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  1. Hi everyone!! I need your tips to increase my impressions and to show my gig on the first pages... This is my gig if you can take a look and give some feedback please https://www.fiverr.com/karyface1/design-the-best-professional-signature-text-logo I have 7k sales on that gig, is about graphic design and most of the buyers feedback is 5 stars, but sometimes I feel that as much as I share my gig on social media, the impressions do not increase. I have a theory that you the impressions count more when the clicks are from buyers that are already on fiverr than from people that click on a link you shared on social media. i've tried doing fb campaigns and google but they show no result, on reddit if you share your link, most pages delete it. So... how do you share your gigs? a way that really gives you reach, conversions and clicks
  2. 2 months ago i have received message that my promoted gig featire has no more and i checked that my all gigs ranking is decreasing and after that i didn't receive any order and i got few impresiion daily bases almost 6 and 7 impression on all gigs please help me out how i can get back my position on fiverr thank you
  3. Here's my 2 gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/share/YQk7aR https://www.fiverr.com/share/pAgZLN I didn't expect orders to start flowing in right away, but i'm not even getting any impressions at all. And no buyer brief matches? What am I supposed to do?
  4. how to get more order . we are expert in amazon , taxation , services any field i have experience but i not got orders and impressions on my gigswhyany experties can tell me
  5. Hey, I discovered this community a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised😳 Is there really a community where people share their experiences and expertise 🤔??? Well, I'll get to the topic. I've been on Fiverr for a whole year. My services have been posted, but to no avail. I left Fiverr for a month, then came back and saw that a client had requested my service. I answered, but I missed my chance because I was late for it.😬 .. This is my story for a whole year, and I am here to sell my services, which I am working hard on, but to no avail, Sorry for the spelling errors.. Translated by Google, with my sincere regards See that before leave ; ] and some little advice ❤️
  6. I am new to Fiverr. Today my gig impression was 383 and it's my highest ever. But I get only 1 click. My average impression is 90 per a day but I get 1 click per a week (My idea). I want to know about my situation. How is it? Because I don't know it's too much bad situation or quite good. If you tell here about your average impression and click (from your idea), may be it helps some new seller like me. I know gig impression and click depends on various matter but still we can find a answer.
  7. Hi, everyone, I am level 2 seller, I was overbooked so I paused my gig for two days, after resuming again every thing was well then someone placed wrong order by mistake, he put two orders then we talked to customer support and canceled the order. Then again I was overbooked so I used the out of office mode this time. Then I turned that off again. And then boom my gig impressions goes to zero, now am daily getting 50 impressions on 7 gigs. I tried to use the gig promotion feature but that option is not available too even it was there before. I was using that feature for one gig. Now I have two Questions. Question 1 is why fiverr de ranked my gig? 1) Due to pausing the gig? 2) due to using the out of office mode? 3) due to order cancelation? 4) due to using the promoted gigs option. Question no 2: How to fix this? I am level two seller and I have created my own team to mange all those orders because I was getting too many orders. So it's very frustrating now to deal with that problem, I don't understand what should I do. Feeling depressed. If you can give some information that will be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, community! A month ago I did two orders and my stats looked plausible (150-200 impressions daily and 10-20 clicks). But after a week my account broke down. My impressions increased dramatically to 2000 per day (this is impossible because my gig is not on any of the 50 pages in search) and my clicks dropped to 0. Even if my impressions are really 2000, why are the clicks 0? If a week earlier I had 20-30 clicks. I haven't changed the description, photo, metadata and I don't understand what's wrong. A week ago I was contacted by a client from third party platform (he found me on Fiverr through the link I sent him) and then I made another order for a large price. But my stats continued to be broken. 2000 impressions a day and 0 clicks. What could be the problem? I already wrote to customer support, they say they are fine and my gig is in search. Although I with another browser was not able to find it. UPD: advertising / spam my gig do not use. I believe that this is some kind of site error, so please give me sound advice. Please do not use advice that I urgently need to improve my gig / description / photo.
  9. For what period do fangs and impressions show in the mobile app? It is written there for 7 days, but every day there are a different number of clicks and impressions, sometimes less than on the previous day. Or does it show clicks for the past/current day?
