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If you stay online 24/7, this will happen

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10 minutes ago, alaminnirob133 said:
I think your writing is enough to dispel misconceptions about staying active 24 hours a day.

Yeah, but watch how quickly some one will post "stay online always".  😀

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2 hours ago, smashradio said:

This tip is repeated over and over again in the forums: "stay online 24/7, and you'll get orders". It's bad advice, for several reasons. Let me explain: 

If you want to stay online 24/7, you have two options: never sleep, or use an auto-refreshing plugin.

If you never sleep, you'll go crazy. If you use an auto refresher, you'll more than likely get banned from Fiverr because this is against the terms of service. 

In other words: not a good option. 

So what to do then? Every day, I see sellers advising me to stay online as much as possible, so it must be important, right?!

Well. Yes. And no. 

Staying online can have an effect because some buyers might sort sellers by who's online at the moment to get a response faster. I find myself doing this if I have a very short deadline.

That means staying online if you're "not really online" (in front of your computer at this moment) will likely annoy the buyer because they expect a quick response from you.

If you don't reply immediately, the effect might be negative rather than positive. 

On the other hand: actually being online – in front of your computer – will help you respond to messages sooner, answer any questions, and help buyers solve their problems. 

But if you want to stay sane, healthy and productive, sitting in front of your computer 24/7 isn't an option. We're only humans, after all. 

Do this instead

Instead of constantly refreshing the same page to "stay online", you should spend your time being productive: improving your skills, gigs and service. Learn new things that can be beneficial in the future. 

The other day I delivered all my orders early and thought to myself: "I'm gonna learn something new." I jumped on an online course about color theory because I can use it to improve my marketing skills.

To stay healthy, you could go for a walk. Bring your kids out to play. Make a healthy meal. Or just watch a bad action movie while eating popcorn (we all need to have some fun, too!). 

Improve your Fiverr business

Suppose you want to improve your business here on Fiverr. In that case, you could spend that time making a professional gig video, design new and better gig images, work on your profile description, work on your language skills, take Fiverr tests to build authority and trust, take a course from Fiverr Learn, improve your profile description, read guides on the forum on how to optimize your gig and services..

The options are there, waiting for you to take advantage of them


Do you need to stay online 24/7 to get orders? No. Does it help? No. Only "stay online" when you're really online, ready to respond to requests at a moments notice. Responding quickly to messages is important and can truly make a difference! But staying online just to get that green dot is nonsensical. 

Having a great value offer that solves the buyer's problem while responding quickly to messages is the key to getting orders. 

Delivering high-quality work every time is the key to keep those buyers coming back for more. Repeat business has become more critical than ever, so much so that Fiverr now gives you a score based on the amount of repeat business you get! That probably means it also affects your ranking and stuff like the Fiverr's Choice badge. 

You have explained in a beautiful way. Great. Thank you. 

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I wish the voice of reason was actually heard once in a while by those who genuinely need it. 

But.. let me be honest, we need a new fad for this one to disappear. Because why is being online 24/7 an advice that's heard so much? It's too easy. So... People who want a quick buck (or need it) think that it's effective...

Why they don't believe us when they spend months without ANY orders IS beyond me but...

so yeah, I feel like WE need to come up with a piece of advice that's just as simple but maybe less destructive... 

What could it be though? (doesn't have to be more useful than this, just.. maybe a tad 'better' for the people behind the screens.)

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