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  1. I swear that at one point, when I typed the word for review which had NOTHING to do with the Fiverr (I think the sentence was something like "I saw the movie review on Youtube blah blah blah" ) and I still got that warning message. It doesn't happen anymore, but I've read WAY TOO MANY posts about people losing their account over reviews. Even something like when a seller got a 3 star review, and that seller wanted to ask the buyer what he/she did wrong, and what they can do to get a better review next time, and still that seller got in trouble. The seller did NOT ask for any reviews, he/she just wanted feedback, but I guess for some of the Fiverr staffs, it came across as begging/review manipulation. Better safe than sorry, I avoid everything that might give away the SLIGHTEST hint/sign that could be seen as review-related. 😅
  2. Hello Isabella, welcome to the madhouse *cough cough* I mean, the wonderful land of Fiverr. I went to check your gig, but it looks like you haven't posted them yet? Not sure if it's a mistake/if you are aware that your gigs are not available yet, just wanted to check just in case. Good luck! 😄
  3. As mentioned above, your only review is a bad one, and it's not painting a pretty picture about your service. I also saw your "I will find best youtube influencer,micro influence,niche marketing" gig, and I can't even hear what he is saying. Did you get his permission to post his video??
  4. I wish there was some magic wand that makes all the "stay online all the time/24 hours/ as long as humanly possible" posts to disappear. Seriously people, anyone who says "stay online for as long as you can," tell me HOW that is supposed to work. If anyone is able to explain it to me logically, I'm all ears.
  5. Good point. I'd like to thank my dear friend because HE is the one who suggested Fiverr to me, he is the one who encouraged me to create an account, and Fiverr helped me earn extra money and boy did it help me a lot last year during lock down. So full credit goes to my friend. Having that said though, god, or a guardian angel, or the universe, whatever it is that people want to call it, brought me and my friend together 20-something years ago, so I guess I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that divine interference. It's not just Fiverr, he is a great person and a wonderful friend so I am grateful that I was able become friends with him so I need to thank god/angels/ the universe/ for sure. I still won't pray for orders though.
  6. It's perfectly fine to practice a certain religion, it's absolutely fine to pray/thank god for anything and asking for help every now and then. I do personally think though, you should do what you gotta do first before praying etc. Do everything you can in your power, and once that is cleared and you have no other options, then maybe you can ask for a little help from up above. Ever since the earthquake tsunami disaster that hit Japan in 2011, I go to the temple almost every month and pray for the safety of my country because I personally cannot control mother nature. There's 8 million gods in Japan, I'd like to believe one of them would be willing to listen. As for things going on here in Fiverrland, I won't ask god for help. How I do my business here is up to me. Now IF for example I got this dream buyer who showers me with simple yet fun and high-priced gigs and tips be hundreds of dollars each and every single time, THEN I'm sure I'll be thanking the business and fortune gods. Not sure what I'm trying to say here....oh well. You guys all know how I am. I'm gonna steal @alphagev's disclaimer: it's my personal opinion no disrespect intended.
  7. My day started out with two spam messages. I'll copy/paste them below, here's the first one: "hello I am shub***m and I am Japanese Language expert. I am certified JLPT N3 level ." Second message: "Hello and welcome to my new gig I am looking to English to translation with world country please join Afghanistan Australia Bangladesh China France Germany India Japan Malaysia Nepal Netherlands New Zealand South Africa Sri Lanka Turkey United Kingdom United States Zimbabwe Zambia Afghanistan and Zimbabwe sub country" I responded to the first message in Japanese, I typed out a nice long paragraph just for the heck of it. He never replied, how rude. The second one I just ignored. OK, time to get back to work.
  8. Yes, they are as big as they loo, and no seeds. We need to peel the skin off with our hands though, that's the bummer. It takes only a few seconds anyway, and it is SO worth it!!
  9. Be on time. In other words, respect other people's times. Also don't pretend to be a Jedi knight and swing an icicle around like a light saber. It can be dangerous.
  10. I recently tried witch finger grapes and pluots for the first time, they were good!! If I'm going to stick to fruits from Japan though, I must say Kyoho grapes! ( image taken from Google)  (
  11. I've been on Fiverr for 10 years, I offer translation here, but I STILL have problems when it comes to spelling the words weird, license, and San Fransisco. It took me a while to get "restaurant" correct as well...
  12. 5 minutes. Seriously, 5 minutes. It happened several times actually. The most recent one was someone asking me to translate this ONE line from an anime. It contained only 3 words, but the buyer really wanted to know the meaning. It seems like she had the English subtitle for it, but she wanted the direct translation. I typed the translation, I sent it, she was VERY happy and even tipped me!
  13. I've heard of it a million times, but never seen it. I guess I'm missing out. OK, time to watch The Office then!! BTW I was never really a fan of Friends, but I sure did love Home Improvement. RIP, Earl Hindman.
  14. I didn't bother checking, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had the same fan. BTW I decided to start my day with a nice cream cheese blueberry muffin and coffee. Ya'll have a good day.
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