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  1. Forget the word success as long as you can't blame yourself for everything you do, you have to take responsibility for every mistake you make and you have to welcome yourself for every success. The reason behind saying the above is that we often notice that we are blaming Fiverr for not getting the job, blaming the level sellers, but in fact the responsibility is yours. Think about how much research you have been doing on fiverr so far, only this brother says that brother is doing that, I will do it and I will get the order. Everyone's tricks and tips are different. Today I will go with some guidelines for getting the first order, thank you or you will give it after receiving the order. Tips for New Fiverr Sellers 1. Folks, get the plan ready, then go ahead You are a new seller, which means a newborn baby in a big marketplace, if you want to run now, it would be very foolish, the first crawl, then walk, and then not run. I mean, Take some time, think about what you will serve, do a little ghat about that subject. And think of the following 5 aspects and create the service: Long tail keywords. Low competitive keywords. Do you see if the new sellers are ranking in this keyword? How many orders are there in the first 5 gigs? If the minimum is 20 hours, you create a gig with that service or keyword. Gig does SEO. (I will post on Sunday about Gig SEO) 2. He also added a video Those who know social media marketing must know this, video images are more Reach. You can make a 60-second video with your service, even if you can't give a voice, and you are ready with a slide show and light background. He made the video better Who are you What service are you providing? Why would the client take this service? A few work samples Your impressions will increase, clicks will come and of course, your chances of getting ranked will increase a lot. 3. Gig Delivery Time We are masters of Bangladeshi Cellar Ra, Gig Copy Paste. We don't just copy and paste the gig, the service package is all copy and paste, and for that, it's so wailing, it takes a little time to write everything about brother gig. And I make this mistake that other sellers offer the service in 10/15 days, we may or may not offer it in 7 days, the client will ignore your stupidity very well. Adjust the delivery time along with your gig prize so that the client understands that you are a professional. Fiverr is a professional marketplace, go for tickets if you want to be silly. 4. Sort the profile The client will not see your home status, political background, what you will see is the profile, create an ideal profile, which looks like you are a professional. E.g. Take a headshot of yours and have a smile on your face, a smiling person is easily trusted by another person. Keep a warm background so that your face is clear. Size 250 × 250 Px. Use a good slogan, please don't have common ones, look unique and beautiful and whatever goes with your service. In the description you tell about yourself, tell about your service so that the client gets positive feedback about you. 5. Keep the app installed on the phone Keep the Fiverr apps installed and think that you will turn on the online status from the settings, if you are out of the house, for no reason, consciously or unconsciously scroll through the apps, it will help you to be active and online. Remember You need to know, learn a lot. You will be able to earn income only if you learn and learn as much as you know, life will not give you anything like that, you have to know. You new means you have to give twice as much time as others. If you read my previous articles, you will know a lot Suggest You to read my others tips for news sellers and level one and level 2 sellers.
  2. Hi All i hope every one is fine and in good mood.Friends Which is more important on the gig graphics or verbal. Waiting for all your responses. Thanks Alot
  3. Can I put my company logo on the gig thumbnail?
  4. How do i can increase my gig impression & clicks and engagements . I know some ways like social media shearing and stays online , But is there any other way that i dont know , can someone tell me ?
  5. Hi I'm new in fiverr but today I want to share my experience of opening a gig. I'm new here but I start studied about fiverr about 8-9 month ago and I get many ideas from various articles about gig images. So I want narrow down those ideas in my style . So lets get started here is a photo of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament . Now a anyone can say its in England's capital London and it is located on the bank of Thames river ,besides the photo was taken during daylight. A SINGLE PHOTO BUT DESCRIBES : Its country. Its capital. Where located Time Location And if I add a little bit spice into it like add the dd-mm-yyyy by photoshop and It gets a too many & precise information. SEE! a single photo worth a thousand word. Sellers gig image is just like that, a seller shows his/her particular skill with gig image that's how he/she sell services. Sellers try to showcase their skill and experience by this. When a buyer sees a useful gig image that matches his/her requirement then they pay their attention on it and hire the seller . Which size is recommender for gig images? ANS: 1280*769px , 72 Dots per inch(DPI) MAX : 4000*2416px MIN : 712*430px I have got that recommended size when I publish my gig😁. Here is my screenshot Hope my article works. And a I seek attention to the graphic designers to explain us briefly about --- Dots per inch(DPI) Regards Ishaq.
