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  1. @theratypistcurrently has a 100% strike rate. Nice. 🙂 Once she sends the $175 joining fee to Vickie, she can have her go. Just kidding. Welcome to the game!
  2. The trick is to have multiple personalities. You as a whole sit at the computer for the whole day, but each personality only does an 8 hour shift. You do 8 hours as yourself, for example, before letting that personality go to sleep and splitting into your second personality -- that of a superhero, or a child (over 13, of course), or an aunt.
  3. When Vibronx saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there was no more of Denmark left to conquer.
  4. You're being a naughty boy again, aren't you? 😉 Out of the eight people with the most reputation on this forum, only one, Vickie, participates in those threads. You can check this for yourself by going to the top member section.
  5. I think a certain naughty boy on this forum would probably enjoy receiving dozens of facepalm reactions every day.
  6. If only it were that simple. You could go on to Twitter and link to your gig with a message saying "click here for free chocolate". A hundred thousand views (and zero sales) later, you'd be on page one for sure.
  7. Unfortunately you can only go up one level at a time on evaluation day, even if you've completed all the requirements for higher levels. If you're at the new seller level now, it'll take you two months to get your level 2 badge back.
  8. You know you're getting old when you hear the words "fiber batch" and you think of this... And not this... Anyway, OP, Fiverr hasn't specified the full criteria it uses to give people badges. You have a shot at earning a badge if your gig is attractive and you deliver high quality work.
  9. This is the extended cut.
  10. Hi, there! 😃

    Anything new on the other side of the pond? 🙂

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    2. maitasun


      Nice! 🙃

      I guess a little warmth is always welcome when you live in a fridge. 😅

    3. asad931




    4. asad931


      A unicorn fridge. 


  11. You can only move up one level at a time, even if you've met all the requirements for higher levels. If you're level 0 (new seller) now, you'll be promoted to level one on the next evaluation day.
  12. At least you're not looking at the boar and seeing your customer. That's when you know your mind is really messed up from work. 😅 Yes, Imagination!!! 🙂
  13. I don't know who that person is, but he sounds wise. 😉
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