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  1. I am shocked! For the first time working for Fiverr, I had to deal with the most rude buyer ever. He requested I translate a 5023 word legal document (contract). He placed the order “accidentaly” typing 1500 words. He placed the order at nightime and wanted me to deliver the contract the next morning, and of course without paying any extra fee. I told him it was not humanly possible to manually translate a legal contract in this short amount of time and started telling me I was not a serious seller and threatened to leave a bad review. I think that Fiverr should do something with this kind of people!
  2. That is your decision. Personally, I do not spend much time in this platform. I have Fiverr’s app and if I have a message I reply as soon as I can. Good luck. ✌️
  3. Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked.
  4. 1️⃣ My challenge for 2021 is to read 25 books. 😍 2020 challenge was 20. What’s your challege for 2021?
  5. It is very frustating sometimes. When I receive requests that are not feasible I just tell them. Yesterday someone asked to proofread a 45K word book in 24 hours… :woman_facepalming:
  6. Member since 2015, with almost 2 years break. I have completed 1027 orders. Last September 3rd I met all requirements to become a TRS… still waiting for some news.
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