  6. Hello, My name is Malik Adeel, Level two seller and it's been almost five years that I am selling my services here on Fiverr as a graphic designer. So, I know the Fiverr rules and regulations better than any other. I am also a premium member of Fiverr's SELLER PLUS program right now. When I was having a meeting with my success manager, He advises me to change the gig image and some keywords plus descriptions to get the better ranking in search results. So I did the same. But unfortunately, the fiverr automatic gig image checking system got it wrong and denied my gig by giving me the reason that I am not the owner of gig image ( copy right issue ), which is totally not right. One more major thing is that I just change the color scheme and some text on the gig image ( otherwise basic infographic images in the gig image are the same as I'm using before for several months). So, my question from seniors is there any chance if I can prove that I did not use any copy righted image and I have all the source file of my work then Can this is possible that I can get back my denied gig? Does anyone else here got back his/her denied gig back? I have attached the both gig images. The blueish one with my name written on it was being used on my gig before for almost one year or more. I make some changes in it and uploaded the reddish one which got flagged by fiverr.! I mean you can see that there is no chance that this can be copyrighted! Just look at both. How is that possible that one gig image is fine and other is copyrighted? I read the fiverr TOS which says that: Gigs that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited. But what if I can prove that I did not do any violation then is there any chance I can get back my main gig? That was my main gig having 200 plus 5 star reviews on it. It was the only gig on which I was getting the orders! I hope you understand. Thanks, Adeel
  7. If I change Gig's image, will my Gig's impression decrease?
  8. I have created two gigs recently 1. https://www.fiverr.com/rabbit978/translate-website-in-any-language-using-wpml-or-polylang 2. https://www.fiverr.com/rabbit978/develop-responsive-professional-wordpress-business-website What i have noticed is when sharing these gig in twitter, Facebook the gig images does not show up. I have another old gig, when sharing that gig, image properly shows up. Any idea why gig image does not show for the new two gigs ?
  9. Hi Everyone : I'm facing this problem . Most of my buyers purchase it from their mobile . But my gig image on desktop is really great . 7534 x 4551 px . But It looks really blurry and horrible on Mobile . Is there anything I can do to make it looks better ? Thank you in advance for all the helps Kay ad4339704c5863cc5a3a1ab3d2c60a92b362bb55.webp
  10. Can I use same gig image in multiple gigs?
  11. If you want to rank on Fiverr, You have to understand fiverr gig ranking algorithm. If you think title is enough for how to rank gigs on fiverr, that's not right decision. You must have to define the actual reason and research more than thousands gig which category you want to publish. after researching you will get understand something better. Some people calls keyword is playing well in fiverr which called fiverr tag. some people use this also. But when you get some extra popular profile, they never use so much popular tag or keyword to rank their gig, but their gig is already popular gig in fiverr. Sometimes fiverr also see hw who's profile get more order, those profile automatic ranking on fiverr. But 1st time how will you define your gig. In this time, You must have to do competitor thousands gig for your own understanding. You can follow these step Research more about your category of gig Select the best title & description give quality of attracted Thumbnail which buyer mind attracted research for getting top 5 keyword what you use title description and tag use android app to be active 24/7 times connect with fiverr form use skill test to be more popular provide quality project with on time delivery try to provide best description for regular ten buyer request which help you to get order easily Try t become high quality profile on fiverr by getting strong 5 star review on fiverr
  12. Hello Everyone, Suddenly I'm changed my gig image then i see my gig is not in first page, then what should i do now, please help me
  13. Yesterday, fiverr said to change all the gigs images according fiverr's terms & condition. That's Fine. But if we will change them, would it be effect on our gigs ranking? Someone know about this?
