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  1. I knew there had to be a reason it was so quiet around here. Seriously, though, congrats. Having a newborn can be a trial by fire but watching them grow up is worth every challenge.
  2. Yes you are right @maitasun, just the word O N L I N E in front of it tripped it. I'll probably be b a n n e d now, I will miss you guys.
  3. You should never try to be online 24/7 because if you do the emoji game will lose all purpose.
  4. HA I think this also works if you write twenty-four dash seven but with the numbers and actual punctuation. I've had two posts go invisible for that so far. Which, great, glad that's being noticed but I was trying to be corrective -_- @vickiespencer Did you want to start a new thread since this one is getting kind of long?
  5. Also I don't think there's specifically a rule for this, but the Fiverr Experience forum is completely overrun with people creating posts to celebrate their 57th order, their third 5 dollar tip, etc, followed by thirty people saying congratulations instead of using the emoji, running up all of their message totals and reputation scores. Only like 10% of the entire forum is readable or useful information at this point.
  6. I totally get where you are coming from, but this post is not directed at you. You haven't been around the forum much yet so you haven't experienced what this is about. It is directed at thousands of people who have no marketable skills yet and aren't interested in learning any, lie about their abilities, slap up a couple of gigs that are plagiarised from other sellers, then come and ask why they aren't getting orders. Then they are telling each other to stay online twentyfour-seven- literally, twentyfour-seven, via bots or autoclickers or delegating page refreshing to their spouse, it's a running joke - because they think keeping their online status green will make buyers take their crappy bait. It's not directed at anyone who would come to the forum asking for reasonable advice and then actually take that advice and do something about it. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help new people learn, and to grow as a new person yourself, but just know that this post is not about you. It's about people who are being misled into thinking FIverr is an ATM and when told otherwise aren't interested in doing the hard things it takes to actually make a business work. Here's my post written on the same subject but in a different way: It's a bit of a problem, and those of us who really like working on Fiverr are actually trying to help some of the newbies. Some of them do listen, but it's not easy.
  7. This. If I were a seller without enough sales and I could afford Fiverr Plus I would definitely do it for the Buyer Request notification feature. Each time I go on there are more buyer requests. That might be helpful for you.
  8. Never give up, yes. But sometimes it's okay to recognize that you are going in the wrong direction. Sometimes you have to. Don't say NEVER GIVE UP to someone who is knocking on what he thinks is a door but is actually a brick wall. On a very practical level: NEVER GIVE UP is useful if it makes you keep working on your skills until you become the best Fiverr seller in your area. Fine tune your gigs until you attract the right customers. Fine tune your skills until your work is so sharp people can't resist it. Study your communication skills, your language skills. Go more ahead 😄 But NEVER GIVE UP is worthless advice if it just means you slap up a crappy gig and then refresh your browser over and over again hoping you'll get some money from it. That's delusional and sad and it's not helping anyone. Thank you for coming to my RACH talk.
  9. Tipping was a feature requested over and over and over again, not only by sellers, but by buyers, too. Before we had the tipping feature buyers frequently asked sellers how they could give them more money. Sellers had to set up custom gigs for tipping and then you had to do a new delivery and it was messy. It's silly to say that because something is only customary in some parts of the world that it should be removed. The wording could maybe be improved, maybe, to let people know it's totally optional. Personally, I never *expect* a tip and I set my prices high enough that when customers don't leave tips I'm perfectly happy, and still glad they worked with me and happy to work with them again. For the record when I buy on Fiverr, I usually don't tip, because I know it's optional and buyers should already be setting their prices high and I usually have a tight budget to begin with. When I eat at a restaurant I tip a lot. Different environments. I know how badly the waitress needs their tip - so I figure that in when I set my budget for my food. BUT I've had customers be so happy with my work that the double the amount of money they are paying me. No way in hell would I want that ability to be taken away. Maybe the solution would be for sellers to be able to turn this feature off if they didn't want it. If you're a buyer who dislikes it, just disregard it. Sellers know it's 100% optional. If anybody ever tries to make you feel bad for not tipping, report them.
  10. The badge itself, probably not, but it tells customers that your clients like you enough to order again, which gives them confidence to buy from you. By impressing your customers so much that they order again.
  11. On desktop, at your top menu, click on "analytics" and then the option for "repeat business" will show up. I did finally get my badge 🙂
  12. This is a *super* idea. Just to remind everyone, the clue is that it is a TV show. 😁
  13. Thanks for tagging me in! ❤️ You can download the templates for an Amazon book cover here: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/cover-templates The customer will need to tell you the book size, the number of pages, and the color paper they are going to use, then you can download a PDF or PNG file you can open in your art program to have the exact size needed. A lot of times my customers will hire me to resize their covers and add the text after they work with a talented illustrator whose specialty is more the "art" side of things than the technical side, so don't be afraid to ask for help in the future 🙂 It's pretty common for an illustrator to not know what specifications are needed for this sort of thing. Good luck! 😄
  14. What you are asking does not quite make sense in English. Can you ask it a different way? Do you have a customer? Do you not know how to start an order? Are you worried you won't get it right? GIve a little more information please.
  15. First, You have only one gig. What other graphic design can you do besides t-shirts? How do you expect to catch lots of fish if you are only using one kind of bait? Second, the text in your gig is copied from other people. Are the images copied too? Do you have any real designs that you have done for yourself? Third, to be honest, there are too many designs in your previews to even be interesting and they don't look like you designed them yourself. You should make your own designs, and only pick a few of the best to showcase. 3 per gig images, absolute maximum. Make them unique. Fourth, how many people are really shopping on Fiverr for t-shirt designs, and why? Think about your possible customer. In your text, (which you do need to rewrite, so it isn't copied.) you are advertising church t-shirts, school t-shirts, company t-shirts. but none of your designs look like that. They all look like quote t-shirts. Pretty but dime a dozen and not particularly useful for anyone. You can buy hundreds of those quote designs for so cheap, I can't imagine you could stand out by selling them. But you know what buyers might actually want? T-shirts that actually are for a school or a church or a club or a business. You could try designing some of those yourself, if you know how. FInd a local club or church or school and design a t-shirt for them. You can do some in bengali just to see how much fun you have with it and make some local contacts, then once you have some wonderful designs, convert them to English text just for your gig pictures. Just an idea. Graphic design is a fun profession and you can make some money doing it, but you need to make your gig more appealing to customers, first. Get some practices and put new designs. Your own designs. Your own text. Then you will be ready to do some marketing.
  16. Do you have enough in your account to withdraw? Are you ID verified? Is everything good with your withdrawal source?
  17. Usually, not having enough money to withdraw. Could also be a verification problem or a withdrawal source problem. Have you withdrawn before?
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