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Top 5 Weird things about you


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Hello to all Fiverr members!

I started this post “Top 5 Weird things about you” in some forums and it got a lot of answers and many laughts! lol So i thought about starting one here too to get to know each other and laught together. Also, it’s good to find we are not the only weird one on this planet. x)

So let’s start!

5 Weird things about me:


  • I can’t sleep without a headband on my eyes because whe i don’t have it, it looks like i see light even if i’m in the obscurity…
  • I’m afraid with anything related to eyes! So no contact lenses and i don’t want anyone to put make up in my eyes!
  • I don’t want to close my eyes while watching my hair so i wash my hair methodically to not have to close my eyes xD.
  • I love the smell of tobacco on clothings however i don’t smoke!
  • I talk to myself everytime!

    Yes, you can laught at me x).
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The second one, not too weird. Many people feel the same about their eyes, in my experience.

As for me, hmm...

  • I like using hot-coco powder in my coffee, rather than any other sweetener.
  • I almost always wear a coat, even in 70+ degrees (F, not sure what that is in C).
  • I enjoy playing with spreadsheets
  • I dabble in fanfics.
  • I've never tried any drug, and only a handful of times (3) tasted an alcohol. (BLEH. A single sip was enough each time to make me go NOPE.)
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Oooh, fun topic...


- I am the strangest picky eater ever - any 'unique meats' / veggies/fruits I'll love - but give me typical 'picky eater' meals and I hate them all! (this includes...chips, fries (tho I CAN eat them), beans, peas and so on.

- I prefer travelling by train/bus instead of flying, even if it takes me over a day to get somewhere (and it makes my life a lot more inconvenient.)

- I've moved so many times that whenever I travel and don't have a big suitcase with me I feel like I'm missing something. 

- I usually move to new countries without speaking the language and end up picking it up to make life easier. Swedish...does not seem to be working. 

- I only listen to non-English music when writing because English lyrics are distracting. I still end up (brokenly) singing along to whatever I'm listening to, though.)

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Oh, this is a nice change. 

The previous comments were entertaining, so let me think about it.

- I eat cereal by dropping a few bits into the milk at a time because I hate soggy cereal. 

- Whenever I begin a new series, I have to know everything about the characters, storyline, etc. because I hate being in suspense, which means I spoil the show for myself, so the only way to counteract this is by watching the show and doing something simultaneously. For money heist, I did a jigsaw puzzle while watching it. 

- I love food but hate the aftertaste, so I brush my teeth after most meals. 

- When I fall asleep with a show running, I dream I'm a character in it; so far I've been in Friends, The Office, White Collar, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 

- I love all animals, even the ones I'm scared of, so usually if I see a spider, I'll usually apologize for running away and ask them to stay where they are while I escape. 

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1. I think in visible, written text. If I'm thinking really, really hard I trace over the letters in my mind.

2. I married my late husband after only dating for four months, and we were married for 21 years when he passed away.

3. I play Magic: The Gathering with my kids almost every day. We also play tons of board games and tabletop RPGs. I am the family Dungeon Master.

4. Working makes me happier than anything else. I love my work so much. I knew what I wanted to do when I was 16 and I'm still doing it, and getting much closer to making a living wage doing it thanks to Fiverr.

5. I'm 40 but I dye my hair bright colors because it makes me happy. That's gotten a lot less weird in the ten years since I started doing it though 🙂 It's almost normal now, even for people my age.


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  • 2 weeks later...

- I love to cook but hate to eat.

- I don't have a unipolar taste in anything.

- I hate social media as a concept but use it as live journaling with the added benefit of attention.

- I will eat rice and sweet chili sauce as comfort food like a soup.

- I will eat raw oats and potatoes as snacks if I really don't want to cook. 

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Welp, here we go: 

1. I feel insecure about how my face looks when I sleep, so I cover my face with the blanket while sleeping. 

2. I'm a very picky eater and eating leaves makes me throw up, not a allergy, more like a gag reflex.

3. I have a scary good sense of smell and taste, but have a terrible sense of hearing and kinda bad sense of sight cause I wear glasses. My sense of smell is so good that I can tell what you ate by smelling your fart. (I regret saying this).

4. I'm obsessed with non-human creatures (that includes dogs and anime characters).

5. I don't play horror games or watch horror games because it scares the everything outta me, and I have trouble sleeping due to nightmares.

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Huh, I can't believe I've missed this posts, I love to see stuff like this especially when the forum is flooded with repetitive spam.
Not sure if this is weird enough, but here it goes:

1. I love swords and daggers. When I make it rich in the near future I'm gonna decorate my entire wall with antique swords from around the world.
2. For people who aren't animal lovers I'm sure this is weird enough; I have an obsession with cat toe beans. Love poking them with my fingers.
3. I love to watch horror game walkthrough videos on Youtube but I don't have the guts to watch a horror movie alone.
4. My friend calls me " a psychopath with a conscience" whatever that means.
5. I don't know what to say when people ask me where I'm from. I was born in Germany (but lived there for only 1 year), I grew up in the states, but I'm Japanese.
I lived half of my life in the states but I'm not from the states, I am a Japanese citizen and am currently a Tokyo resident but I'm not from Japan.
I'll just stick to planet earth for now...

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Like @zeus777, I missed this post too. 

1. I like to hum. If I am awake and content, I am usually humming. 

2. I have a deformed right thumb. It got cut off in a farming accident in high school, and the doctor sewed it back on as best he could. 

3. I have been driving since I was ten. 

4. I am 70, and for ten years, I have wanted to dye the underneath layer of my long hair the colors of a peacock's feathers so when I wear it up, as I typically do, the colors would show. But unlike @rachelbostwick, I have never been brave enough to do it. 

5. I have 82 first cousins. 

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What a refreshing post. Some good laughs here. 🙂

1. Being British, I'm very uncomfortable with public nudity and staring, so I thought it would be a great idea to move to Germany. 

2. I bite both ends off Kit-Kats and use them as straws to suck up my English tea. Then the whole Kit-Kat melts in my mouth. 

3. I don't mind children but find parents insufferable. 

4. Noise makes me angry. 

5. Having my feet tickled calms me down. 

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I thought I was Scottish until moving here.

Had 7 cats at one point ... then decided being over 40 and divorced was not a good enough reason  ...

Dated the base player from Hot Chocolate for a while - are you old enough to remember that band?

Started the largest catholic divorced and separated club in the country - it was popular because we didn't do any praying ...

I used to have a lot of tummy aches as a child, mainly because I hated school.  Worked out neither my parents nor the doctor could tell whether it was  real or not.  Resulted in having my appendix out

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6 hours ago, rachelbostwick said:

That's a lot of living. Why did you move around so much? Military upbringing? Nomadic spirit? 

A bit of both, actually. I grew up in a Military family and deeply enjoy traveling as an adult. In my 20s, I'd often get bored with a city and move on a whim. 

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1 hour ago, aarontgladiator said:

How often DY say 'Mother Russia' and would you get offended if someone non-Russian said it?

Quite often 🙈 and no, me personally I don’t get offended so easily, so for me it’s perfectly fine. 

I do think that some people nowadays just got too sensitive about everything rather than being really inclusive. 

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