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  1. I'd really like to know where all this obsession with "rank" comes from. Fiverr never mentions "gig rank".
  2. Don't do that. Clients will order if they want. Writing ORDER NOW on your gig just makes you sound desperate.
  3. Please don't take back to back loans, it's a bad decision. One thing is to take one loan if you really need it for an emergency. If you end up paying one and immediately start another, again and again, you're just getting paid less for your work, since you'll have to pay it back + interest. Why would you want that? Anyway, I don't have that option, and I wouldn't use it - unless they set the loan amount at an outrageous value, then I may be tempted. If I could get a million dollar cash advance, invest it, and pay it back over time from my earnings, I'd be stupid not to take that deal. But of course they would never do that, and the values will never be worth it. This cash advance system sounds like a predatory tactic to squeeze a bit more out of poor desperate people.
  4. As many as you can that are high quality and make sense. It's better to have 1 good gig than 7 crappy ones. It's better to have 1 good gig only than 1 good gig surrounded by 3 or 4 crappy gigs. Your profile will only be as trustworthy as your worst gig. So ensure your worst gig is still good.
  5. I drink to this drunk post talking about drank accounts.
  6. Unlikely Not how Fiverr works, unless you're talking about a milestone order? Either way, payment is always made prior to any work starting. Again, that can make sense as part of a milestone order, where you pay for milestone. Payment always comes before milestone deliver either way, so I'm not sure what you mean here. It sure seems so. Yes. Pay to place the order and get the work done. That's how Fiverr works. You need to accept the delivery, the seller can't just run away with your money.
  7. Stop spamming the forum with nonsense.
  8. Yeah, you can do it. I've done that on occasion in the past, it's win-win-win.
  9. If it makes sense for your service to have a live session, contact CS, explain the situation, and get direct permission from them.
  10. Yes, this has been eerily quiet. Too quiet.
  11. Not important at all. What's important is that you are selling something that is in demand and you can stand apart from the competition in some way. Are skill tests a way to stand out from the competition? I don't believe so, because 1) Everybody and their mother has them, they're super easy and b) Clients will look at portfolio and reviews first and foremost.
  12. There's no hard rule in place (at least nothing stops you from pricing a pro gig as you'd like, beginning at 5), but my success manager was pretty insistent on not offering anything under $100 when we were invited to the Pro platform. Not like it was forbidden, more like frowned upon.
  13. Pro tip - on m1 Macs on Mac OS Monterey the photos app has intelligent text detection, that will transcribe any text on an image to editable text. Works incredibly well!
  14. You have to do market research. Find what the people you want to get as clients are searching for, and use that as tags.
  15. My main machine is a 27 inch 5k iMac with the RX580 and a 6 core i5, 24Gb ram. I also use a Mac mini m1, and a MacBook Pro. In terms of software, FCPX and Apple Motion. I don't touch anything by adobe, ever.
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