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Never give up on your goals


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Nika I miss you I hope your holidays were great. ;w;

My boyfriend and I are both very competitive, so we are keeping each other going in the quest for getting muscles back. 🔥

Oh, that’s awesome! I’m sure the both of you guys can motivate each other. 💪

You’ll be looking like Da Rock or Aquaman 🌊 ~ Jason Momoa in no time. 😄


My babes 💕 introduced me to indoor rock climbing. Before, I tackle the real thing LOL 'cause I’m liable to breaking stuff. Oh my goodness, you should see me trying to climb this thing. Pure comedy! 😆


Cheers to a Fit & FAB New Year! :ok_hand:t4:

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It’s such a minor goal but Fiverr is going to play a HUGE part in it. I have two car payments (we paid off a third last year by September). Now, we’ve got another one that’s so near to being paid off that I can literally feel the paper of the title in my hand. Really no greater feeling here!

Now, here’s the deal. I’m already paying $300 to $400 a month on the car. However, I’ve decided that for every $300 I’ve earned on Fiverr I make after the initial $350 I need each month (and it’s doable), I’m going to throw another $100 at it. My goal is to put another $200 a month on top of what I already pay for the car myself.

And, any overtime work my husband works at his job, the overtime money will go to the car as well. By the end of this month, I should owe less than $3,000 on this car. If all stands to reason and goes right, I should have this car paid off in September. Of course, if hubby starts to work more overtime in the summer - like it tends to happen - the car could be paid off earlier than that.

That’s the goal, and I can’t wait!

The other job didn’t pan out but I did have word on another one through the school that I applied for. Reached out to the principal of that school (she happened to my son’s kindergarten teacher too) and she said I can at least guarantee an interview. Now, I just need to impress the superintendent and one other person. If this job worked out, it’s a 10-month a year position, little more money and in an office setting that uses my computer-related skills.

All I can say is…

BRING IT ALL ON! I love me a challenge!

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Hello Fiverr community!

It’s great to be on this platform and I’m super excited to see what my journey on here as in store 😃

My main goals by the end of this year on fiverr are:

  1. To improve my gigs (in both value and orders)

  2. Learn as much as possible about my craft

  3. Hopefully… Make it to Level 1 status 🙂

What are your goals?

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I've also got some goals:

  1. becoming level 2 seller and crossing 4k$ in earnings.
  2. Making my 90% of amazon sellers (clients) satisfied with their business growth.
  3. making my employees happy and satisfied also.
  4. Completing at least 25+ books on self-development
  5. Watching hundreds of Educational videos from YouTube.
  6. and the list goes on and on........................................................................
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Guest freelancerjabir
On 9/16/2022 at 6:48 PM, chase_success said:

Now that we're about 3/4 of the way through the year, we want to know what your next big goal on Fiverr is!

of course to be the top rated seller as well : ) 

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My life goals are personal to me (and therefore, private), but I'm willing to at least share my pace for the 7 arenas of goal setting.

  • Intellectual: ahead of life-goal, but admittedly slipping a bit in the short-term. 
  • Physical: Very behind. 
  • Spiritual: behind, but catching up. 
  • Family: making progress, but a tad behind.
  • Social: on pace. (Introvert version.)
  • Career: a bit stuck, but not slipping. (I have a day-job, and I'm thankful to have it.) 
  • Financially: ahead of goal short term, a bit behind long-term. 

Overall I'm in a bit of a complacent spot, and it's taking me being very deliberate and intentional to make progress. 

If you just need help knowing where to start for setting your own goals, this might help: 


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1 hour ago, teamandromeda said:

To inspire others to do something with their talents.

That's... not really a goal. It's a desire and a dream (a beautiful dream at that), but unless you have and are executing a plan with measurable steps to achieve it, then... no, not a goal. 

(I still like your dream a lot, though. Very admirable.)

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