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  1. Here I saw many people commenting on an important and serious issue without any evidence. Many are giving wrong information. In my opinion some of those who giving medical advice are not doctors. So please do not confuse people with wrong information. Thank you
  2. Yeh, you can do it. No problem,
  3. Did you win this badges in the forum? If you understand it, I would say it will not help you. It's just for a show.
  4. I agree with you. Time does not always go one. Many times the order goes down. Then I can give myself time. To be more efficient and qualified. Anyway where did you learn video editing from?
  5. Yeah I understand . ☺️
  6. No it isn't right. Please avoid this
  7. A great decision.🥰 @mjensen415 Can you please add the save button again ?
  8. Massallah 😍❤️
  9. I think those who commented on first pointed out the weaknesses and mistakes of the freelancers in our country. We have these mistakes. Because a good friend of yours will always want you to be on the right track. This friend will let you know if you make a mistake. Since we are freelancers and passengers on the same path. So we need to listen to our experienced friends. They did not call our country bad or our bad. They have caught our mistakes which we will have to face many problems in future. They deserve to be praised for this. I also think that the mistakes they have made are made by the freelancers of our country as newcomers. If a buyer wants to pick you up, tell me what he or she will see first. Of course, looking at my work skills and qualifications. It also depends on how I talk to him.No buyer ever wants to see I'm a native, I'm black or white. They see the merits of your work, the skills. You're happy to tell him how to do it, that's the goal. I also have a lot to learn. I am still getting an education. That should be our goal. Forgive me if I am wrong and catch my mistakes.
  10. Hello, I made a new gig. Now I want you to look at my gig and say, where do I have to fix it, what do I need to change? If you think it's not good, tell me how to do it better? It is very important for me to know. I hope you will help me and point out my mistakes. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/53f4105fe1 Thank you 😊
  11. I am very happy to read the comments of experts like you. I can learn a lot. Many thanks to all of you। ☺️😊💐
  12. Please stop spam comments or posts. I know you are doing this to get badges. But Fiverr from badges is not beneficial to you. There won't be many sales and don't get too many buyers. You will not get thousands of dollars by selling these badges. Again says please stop or you will be sent to kiberr from.😁🤣
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