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  1. Yes, this has been eerily quiet. Too quiet.
  2. Not important at all. What's important is that you are selling something that is in demand and you can stand apart from the competition in some way. Are skill tests a way to stand out from the competition? I don't believe so, because 1) Everybody and their mother has them, they're super easy and b) Clients will look at portfolio and reviews first and foremost.
  3. There's no hard rule in place (at least nothing stops you from pricing a pro gig as you'd like, beginning at 5), but my success manager was pretty insistent on not offering anything under $100 when we were invited to the Pro platform. Not like it was forbidden, more like frowned upon.
  4. Pro tip - on m1 Macs on Mac OS Monterey the photos app has intelligent text detection, that will transcribe any text on an image to editable text. Works incredibly well!
  5. You have to do market research. Find what the people you want to get as clients are searching for, and use that as tags.
  6. My main machine is a 27 inch 5k iMac with the RX580 and a 6 core i5, 24Gb ram. I also use a Mac mini m1, and a MacBook Pro. In terms of software, FCPX and Apple Motion. I don't touch anything by adobe, ever.
  7. I have a plan A with many ramifications. Make money, invest it wisely and be well diversified, while keeping an eye for side projects that can generate income.
  8. That's a great milestone to hit. Keep up the good work!
  9. That can work if you do repeat work at middle of the pack prices. If your average selling price is $1000+, and you only do one project with each client, and only a couple of projects per month, then it just doesn't work.
  10. Each field can have a lot of different components. What I do, overall, taking everything into account, is business. I provide a service, so I should actually be called a service provider, if anything. Then, I work in video specifically, so you have all the concepts that would apply to that. Would a traditional video editor working for a company instead of in the gig economy call the editing he does a "craft"? Then that also applies to me. The difference is that the editing is only part of my job. I also handle marketing, sales, client support, hr, finances, etc.
  11. Having high impressions and low clicks is a clear sign that your gig title and picture are not as attractive as the competition (since that's what clients see and choose not to click), or that you have the wrong tags set up and are appearing to irrelevant leads.
  12. It will depend. Generally speaking, when you edit a gig it's to improve it in some way. Generally speaking, a better gig will, over time, generate more impressions, clicks and orders. So, on average, if you edit a gig to improve it, your impressions should go up over time. It may dip temporarily, of course (gig rotation, demand seasonality, etc.), what matters is the long run. If you think you can make something better, it's always good business to do so.
  13. Please don't call me dear. And yeah, You should have posted that screenshot to begin with. I have no experience with Fiverr credit, never used it.
  14. Yeah, his question wasn't clear at all. At least you interpreted it incorrectly...
  15. I've been offered money to use Premiere multiple times and always refused, don't know how you people do it. Once I got on FCPX, I'm never going back.
  16. No. AMC is a distraction. GME is where it's at. There's no other play. AMC has terrible fundamentals, it's a pure gamble. GME is poised to take off in the future regardless of short squeeze. Honestly I suspect HF play in the AMC moves, trying to move attention away from something else. What would that be, I wonder? 😛
  17. Really? I don't get mails for spam contacts. In either case, if you're absolutely sure you replied to every first message in the last 60 days within 24 hours, the response rate must be 100%. If it's not, contact CS right away, screenshot everything, and let them know it's a bug.
  18. Only Fiverr could stop that spam. By eliminating the buyer request section, and replacing it with something else. It really does not work well atm, even not considering the spam.
  19. Check the spam folder in messages. I hear they can sometimes count against your response rate (clear bug). Contact CS explaining what's happening.
  20. You should block him. You can't do that while you have open orders, but unless he closes one and immediately opens another... You have a chance. An alternative is to temporarily raise your prices a lot (like, 10x) just to stop him from ordering while the current order closes, and then block. Doesn't matter how much people argue about 4 stars being a good review or not, fact of the matter is that anything under 4.7 gets you demoted, therefore Fiver considers any average review score under 4.7 to be "bad". If your reviews are all 4 stars, you will be a no level seller, and lose a ton of benefits, so it's not a case of "Fiverr is not a contest, blah blah". It may not be a contest, but if you drop under 4.7 you make less money, that's just the way it is. A single client leaving 4 star reviews constantly can easily have this effect. And mind you, this may be a perfectly happy client. There are people out there that think "Perfection doesn't exist, so I'll never give 5 stars to anyone". I've seen reviews from clients saying the work was perfect and rating it 3 or 4 stars. So it's not like the seller can even do anything if he's unfortunate enough to come across this type of buyer. Just stop working with the buyer if he doesn't understand that. It's the only way - at least while Fiverr demotes accounts under 4.7. If they made the cut-off at 4.0 (still a good average review anywhere else), then it would be different.
  21. No, Fiverr won't validate anything. You can refer them to your profile, and provide screenshots, etc. to show it's yours, I guess.
  22. That's normal. Payments take 14 days to clear generally, and 7 days for Pro, TRS and seller plus sellers.
  23. Congrats! That's a great moment, the first dollar you make with a business (any business). At least for me, only when I saw some money drop into my account for the first time did I believe this Fiverr thing could really work. One thing is reading about it, or watching others, another is doing it yourself. Keep at it!
  24. Excellent take! The problem with most sellers complaining is that they aren't willing to wait. They read somewhere that Fiverr was a good way to make quick money, so they desperately chase every single lead, and then they don't understand when it doesn't work for them.
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