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  1. I have had that happen to me. I kept scrolling through and found a message that I hadn’t answered from 2 years ago. 😄
  2. Worry not @cyaxrex, It’s worth a lot, I can easily start over, but thanks for the offer and advice. 🙂
  3. @misscrystal, I’ve been here looking on from time to time, just not motivated to participate, really.
  4. Thanks guys 🙂 Wishing you all the best also.
  5. Things change too quickly on the internet, especially on fiverr. I’m going to sell my home, downsize and use some of the money to start a brick and mortar business. I like internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing so I’ll stick with fiverr a bit longer to see how much money I can accumulate to put towards that. Wish me luck. Stressed out Arden 😉
  6. Sorry you had a bad experience, but just so you know, we sellers are not “fiverr staff” 🙂
  7. Is there something you’re good at but you don’t want to offer as a Gig for one reason or another? I’d love to read what you folks have to say. For me, there are services I’d like to offer, but I get stuck at breaking them up into ‘bite size’ pieces.
  8. April is better than March was, so yes, it’s a good month for me. 😃
  9. @flippaguru, I see you have had your fiverr account since 2015. Did you have the account long before you started selling or is it that you have not had a sale since 2015?
  10. Hi @misscrystal, no, it’s not new, to the best of my knowledge it’s always been like that. It’s how we sellers rate or reply to our buyers. I can’t remember if it may have looked a little different some time ago but to me it doesn’t.
  11. WoW… This is scary stuff. @misscrystal perhaps you can have someone try sending a small sum to your paypal acc. and see if you get it. (a sort of self-troubleshooting). If it works, then more than likely the problem could be on fiverr’s side.
  12. Yeah, working from home is the bomb. 😃 Except when things are really slow and I haven’t made enough to put aside money to get me through. Other than that, I’m loving it too. 😃
  13. Play by the rules and you’ll be okay. As for rules for buyers. Not too sure if I were a buyer that I’d like rules if I’m spending my money. ~just my thoughts~
  14. @newsmike thank you for this thread. Really cheered me up. I’ll sleep better tonight. 😄
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