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  1. Precisely why I said I don't think this will ever be implemented. It's not something that would benefit Fiverr, and it would lead to customer support time being wasted on trivial stuff, so I 100% agree with you. Of course, there would be a very simple way of dealing with that, penalizing sellers that bother Fiverr's CS with stuff not related to their gig or orders. But as I said, I don't see this ever becoming a real feature.
  2. Well, how many times would you realistically use it every month? 1, maybe 2 times? I think it would be a nice idea to add, if it's in that upper tier. Because to be honest with you, that tier seems very lackluster to me. Withdrawing money earlier and RTO.. those are the main, most appealing things. A success manager, maybe.. for some. But who knows. Realistically, I don't see this feature ever coming to Fiverr. But if they do add it, Seller Plus Premium is where it would make sense. At least that's how I feel.
  3. That's exactly what I said. They need way more people, and where would they get the extra income? Sure, it makes sense for a site that has 20 inquries a day. But on Fiverr there are people that contact customer support because they have no idea how to use a browser, so.. it wouldn't make any sense. It would be nice, but I don't see Fiverr investing so much for something with no return. If it would be a $40 Seller Plus Premium perk, then that would actually be a good idea.
  4. Live chat would be very very prone to abuse. A lot of people would just turn to live chat at the sign of any problem, no matter how small. That would waste customer support time and they wouldn't be able to manage some important issues because X doesn't know how to use a browser, for example. The way the system works now is ok. It would also defeat the purpose of paying for faster customer support via Fiverr Seller Plus, so I doubt they would ever do this. They would need a lot more people for customer support and honestly, I don't see the benefit for Fiverr here, they would just be spending more money. Which I doubt they will.
  5. Aside from what @navid_zafar said.. this is not a job. There are no off hours. If you chose to work as a freelancer.. that's on you, and you are accepting that you're working with clients from all over the world. And come on, you need to reply within 24 hours, it's not like you have to reply in a minute. I always kept a 1-hour response rate, and I don't reply right away. I don't wake up in the middle of the night to reply to anything. but I do reply rather quickly in general. Quick tip: install the mobile app and enter the app a few times a day. It's very simple and you can reply to anyone in no time. You don't have to open your computer.
  6. Sure Yoav, I was busy the last few days and I didn't have time to come up with a list. My opinion was that we had a lot of AI related webinars, which is fine for some part of the community, but the reality is that a lot of freelancers here don't use AI in their work. I have a few ideas that I thought of the last few days, hopefully at least some of them will become a webinar, eventually. Understanding the success score: how can sellers increase their success score when they are stuck at the same score for more than a month. Explaining the Seller Plus features to newer audiences, what's the difference between packages, are there any upcoming features coming? (On a personal note, I found the last few additions to the Premium/Standard package rather disappointing and not useful, but maybe that's just me). Why are sellers compared with other sellers on the marketplace when it comes to their success score? I work alone, but there are a LOT of sellers that either outsource or use AI to complete their work and they barely do anything. They deliver 20 orders a day, I can't compete with that. And they won't apply for an agency. Obviously that's quite unfair for people that work alone and don't end up delivering a lot of orders every day. It's more of a question/suggestion rather than a webinar idea, the webinar can be about the public things that can have a negative impact on the success score, I am sure you can't talk about private ratings and other private stuff. How often should people create a new gig? Is it good or bad for sellers to create a new gig, based on the new changes made to the platform? How to deal with scammers/people that end up asking for one thing, but end up changing things after delivery, trying to manipulate the system to get more work. These are a few ideas I had, I will quote you again if I have more ideas, if that's ok. Thanks for considering these ideas, and I encourage any community members to add their own ideas here too.
  7. I think you miss the point. No one is allowed to have more than ONE ACCOUNT. Once you made multiple accounts, you are breaking the rules and are subject to getting a ban. Why do people never read the rules, I have no idea.
  8. Not to keep your hope down or anything, but they rarely revert any of these bans. Unless it was their fault. As far as I know, there is a department that will check on these things, but if the decision is final.. Hopefully they restore your account 🙂
  9. What I don't get is how they canceled only some of the orders. When an account is disabled, all orders are canceled. So that's confusing, unless they did cancel all the orders and I did not understand correctly. There's nothing you can do, really. Fiverr's team tends to go over these things at least one more time, especially if your account was disabled by AI, which does happen. However, it if wasn't a mistake, they will say the decision is final. Aside from going to customer support, there's honestly not a lot you can do. And that's the thing, you can't create a business relying on a third party platform. Promote your business and generate sales that way, use sites like Fiverr as an extra revenue source. Because especially these days, Fiverr has become very inconsistent sales-wise.
  10. What does the email say? Usually it says the reason why this happened. Normally, if the account is disabled, it will go through a dedicated team that checks it again. If it was a mistake, they restore it. But if they said in the email that the decision is final.. that might be final. At this point all you can do is wait for them to send a message.
  11. I am sure Fiverr was comparing accounts with each other before Agencies became a thing. I know for a fact a lot of the writing competitors that I have are agencies/outsourcers and they've always ranked very high in search because they can output 5x my work and deliver more orders quicker. You can't compete with them. There's also at least one Pro seller that I know uses AI and also hired people, but they say they write everything themselves. So there's a lot of stuff like this on Fiverr, but in the end it doesn't matter if it makes the platform $$ and doesn't break the rules. It does break morality rules but who cares about that really, if it's financially feasible, right?
  12. True, the only problem is that you can't jump to $100 right away, you have to do it gradually. But it's definitely something to consider, especially with AI being very prevalent on the writing market. I mean, as @emmakisaid, there are Pro sellers using AI for creating the content and they just change it a bit. So me.. writing only manually, I should charge more than them.
  13. True, I was adamant and even talked with my success manager that we should at least know our buyer satisfaction rate score, and I guess either my suggestion was heard or someone from the higher ups in the company had the same idea. There is a bit more transparency because at least we know what score each gig has. But that's where it all stops, unfortunately.
  14. I will. I think pricing is the main reason why I am not TRS anyway. I will try to accumulate more reviews, ensure this one goes away and I will most likely double my price. It will be a bold move but I think you are right in the long run.
  15. I mean, people were complaining about losing their levels just because they canceled a few orders or were late due to sickness for example. Now that this system is not as harsh, people still complain. You can't please anyone, clearly. The problem with this system is that it doesn't tell you if you're improving or if your score is going down. Plus, there are so many private, hidden metrics that you can't really know when and how or if the success score changes. I get it why some metrics are left in the dark, but it's definitely a disadvantage for sellers. If you don't know what was wrong and why people were not happy, how can you improve...
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