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  1. So I’ve been on Fiverr for a while and I’ve loved it. It’s been one of the best sites I’ve used for my voice over. What I’ve learned though is that it can get busy some times and others it can be really slow. No matter what, take care of yourself! It’s really easy, especially for me, to get caught up in the craziness to not take a minute and just slow down for yourself. If you overwork yourself, it’ll make the quality of what you do here diminish and could make whatever stress there may be on you worse. So don’t forget, if you need a break, even for a 10 minute breather away from it all, take it. Your mental and physical health is worth it.
  2. When in doubt, trust your gut instinct. I didn’t one time with a buyer and they were incredibly difficult to work with and, even though I got them the voice over they needed, they still were very tough to work with
  3. Welcome! Hope the best of luck to you and your art
  4. Welcome! I know a few graphic designers and what y’all do is amazing computer magic as far as I’m concerned. Best of luck to you
  5. One thing I learned is just don’t make it just random jibberish just so the seo finds it. People actually read it so have it make sense and accurately show what you can do
  6. For real though, I think if I learned anything as a buyer and seller is, actually type out your buyer request. The premade copy and paste basic description when applying is so obvious and it feels like a huge turn off
  7. Just make sure your quality is as good as possible in what you do and you’ll do great. Oh and welcome!
  8. Welcome! Once you get your first order, which can take a min, just keep up the high quality work and it will build
  9. Good stuff! Only put what you are properly able to do in your gigs and you’ll likely have less problems
  10. Fantastic write up! Got to be willing to grind when you can but don’t work yourself to being burned out!
  11. Any social media you can put it on! From MySpace to tik Tok. The more out there it gets, the better
  12. Welcome! Hope you have all the success in the world
  13. Just keep trying to get that gig out there and soon it’ll start rolling for you
  14. So I normally do voice over and I had a buyer, a new one actually, recently order from me. He sent me an example of what he was kind of looking (like in tonality and feel) for but then told me in the messages how he wanted it to be a bit different. This was super helpful for me because I knew exactly the feel and the emotion he was looking for in his voice over and was able to get him exactly what he was needing. So if you’re not sure exactly how to spell out what you need, find an example of what’s at least close to what you’re needing. It may just help the seller be able to have a better idea of what you are looking for in your product!
  15. Oh yeah this is a great idea, thank you! Always a good idea to keep an eye on that folder
  16. Welcome! Just be sure to have a high quality product and they will come to you!
  17. Yessss time is a big ingredient. Sometimes you just have to let the orders slowly come in but in they will come
  18. Hey I didn’t know this existed. Thank you for sharing it!
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