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  1. @theratypistcurrently has a 100% strike rate. Nice. 🙂 Once she sends the $175 joining fee to Vickie, she can have her go. Just kidding. Welcome to the game!
  2. The trick is to have multiple personalities. You as a whole sit at the computer for the whole day, but each personality only does an 8 hour shift. You do 8 hours as yourself, for example, before letting that personality go to sleep and splitting into your second personality -- that of a superhero, or a child (over 13, of course), or an aunt.
  3. When Vibronx saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there was no more of Denmark left to conquer.
  4. You're being a naughty boy again, aren't you? 😉 Out of the eight people with the most reputation on this forum, only one, Vickie, participates in those threads. You can check this for yourself by going to the top member section.
  5. I think a certain naughty boy on this forum would probably enjoy receiving dozens of facepalm reactions every day.
  6. If only it were that simple. You could go on to Twitter and link to your gig with a message saying "click here for free chocolate". A hundred thousand views (and zero sales) later, you'd be on page one for sure.
  7. Unfortunately you can only go up one level at a time on evaluation day, even if you've completed all the requirements for higher levels. If you're at the new seller level now, it'll take you two months to get your level 2 badge back.
  8. You know you're getting old when you hear the words "fiber batch" and you think of this... And not this... Anyway, OP, Fiverr hasn't specified the full criteria it uses to give people badges. You have a shot at earning a badge if your gig is attractive and you deliver high quality work.
  9. This is the extended cut.
  10. You can only move up one level at a time, even if you've met all the requirements for higher levels. If you're level 0 (new seller) now, you'll be promoted to level one on the next evaluation day.
  11. At least you're not looking at the boar and seeing your customer. That's when you know your mind is really messed up from work. 😅 Yes, Imagination!!! 🙂
  12. I don't know who that person is, but he sounds wise. 😉
  13. Fiverr is a fairly simple platform really. Even when you listen to the super-secret, very expensive Fiverr-themed courses, they don't say too much more than what you'll find in the Seller Help Center. Ultimately, to succeed on this site as a seller, you need a minumum of three things: a tonne of skill, a well made gig, and the patience to deal with the ups and downs of a freelancing platform. The problem is, lots of people fall short when it comes to one or more of those things, and they try to compensate for that with magic tricks, such as staying online 24/7 and spamming social media.
  14. But you're not a native English speaker, are you? You've made a number of grammatical errors on this forum and in your gig descriptions, so that's the reason I say that. Jon was suggesting that it'll take you a similar amount of time to learn Bengali as it did for you to learn English as a second language. Good luck with your efforts. Let us know how it goes. If you want, you can PM me, and I'll explain to you the grammatical rules that you've broken at various times. You don't have many reviews at the moment, so a negative review due to bad grammar could really hurt your profile. #In doers we trust.
  15. Will the game be shown on TV in Bangladesh? It's on TV here in the UK, but it starts late -- at 1am! 😁
  16. It's a hard game to call. I think Brazil might win on penalties.
  17. I like the glacier lily. It's very familiar, yet at the same time, is something I'll only find in a far away land.
  18. I think Deivys' mum forgot to buy coffee, and he's stuck in bed without the energy to get up.
  19. Oh, really? Thanks for sharing. I get that good advice is subjective, and people have the right to downvote popular opinions if they have a valid reason to, but some posts just express facts. It isn't right for these posts to be downvoted when they calmly and accurately answer the question being asked.
  20. Zeus has graced this forum with her artwork for many years now, and it's a much better place for it. 🙂
  21. You make a good point. One user, I don't know who, seems to have no life and has decided to express their frustrations by voting down people they dislike, such as Jonbaas and Maria. A couple of days ago, for example, Jonbaas shared a couple of factual posts about it not being possible to change username. These posts were downvoted by somebody who clearly doesn't like him, and isn't mature enough to control their emotions. This needs to be stopped, somehow, because it's not fair on people looking for answers to their questions. I'm quite busy today, so I can't really think more on this right now, but you seem to have quite a lot of time on your hands. Maybe you can think of a solution, and I'll come back later and give my opinion on it. #In doers we trust
  22. I'm glad you like it here. It's a good place to browse, even if you don't post. You can find lots of info, plus news of bugs and site updates. Best of luck with your gigs.
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