  14. Hi i hope every is fine and enjoying good health. Since last week when i came back on fiverr i am facing a problem some of days my gigs showing positive impression and than showing negative impression. whats the issuse with this. I am looking guidance from your side so please guide me whats i can do to sort out this problem. Thanks Annakocsis
  15. Hi there, Here’s a bit confusing about the size of the Fiverr gig image. I've tried different sizes for gig images, but I can't be satisfied with any of them. I tried to find it here in the Fiverr forum, but most people suggest the recommended size of Fiverr. I also tried Fiverr's recommended size. They represented two different sizes for gig images in two different places. In the “Gig Gallery” section recommended dimensions of the Fiverr gig image are at least 550 pixels width x 370 pixels height. (Screenshot added) In the “Gig Images: Do's and Don'ts” article, the recommended image size is at least 690 x 426px. (Screenshot added) Both sizes are okay, but I noticed they are not the exact size at all because they leave some space on the left and right. However, Fiverr nowhere says that it is the actual size, they always say “at least”. Thus, they are safe. But we need to find out the right size. For my last gig, I researched Fiverr gig image size and discovered the exact size. Now, I'm gonna share the exact size with you. Gig image size Solution: First things first, I wanna say thanks to my “Graphic Design” profession because it helps me determine the right solution. Otherwise, it was impossible for me. Now, let’s go for the solution. I calculate the desktop resolution & after analysis; I discover the gig image’s exact size is 712 x 427 pixels. Hang on, that's not at all. We need to set a margin & safe zone to make it responsive for all devices. I noticed that mobile devices crop up a lot of space from left and right. So, I organized a margin & safe zone for it. Now I am sharing everything that I am doing. We know the gig image’s exact size is 712 x 427 pixels. For a better resolution, I doubled it. So, after making twice our artboard size is now 1424 x 854 pixels. I made a margin of 152 x 27 pixels. So, we have 1120 x 800 pixels without margin. We shouldn’t put anything outside of the margin; otherwise, the mobile device will crop your content from left & right. Next, we have to set a safe zone for design. It is enough to leave 20 pixels from every side for the safe zone. So, our final design area is now 1080 x 760 pixels. That’s all. Is it complicated to understand? Don't worry, I have already made a template for it & I will add it here for you. Hope it will assist you. Don’t forget to share your opinion & experience after applying this. Thanks & regards, Suman Roy Graphic Designer.
  16. I am almost certain that changing gig images do not affect ranking but I can't help noticing that after a year of not stop orders, the order quantity is much less since the images have been changed and upgraded. Has anyone else experienced this?
  17. what is the size of fiverr gig image different people say different size
  18. It is vital to have a professional looking Gig image along with a soundly written description. The buyer needs to know exactly what you offer when reading your profile and they need to be confident in your ability to do it. What are other peoples thoughts? What do you think is the most important thing to improve your gig?
  19. What is good ratio of impression and click? How can I know that my gig is good or average?
  20. I have publish a gig two days ago. My category is Digital Marketing > Search Engine Marketing > Shopping Ads. When I tried to find my gig it was first page as I filterer as newest arrival. And the second day at the 2nd page without any filtering. I checked that my gig is active. My gig impression is 27 & click is only 1. But I can't find any buyer request. Is there any problem in my gig category or there is no buyer request in this category?
  21. Why not my gig impression and click not increase? Yesterday I saw my gig impression and click but today it's remain same. What is the reason for not increasing?
  22. Hello everyone, First time posting a question in the Forum. I am new to Fiverr and I am setting my first Gig. I analyzed some Gigs from Fiverr's Top Rated Selles. I just wanted to get a feeling of how these sellers are presenting their work in the sample portfolio. I have noticed two different sample work formats I am interested in. Some of these are presented as an image and some have a scroll down feature, also they say view the presentation at the top. I wonder how to upload this presentation when sending a delivery to a customer, so I can guarantee that if the customer chose to upload the sample work to the live portfolio it will appear as this presentation mode. If this is not the right way to solve a question I apologize, I am new to the Forum as well. If someone can point out where to leave questions I will appreciate it. Good day for y'all, Matt Carmona.
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