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  1. That's wonderful, thank you. I love the feeling that Spring is on the way! It was unseasonably warm here so a friend came over and helped me with some yard work and that was wonderful. Are you glad you moved?
  2. I had a rough day. I can bear a lot of things, but when I stupidly make mistakes that cause problems for my family, friends, or customers, I can hardly bear it. So please tell me something that makes you smile so I can smile with you.
  3. Oh gosh, I don't know if you can get Aerogardens or a similar aeroponic system where you are, but listen, I have had soooo much fun with mine growing herbs healthy and strong right in my room. I have had very good luck with indoor lettuce in a system like this, too. The initial investment is not super cost-effective but it's SO FUN. I got my first little system on clearance for half off so I got lucky.
  4. Last time I was there I got Pat's so it will be Geno's this time. But we have a steak place four miles from my house (I live near Harrisburg) that I've been eating since I was a kid and I like their steaks the very best. I'm a basic girl, I want steak, whiz, and the right roll, and there's literally no food on earth I like better. Thank you for asking 😁
  5. Planting broccoli and cabbage seeds for late spring crops. I hate winter and I love when February pops because one more month and I can start really properly thinking about Spring. OH and my oldest is turning twenty next week, and for his birthday he invited me to go see a concert with him in Philly. It's not a band I would be interested in normally (hard rock), but we're going to get a hotel and explore the city a little bit the next day. It will be really fun. My first out-of-town day trip since my husband died, and those used to be my favorite things to do with my husband. We would take bus trips together and it felt like being kids again together for a little. It will be a different vibe with my son but I'm really looking forward to it 🙂
  6. Don't. Wow your customers with your quality and good service, and they'll leave reviews. If they aren't wowed, you don't want them to leave a review anyway. One glowing review because they couldn't wait to tell others how great you were is worth way more than a boring one you had to ask for.
  7. If they can trick me into eating bugs and thinking they're yummy, they definitely deserve my money 😇
  8. Learn new skills in and around your field and make new gigs for them. That's what I did, and skills that I learned to do in my third or fourth year of tepid sales are making my car payments now. There's always something new to learn, especially in technology fields. Don't stay stagnant. Keep going. Become a master of something new.
  9. Me too 🥰 Post some recommendations then 🙂
  10. See, now it's Roman Holiday. That movie was so wonderful. Romantic and light and also bittersweet. Cried in the movie theatre and giggled throughout with my 18-year-old daughter. I was so happy.
  11. A cheesy Hallmark romance called "Winter in Vail" - I've really leaned into the comfort food entertainment in the last year. But tomorrow my daughter is taking me to see Roman Holiday at the theatre for my birthday this week. I can't wait, I adore Audrey Hepburn movies.
  12. When I first started on Fiverr, back in the old days, I hadn't really figured out my niche, so I was tossing out all kinds of lines to see how I could get a bite. I'm a good writer, so I thought I might like to do some editing or beta reading, but the market was already pretty full. And I already knew that I didn't really care for being critical (serious personality flaw) and also that a lot of people out there don't want criticism anyway. So I created a gig for beta reading that was exclusively encouraging. I read people's stories and told them what I LIKED, what was working for me, my positive impressions. It was surprisingly popular. Most gigs were advertising for their editing to be very critical, or thorough. I was the only person at the time specifically marketing myself in that category as… nice. Unfortunately I quickly realized that beta reading is NOT for me.. With my weird brain, some work just becomes impossible for me to keep doing after a few repeats of it. Happily I was trying other things and over time found things I enjoy enough to do endlessly that people like to pay me for. I do still have that gig but it's been paused for like 7 years now. Another fun gig I had in Ye Olden Days was a Comic Book Styled Business card. It was cute, but way too niche. I think I sold like maybe two of them?
  13. I'm TRS and Seller Plus and I don't have that, either.
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