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  1. Hi there, Curious to know if anyone has faced this issue before and if there is a solution. I am a voice actor and all of my 7 available gigs are reflective of that. When I check through my Buyer Requests they are geared towards ether, different languages or require a female VA. I have checked all of my Gigs, Tags, Subcategories, etc. No where does it say that I am a female or speak anything other than English. Is there something that I am missing? My buyer requests reflect that my gigs are for Voice Over (happy about that) but the requirements are not related to me at all. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Hi Ayyaz, Thanks for your warm welcome! Excited to join the community. Graphic design, such a great gig! I always wanted to be a graphic designer but I could design my way out of a paper bag hahah.
  3. Hi Maitasun, thank you for your warm welcome. It's great to be here! English to Spanish translations and Spanish proofreading, those are two great skills to have. I've always wanted to pickup a second language, having the ability to translate between two is such an amazing skill that takes hard work to do well. Thanks again for your welcome and I wish you continued success.
  4. That is an amazing Skill! It's great to meet you, best of luck to you on this platform.
  5. I can see how that would become very quickly frustrating. For everyone you have who's just skimming and responding to be "engaged" you have someone, like me, who has learned something valuable from your post. Thank you for taking the time to write it, it was truly a good read.
  6. Congrats and welcome to the platform! Best of luck to you my friend.
  7. Hi! My name is Jay and I am a newish Fiverr seller. I'm very excited to become a part of this wonderful community and to begin working towards having Fiverr become a part of my freelance career. As for me I am a voice actor with a passion for voicing characters. What is your freelance gig?
  8. There are some top notch tips! Thank you for putting together this list, I'm excited to advance to the next step in my voice acting career.
  9. This sounds great! I’ve been wanting something like this. I’d love to join into this program.
  10. This sounds like great news! I can’t wait to see what the new forum platform brings!
  11. I’m with you on that one Luke. People will strive to keep that bar at %100, or as close to it as possible, that could definitely lead to some negative outcomes. Seeing as it isn’t listed as a need for the Top Rated Seller section it shouldn’t be too much of a worry…? We’ll hopefully get more info in the future.
  12. I typically utilize ProTools for all of my professional work… but I have been slowly moving more to editing audio on DaVinci Resolves Fairlight editor. It is just so intuitive and well laid out. Plus, for all of the beginners, it’s got a free version and when you’re ready to advance it’s a one time payment vs. a subscription based editor.
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