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Top 5 Weird things about you


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19 hours ago, annidfgw said:

I really like eating cucumbers with tomato sauce, none of my friends understands me 

Uh, ahem, OK....well, I love eating cucumbers with miso (soy bean paste),  but tomato sauce...
yeah, that's a huge no thank you for me, but hey what do I know!

Me personally I'd use tomato sauce only for my pasta!

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19 hours ago, j6nyc6 said:

Love dogs but I'm scared of Rottweilers.

We had a huge red doberman growing up and I have no fear of them at all while I totally should. It’s a very territorial guard dog. Yet, I’m out there cuddling and kissing each and every one I meet (with the owner’s permission, of course). 


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On 1/17/2022 at 4:07 AM, chatterbones said:

- I love to cook but hate to eat.

- I don't have a unipolar taste in anything.

- I hate social media as a concept but use it as live journaling with the added benefit of attention.

- I will eat rice and sweet chili sauce as comfort food like a soup.

- I will eat raw oats and potatoes as snacks if I really don't want to cook. 

I love to eat and hate to cook 🤣

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