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  1. No. Hourly contracts just complicate things. You could spend an hour debating with a client about what's possible in an hour.
  2. There is no hourly option on Fiverr. There are on other platforms and I find it pretty useless because the client will ALWAYS say it shouldn't take as long as it does and people have different workflows and a different pace. A lot of people think my voiceovers should only take a few minutes. They probably would if I recorded them on my iphone and then sent them without any care.
  3. What do you mean by range? Rank?
  4. You should contact the Fiverr team directly rather than posting on the forum. Because Fiverr is the host of these zoom calls, only Fiverr records and keeps a record of the call, presumable to make sure no one is breaking ToS. You could ask for specific calls if needed but I'm not sure you'll get them.
  5. I LOVE the drawing! And how great to have a healthy outlet and expression for you feelings. It does have tough moments being an artist and a freelancer, but the resilience you build along the way is priceless. Allowing yourself to be sensitive is a strength, it's just about being grounded too because the world day to day isn't very sensitive. It's like being a walking, exposed nerve sometimes 🙂 I'm not going to go into detail but I'm in a very interesting but challenging stage of my own healing/becoming/growth/letting go of all the f*cks I've been waiting to give. I think some bloke in the bible said "Be in the world but not of the world."...or something like that. Because of my life choices professional and personal, I don't fit in with some paradigms and I'm often made aware of it by other helpful humans. And I'm sensitive about it and it bums me out sometimes. The I wonder if being "normal" would be easier and I don't think so, it's just different stuff in the rucksack. I just remind myself that I'm awesome as I am and step back from the drama. Be kind and gentle with yourself, it's a process!
  6. Obviously I meant to say worthlessness, not worthiness. We're totally worthy! 🙂 What's that?
  7. You can maybe find a simple template online and write up a very brief letter to confirm the copyright. It doesn't need to be anything complicated.
  8. It's brave to speak up, thank you. You describe feelings, moods and emotions that so many people experience or have experienced. Myself included. We can relate to the feelings but the causes of them are individual. If you feel this way about life and about yourself it's OK, but you feel that way for a reason(s) that isn't your fault. Low self esteem and feelings of worthiness are not our natural state. I've been through therapy, I believe everyone could use at least a few sessions, I mean, look at world we grow up in. There's nothing "wrong" with you. You can take responsibility for your healing.
  9. "I can't open" isn't a very good reason for cancelling. Next time offer to help them find a way to open the file instead of cancelling immediately. You lose time and money and they get your work.
  10. I'd follow the prompt to contact customer service. It may be a bug.
  11. I don't have a picture but right now it's cherry picking time. There are cherry trees everywhere where I live. There's a plum tree in the community garden where I volunteer too, they'll be ready soon. We get a "bio-box" every two weeks from a local farm and it's always a nice surprise because you never know what you're going to get. Just laaak a box o' choclits.
  12. I sometimes wonder if they (whoever they are) regret calling it Fiverr. Because the initial assumption is that everything is a fiver. I remember telling an artist friend of mine that he could probably bring in some decent money on this platform with his creative video work and he literally scoffed in my face. He didn't realise that $5 was just the starting price, his assumption was that it was a joke and he'd look a fool for selling on here. Ouch!
  13. I think at a quick glance, the forum would quickly confirm my suspicions that Fiverr isn't a very serious platform with reputable sellers. Maybe if I had time as a buyer to really get into it, I might feel differently. I hope the overall rep improves with time. I've been asked maaaaany times to provide a demo that doesn't mention Fiverr. It's also why I never share my Fiverr profile anywhere, I think people would take me less seriously.
  14. @jonbaas and @vickiespencer have pretty much covered it. Your profile description could also use some consideration. For example, "So don't waste your time contacting me late. Order me now so I will start your research quickly." While I know what you mean here, it isn't very good for the service you are offering. If I'm going to pay someone to proofread my material in English, I want to know they have a good understanding of English. Being understood alone isn't good enough for a proofreader, editor, etc.
  15. @mariashtelle1 is probably on the money here. No one would remove your reviews and images unless they somehow violated the terms of service, and I don't think buyers could come back and decide to remove the images for whatever reason, especially that many. Check your live portfolio settings. If that doesn't help then contact CS.
  16. Oh boy, I'm sorry. That sounds like a hack job. I hope you get everything back on track!
  17. No plan B in terms of freelancing. Just various freelancing activities. My thinking is that if I have a plan B then I'll end up following plan B because it's easier. Having only plan A keeps me on my toes. I can understand why others have a plan B, though!
  18. Oh, I dunno. I think $5 for a 100,000 word book is pretty reasonable.
  19. Search the forum for similar questions. There are many posts about the same thing. There you will find advice and experience from other sellers.
  20. You can also post a request for this in he buyer request section.
  21. Hey, it happens to us all. Of course share your gig wherever you wish, but it doesn't guarantee a constant in impressions and clicks. Trying to figure it out will give you a headache. Don't worry about it too much, it will go up again.
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