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  1. I had an agency ask for some references of writing regarding marketing topics which show my knowledge that I had done which had an impact. I sent them my UPYOUR series of posts which are all exclusively on the forum here. I get 20-25 hours per week with this agency now (They have never used Fiverr and are my direct client). I think it depends on what they happen to stumble on when they get here but agree with others that it's unlikely they would come here. If they did, I think they would see it just wasn't a source of buyer related info.
  2. Finally moving house tomorrow. 

    I had my busiest month ever last month and am still trying to finish off a few orders. Had to just pause all gigs to allow me to get some free time to move. It has been a week of 12-14 hour days and early starts. Gonna take a few days now to move and settle in I think before getting back to work. 

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    2. vickiespencer


      Did you live in a quaint little Irish town before? 

    3. ahmwritingco


      It looks so modern. I hope you won't be eavesdropping on Google's HQ, looking for some secret sauce ranking tips. 😉

    4. eoinfinnegan


      I lived in various areas in Dublin for approx 15 years then moved to one quite quaint small town/village when I started freelancing. I moved to a slightly bigger one (Kilkenny) during Covid and the opportunity to house share with two friends in this area came up so I jumped at it. They will be moving in next month. 

      It's a far more vibrant area within walking distance of everything really so yeah, really pleased. 

  3. I would imagine the most likely thing is they got an order and want to get a good review as they try to grow. So they are outsourcing to you to ensure they get that good first (or first few) review(s).
  4. The best thing about Fiverr is that anyone can join as a seller. The worst thing about Fiverr is that anyone can join as a seller. With even a low fee of $20/month as a gate, it would keep out a lot of low quality sellers, particularly those with 10-20 accounts offering the same thing. There are many of these; they do mass offers on Buyer Requests sending the same offer from all their accounts.
  5. I have work to do. I'm going to be late on an order. I'm on my way to meet friends for cocktails and to show them my new place. I've spent 18 months in various degrees of lockdown. I havent been to a bar in that time. I'm ok with not putting the customer first. To paraphrase Robin Williams "Working all night and depriving yourself of sleep may seem like or be a noble pursuit in work, but going out, meeting friends, enjoying life, this is what we work for"
  6. Ahh, explains a lot. I see so many Pros, TRS and high volume sellers who are clearly outsourcing these services to the third world. I mean when all their purchases are related to the service they offer it's kinda obvious. I would imagine that 60k is lessened by what they spend on buying the services then. Would explain why they haven't hired someone to manage things for them.
  7. Got vaccinated today.

    Was fine, feel a bit of pain and extremely tired but otherwise I am 



    All hail Mr. Gates, All hail Mr. Gates, All hail Mr. Gates

    1. miiila


      And you have a greenish forum background! I hadn't noticed there are different ones before. Did discobot give you green because you're from the Emerald Isle ...? Ah, no, no discobot no more ... and my bg is purplish ... 

      Anyway, good to hear you're vaccinated and okay so far. 

  8. I think the TSR dude may have forgotten that correlation doesn't mean causation. He may still have become TRS while getting 10 hours of sleep, beginning the day with a run, 2 hours of yoga and a McDonald's breakfast. Truth is though, I would imagine that it may lead to a couple more sales; I know when I have done similar I have got some "We need this done now, yes we will pay the extra cost" sales from it. However, in those instances, I think a key part of it was that they wanted ME at that time and that was why they were so willing to pay the extra. Then the matter of what you want comes into play. If I was offered the chance to triple my income by doubling my workload, I would turn it down. It just isn't worthwhile being that busy. Sure, I have done it in spurts for a short period and got the rewards. But then I take time off to recover. One thing that is often under-mentioned, is the idea of time zones and target audience. For those of us living in the same time zone of most buyers, it may not occur to us that those in Asia would need to work outside their hours to be online when most businesses in the US and Europe are online. It may be an idea for those people to adjust their life schedule to be available to respond to messages quicker.
  9. Hi,

    I am getting a "You do not have permission to view this page" message when I try to view the Pride event post. Is this a "me issue" or something wrong?

    1. vickiespencer


      I was able to attend just fine. It was sad though because there were so many sellers posting things like:

      How do I increase my sells. 

      Will this webinar help be get more sales? 

      Plus links to gigs and such. 😩

    2. eoinfinnegan
  10. Testing a potential great use for this feature - One problem I had with the old forum was that you would often get responses from people who's opinion you may not value who then derail the thread from being a useful discussion and back to "halp me" type discussions. 

