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  1. I do not have any such option yet... may be it for top level sellers...but the feature is good to sort the best out of the rest...
  2. I agree... There must be something specific other than just the "member".
  3. The situation is very bad here but i don’t think only India is getting through this tough situation. So my blessings to all who is going through this challenging situation…God give them strength and courage to face this pandemic.
  4. Me too face the same issue…my response rate dropped to such an extend because of this… i don’t know what wen wrong…raised a ticket,…let see.
  5. Have a very delightful new year everybody!
  6. Free times for em is to think what i have to do the next… 🙂.
  7. Not good enough worth my time an efforts…hope to get a better response on December…
  8. Yes i think you are right. It was a new gig so little worried. Anyways thanks for your feedback.
  9. Did you contact the buyer to ask about your review? If you did, I would not contact CS because of this reply I got from CS when I asked about inquiring about the review rating a buyer chooses to give. ⬇️ image814×400 21 KBYes…i knwo CS will not help in this matter as this is against their terms and conditions. But what if it is by mistake. They had the option to change it before but now we do not have that option s well.
  10. Hello everyone, This is something new i have heard today. I got less rating on my gig and the buyer said this is because your ads blocking thew stars. Can anyone let me know, if they have any such experience of having less stars just because they are not visible to the buyer. How can i connect to customer support for this as asking for the change in ratings is against the terms of fiverr. Is there anybody who can help?
  11. Its been long since the gig impressions are not active… I hope this will resolve soon.
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