  10. I joined Fiverr since 2020, presently 2nd level seller. Less than 6 months after, my gigs went to the last pages on search, with impressions less than 30, almost no clicks. I've done a lot to improve on it. Changed gig title, description, tags severally without good result. scanty orders I've been getting is through repeated orders. I would like my gig to be viewed, scrutinized to find areas I've been making mistakes and need to improve upon: https://www.fiverr.com/jomakins/be-your-christian-ebook-writer-book-editor-and-ghost-writer https://www.fiverr.com/jomakins/be-your-christian-ebook-writer-book-editor-and-ghost-writer Thank you all.
  11. Hello fiverr team! Over the past week, I have noticed a positive increase in my impressions from 100-200 to 2k-3k, but this is only visual, because my clicks have not grown at all, but even continue to fall every day! Maybe someone faced such a situation? Impressions are up and clicks are down?
  12. Are doing fake impressions and clicks will improve my gigs rank? For example, imagine you have a bunch of VPNs and open your gigs with different IP addresses, maybe making 50 impressions daily. Will my gigs get up rank? Or can Fiverr know which IP is real or VPN IP?
  13. From a few days i am getting very low impressions, clicks etc after this issue than before... How Can i fix it ???
  14. I made some improvements in my Gig, aswell as adding a new description and a video (based on the fact that it increases impressions), but my impressions suddenly dropped all the way down since three days ago (the moment I did the change in my Gig), that's why I don't know what happened, the image & video of my Gig has a good edition and representation of it, and also, my Gig has been having good reviews since the start. I am thinking that maybe the last order had a bad private review, perhaps? Other way I don't have any idea, hope someone has had this problem before and knows what to do.
  15. It's been a year all my gig's impressions started to score very low. Now I'm barely getting 1 impression for all my gigs. There is no any violations have occurred so far. Can anyone tell me what has happened and how do i fix this? Thanks.
  16. Are advertising in social media counted towards the impression count on the gig performance, or only on-site impressions? I was wondering if posting the fiverr link on social media, discord etc. and someone seeing this link is counted towards impressions. From my understanding it shouldnt be, because its only on site. Is my assumption correct?
  17. Hi guys. i joined fiverr 3 months ago and got order 9 orders in September including 7 consecutive orders in last 10 days. All my gigs were doing good. The one with orders was getting 180 average impressions daily. But last Wednesday all my gigs went down at the bottom of the search. For example, my gigs were in top 20 gigs out of 1100 gigs in a specific keyword but now they are in last 100 gigs. Ironically, my gigs were on the same page in different positions before de ranking and now the sequence is the same but the difference is they are really on the last pages. I went ahead and took a peak at my fellows gigs now and those gigs have order delivery of months ago. I am not worried about the gigs going to bottom of pages but the real concern being that my gigs are de ranked on the permanent basis. i mean i have no chance now. I mean the regular shuffling and rotation of gigs can go this extreme that they hit rock bottom? I must add that All my orders were delivered on time and got 5 star review. I try staying online most of time. PLEASE GUYS HELP
  18. Hi, I don't have a lot of followers on social media to share my gigs. How can I gain impressions on my gigs? It's too low now 😞
  19. Hey, I was wondering what's the best number of impressions of a Gig in the first week! 🤗
  20. I want to know Fiverr updates the sellers' (gigs) Impressions & Clicks statistics rea-ltime/live or with schedule intervals ? and if statistics are updated on any specific schedules then how many times it updates in 24 hours and what are these times in GMT or UTC ?
  21. I have a question: if a new seller creates his gig perfectly with relevant keywords in title, matching tags, category and proper description, all according to right seo terms and fiverr rules. Then how many impressions and clicks will generate on his gig on a daily average basis and How many impressions and clicks are the healthy sign for his gig ? Remember I asked question about new sellers, not old sellers. So please answer according to the new seller.
  22. Hi! I am a new seller on fiverr. I came here to ask for some advice on my gig. I am getting very low impressions and clicks on my gig, and have had it up for 5 days. I know that highly rated sellers get more sales, but I can't get any sales in the first place to up my rating. I can't find any buyer requests to respond to either. Is there anything I can do? Also, is my pricing too low? https://www.fiverr.com/share/EPbZ7d
  23. So it's been a week since I started Fiverr and I'm getting impressions. So far no orders. Can anybody tell what's lacking in my gigs?
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