    If this type of quick post is only seen by followers of mine (mostly people I follow and who I respect), then is it possible to have a near-private discussion here with like-minded and experienced/capable sellers? Let's give it a go and discuss something here and see if it gets invaded by the masses.

    When moving house, what is your biggest peeve or greatest joy?

    (Also feel free to discuss or comment on the experiment idea too)spacer.png

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    2. vibronx


      I hate everything about moving except for the fact that it gives me a chance to find all the stuff that has been missing for months or years when I clear the place out 😅  

    3. krheate


      Ooh, good question! When moving houses, my biggest pet peeve is that something always gets lost in the process 😩

      And my greatest joy is probably what @vibronx said- finding long lost things when I’m cleaning out!

      That experiment looked so satisfying lol! I actually tried something similar at home called elephant toothpaste.

    4. eoinfinnegan


      Thanks all. I've moved quite a few times before and most of the time it's been positive. Moving from a house in a country town to an apartment in the very centre of Dublin (our capital city), so it's going to be quite a change.

      I'm also going to be sharing with 2 students I know so quite an adjustment but looking forward to city life again - lockdown has only really begun to be eased here, so as you can imagine, everyone is dying to get out and enjoy the summer.

  11. Bit of news for me - just signed a lease to move back to Dublin city. When I began freelancing I moved away from the city for financial reasons but after 6 years of work, development and planning, I have taken the plunge and am moving back. Photos to follow.

  12. Oh no, I feel like there may be more time being spent here in future. Seriously, great looking platform that is going to really improve how everyone communicates and shares. Just the follow option alone is going to make it worthwhile coming back here daily again.
  13. Nice to see you back on the forum - had wondered where you had gone
  14. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this kind of pricing method will encourage buyers to ask to buy from you elsewhere as they don’t want to pay the fee. PS: $800 + 20% = $960
  15. Good - it always amazes me to see how many people just go with a set-and-forget approach
  16. Pretty sure there are forum rules about being rude too so maybe check those out before responding to someone who directly answered your question in a well-meaning way.
  17. I literally made 10+ posts for that purpose - they are linked in the quote here
  18. Have you changed much about your service in the last 10 years? What do you offer now that’s different to before? Have you edited gigs in the past year or two? Fiverr has changed massively in how they do things, from appearance to how gigs are shown. If you haven’t adapted to these and taken a look at your approach, you really need to. I feel this complaint is going to be very common soon. Fiverr and the world have changed since you began here (For context, Instagram was founded in 2010). I too would recommend reading through ALL of that post linked above including comments to get your mind thinking about what you should do.
  19. In many cases I have seen with logos created here, I think the buyer would have been better off doing this and using the result. At least it would be original 🙂
  20. I have the same approach when buying - it’s just a pity that not all do!
  21. I agree. I have been more analytical concerning my gigs since March, so I started keeping track of my daily and weekly orders. The week after I went OOO, I had more orders than any other week since March. I never have just gone OOO without accepting and replying to messages from new and regular buyers, so perhaps that is why I did not take a hit on getting orders. I do not remember if @eoinfinnegan said he took messages or not with his metnod? :thinking: Yeah, I would always accept messages - it’s mainly for keeping existing clients happy who might not check my profile to see whether I’m active. If I don’t respond, they may assume I am being rude or am not interested. They may also be happy to wait for me if I tell them when I am back; otherwise they may find someone else and continue with them until they have reason to come back to me!
  22. I first used you tactic when @eoinfinnegan told about 2 or 3 years ago. But I got tired of the hassle of changing the delivery time on the 9 gigs I have. Therefore, I went back to using the Old OOO now the Unavailable option. I made myself unavailable for 3 days last week for Thursday through Sunday. When I came back on Monday I had the same amount of orders I usually do on Mondays. I wonder if @eoinfinnegan still uses the method you described. PS: I know of one seller who goes OOO every weekend and still has orders on Monday. Yeah, I haven’t decided on the best approach for these days - I tend to do a mix of either pausing certain gigs with short deadlines or extending them usually. I would always look at recent experiences people have though rather than from a couple of years ago. Fiverr has changed so much in the past couple of years that some things could be completely different. For all we know, Fiverr listened to Sellers complaining about these issues but never told us of a change! Another thing I do is to pause/extend gigs but reactivate them for the day before I am ready. I am actually very busy at the moment and am considering whether to change things or not. Changing delivery times could affect ranking like editing can sometimes, OOO could affect it too. My bottom line on these things is to not get too worried about them and do what suits me at the time.
  23. I’d like to see private review invitations being sent to buyers who either don’t review or review negatively - in fact, an option would be to allow them write a review and submit it publicly, privately or both.
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