sure I myself sounded polite. There was one time where I messaged someone ( a fellow translator) several years ago to ask a question, she responded in a very short message and blocked me. OK…pardon me if I sounded “spammy” to you 😲 On the other hand I’ve had sellers ( both new and experienced) messaging me asking for help/ideas/suggestions, and as long as they make their points clear and sound professional I tried my best each time to help them.
  22. Oh you gotta love those. I usually respond to that saying “yes it is easy for me because it took me 10 years to get to a point where I can finish the job in 10 minutes, so you are paying for my skills.” In most cases they work but sometimes not. Block them and move on! 😅
  23. I mentioned this in another thread, but I don’t mind being called “bro” ( even though I ain’t a dude) depending on the situation. In one case this guy messaged me in a very professional and polite manner, he maintained that politeness until the very end, and when I finished the order the guy was so happy he said “Thank you so much, you’re the best bro!” That made me smile, I was perfectly fine with that. In most cases people don’t bust out the bro card until several orders later, but again if I feel like I have built a good sense of trust I don’t mind it. Dear on the other hand…gosh, that one is a HUGE no-no. Ah one more thing. “Friend.” Am I the only one bothered by that? Just like bro, I don’t mind “friend” AFTER we have worked on several orders. But if I get a message like “Hello, I would like you to blah blah blah. Please give me your best price, friend.” I ain’t giving you a discount, and you ain’t my friend, bye bye.
  24. 150??? 150??? …I…don’t know…what to say…
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