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Exciting news, Fiverr Community - we’ve teamed up with world-renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk to launch the Small Biz Digital Makeover campaign!

As part of the campaign, Gary will be filming a special episode of his popular web series #AskGaryVee with Fiverr CRO David Manela.

Here’s your chance to ask the experts! Are you looking for expert tips on how to bootstrap your business? How about advice on how to build, grow and scale your small business? Or questions on doing what you love, and how to turn that into your career?

Let us know by asking your question in a comment below and watch this special episode on May 5th to see if it’s answered!


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Love both of your shows, Gary! Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook rocked my world too! I’m super interested in hearing your opinions on Fiverr.

QUESTION: As a copywriter/fiction writer, a lot of the work I do goes uncredited or remains private to my buyers. What is the best way for me to showcase my business on Fiverr and social media without practical examples of my work?

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Welcome to our neck of the woods. I’m a fan of the #askgaryvee

I have written, co-written and ghostwritten hundreds of books for clients through online sites and independently.

I am a Writer Extraordinaire from the Midwest.

Fiverr is an extraordinary gift, and I will always keep a gig open, but how can I hop on board the #askgaryvee train and write content for you?



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Hello Gary,

I am about to launch my new company selling after-market car parts for hybrid vehicles; I have created a working prototype of my device, and plan to expand my product offerings to two products. So far the preliminary test results are very promising and I believe I can have a production ready item for sale to the market in 2-3 months time. However, I am looking for ways to differentiate myself from the myriad of other products already on the market. What would you recommend I do from now until my product is ready to be mass-manufactured to help me win and retain sales going forward?

Thank you,


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I’m getting a steady flow of orders, I’m interested in thoughts on how to increase the value of my work without a vast increase in additional time spent to reach more value.

In other words, how can I increase my revenue per sale with the same amount of time/effort I’m currently putting in (or only slightly more)?


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Gary, thank you for allowing the Fiverr Community to pick your phenomenal entrepreneurial brain! 🙂

My question is: How to scale or leverage a service-oriented business? Both my husband and I are ‘solo’ freelance designers. He does landscape design (locally, not on Fiverr). I do graphic design for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-publishing authors. We both share the same “woes” of a freelancing business: all projects are personal (have to be done by one person - YOU, the designer), manual, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. All projects are one-off deals. You fulfill an order - you get paid. No orders - no income. It’s a classic example of trading time for money. (And in case of landscape design, it’s also very seasonal - winter is a “dead season” with no orders and no money.) I don’t see any way to introduce any leverage or element of continuity into this kind of business. Any words of wisdom?

Thank you so much in advance for sharing your expertise!

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