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  1. I am a new user. I opened my first gig two weeks ago. Till now, I have only got 128 impressions. How do I improve it? How do I SEO my gig? Please help me with this.
  2. I was getting 50-60 impressions per day on one of my gigs. I saw a slight typo in the description, and when I changed it my impressions plummeted. A week later, I’m getting 0-8 impressions on it per day, even worse than when it had 0 reviews. Any help?
  3. Hi, I got the idea to create a website for my fiverr account. This is because when I buy a promo for my fiverr account, I will have a lot of impressions and few clicks and my concert will go down. But if I have a lot of impressions on the site and only a few people click on my fiverr account, there is a chance that they will buy my service. It's a good idea ?
  4. Every day I am getting 20+ impressions but 0 clicks. why?
  5. how much time should you wait after changing your gigs images to know whether they are getting you clicks or not,
  6. Hey! I've been on here and I've noticed I can't get any views. For my post, I'm offering services for producing music. I'm am even offering my services extremely cheap to get some reviews first and gain traction. I'd like to think I have a good gig and I'd also like to think I'm good at what I do. It ranks first page in the middle when the phrase "video game soundtrack" is searched. However, I only have 4 views on it in 4 days. It feels very difficult to get a sale if you don't even get views. Heres the link: https://www.fiverr.com/zachpcmr/create-an-original-soundtrack-for-your-video-game-or-project Please, any help, and critique is appreciated greatly. Thank you so much
  7. My gig impressions have dropped out of nowhere and are not increasing again. It happened suddenly the next day that I was actively taking orders. I've searched terms to see if I've done anything wrong, but I couldn't find anything. Could I be violating something from the hashtag or title I'm using? Also, my gig never stopped or I didn't get any warning about this issue. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello everyone, I have created a new gig that revolves around creating chibi and anime illustrations just two weeks ago, and after a number of edits, I managed to get around 320 impressions till now. However, I got only 3 clicks and obviously no orders. How can I solve this problem? this is my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/moulaylkbir/create-nft-chibi-illustrations-for-you I want to hear your constructive criticism.
  9. Greetings to everyone at the Fiverr Forum. I am Tipu Sultan, I am the new seller. I've already created a gig on Fiverr. Please everyone advise me on my gig impressions, more clicks and how to get a faster order.
  10. If I do any change of my gig, could it harm to my progress? Or, How can I get more impression and click by publishing a new Gig? Because I'm new. Thanks.
  11. Hey everyone, I had a great first month doing UX UI mobile app design - within my first month on fiverr I had around 10 orders, netting a profit of $600. Impressions were great and on the rise, clicks were so-so. Suddenly this last week impressions crashed to zero, literally 1-2 impression per day where I was at around 500 per day. Any idea why this occurred and how can I push my gig back up? Thanks for any helpers!
  12. annakocsis


    Hi friends can any one describe why we get the negative clicks?? Thanks For all
  13. annakocsis


    Hi every one from which social media platefoem we get the large number of clicks from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Thanks For your suggestions.
  14. Hi every one how to up the impressions and clicks on the gigs..
  15. I remain online more than 12 hours but not getting much impressions and clicks. I'm giving my profile link. can anyone help me to improve my profile and get orders. https://www.fiverr.com/ty_solutions?up_rollout=true
  16. Hi friends how are you i hope all of you are fine and enjoying good health. Friends i want to know how to get clicks on gig. waiting for your opinion. Thanks Alot
  17. I joined Fiverr last month, at the beginning impressions were increasing but recently its not increasing that much what can I can do for that. I am sharing my gigs on social media media what else can I do?
  18. Hi friends i am keeping my fiverr account login maximum time but still my impression is not showing positive growth they are going towards downwards..How i can solve this...Kindly give your positive feedbacks on this i am waiting all of your positive suggestions.. Thanks
  19. I created a new Fiverr account ten days ago but my account is not getting any clicks. Please suggest to me, how can get more clicks and impression my gig.
  20. For the last one month, the impressions and the clicks are rapidly decreasing on all my gigs. As a result, I am getting fewer orders now. I am a level two seller. I do not have any negative ratings or comments on my orders. So what might be the problem, can anyone help me on this issue. How could I improve the impression and the click on my gigs? Thank you.
  21. I just wanted to know the difference between an impression and having clicks (clicks I know is people clicking are you gig). Appreciate any help.
  22. Dear All, Trust you guys are well and enjoying good health. I created a Fiverr account in December 2020 and from the day one I tried really hard to get the order and finally in last month I fulfilled 4 orders in 2 weeks. Perhaps now impressions are declining side, I am getting no clicks and off-course no orders. What should I do so the impressions and clicks boost again and I get orders again. if anyone can suggest a good strategy that will be huge favor. Thanks.
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